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Vanessa Palmer Blas
FBI Agent Under the Cover Name of Donnie Brasco
Vanessa Palmer Blas Ave: A Ring above New Vanessa Palmer Blas' Prominent Presentations ... Top Model, Actress, Ambassador, Spokes-Model, Host, Fitness Model, Bikini Model, Hair Model, Skincare Model, Face Model, Eyebrows Model, Eyes Model, Eyelashes Model, Nose Model, Cheekbones Model, Smile Model, Lips Model, Teeth Model, Chin Model, Make-Up Model, Ears Model, Earlobes Model, Neck Model, Neckline Model, Back Model, Shoulders Model, Lats Model, Traps Model, Pecks Model, Arms Model, Biceps Model, Triceps Model, Chest Model, Abs Model, Waist Model, Wrists Model, Hands Model, Fingers Model, Nails Model, Hips Model, Gluts Model, Legs Model, Thighs Model, Quads Model, Hamstrings Model, Knees Model, Calves Model, Ankles Model, Feet Model, Toes Model.
Vanessa Palmer Blas achieved respect stating to the Supreme Court of the US, I'm pressing charges against frauds forever.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is White light.  Only this Vanessa's real, number 1.  Vanessa Palmer Blas is White European American, straight, Roman Catholic, was in a relationship, Republican, from Manhattan of New York City.
Only this woman.
Vanessa Palmer Blas embraces her British French American name, while beautiful, unquestionable, faithful, and inimitable.  Palmer's English.  She's the strong palm tree.  She went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and brought back palm branches as proof she'd made the journey.  In early history, Palmer represented a missionary.  Palmer's early origin is Anglo-Norman, following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Palmer was found in Yorkshire with a seat from early times, and first records appearing on the census rolls by the kings of Britain determining the rate of taxation on their subjects.
Palmer was of the first to cross the Atlantic to North America.  Palmer, according to genealogy, her origin is German.
Her ancestry is Dutch.  Her motto was a war cry.  The palm is for virtue.
Blas is from Brittany France.  William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England in 1066.  He claimed Brittany and Normandy as possession of the English crown.  Blas settled in the US in the eighteenth century.  Blas is proud and love.
Only this individual.
Vanessa Palmer Blas was acknowledged for being the youngest, undefeated, 00 sized, blond, five-foot tall, brown-eyed, petite, bombshell, slender, solid with no body fat, 90 pounds with her body mass index at 14, unpredictable.  Only this girl.  Who's getting pulled out of a lineup?  Not her!  Only this lady.  Vanessa Palmer Blas has her 34-inch chest, full D Cup, 21-inch waist, 32-inch hips, body in proportion, perfect hip alignment.  Vanessa Palmer Blas has had 0 injuries, 0 surgeries, 0 restrictions, 0 limitations.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is the International Champion, irreplaceable.  Vanessa Palmer Blas is the Figure Champion, Body Condition Champion, Fitness Champion, Champion Dresser, Presence Champion, Personality Champion, and Audience Popularity Champion.  Only this mature woman.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is God's British butterfly, Camberwell Beauty, invincible.  Vanessa"Butterfly"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. -- Joshua 1:9.  Vanessa Palmer Blas said I won’t ever drop charges.
Only this Vanessa’s the 10, the perfect package.Cool
Special Agent Palmer

 They had pets: a German Shepherd dog, named Polo, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Bailey, Joe the cat, and Misu, a kitten.
Janice Joplin
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Bruno Mars

Vanessa as an NYPD Cop

Vanessa at St. Jude RC Church

Blog Copy

Vanessa checking out the Gottie jail

FBI Agent # 00331 -- Mom
FBI Agent # 66994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 6994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 66557 -- Vanessa Palmer
008 -- Dad
0028 -- Dad
0032 -- Mom
Special Agent # 0013
This is 0013.
The Komodo Dragon
U.S. Navy Seal
U.S. Navy Captain
U.S. Army Sargent
U.S. Marine Corps Captain
U.S. Air Force Captain
National Guard
Air National Guard
Coast Guard
Army Reserves
Assistant Director to the FBI
 Federal Agent
Special Agent
00 - Ocala
00 - Brooklyn
00 - Atlanta
00 across the U.S.
D.C. Sniper
FBI Agent
FBI Chief
FBI Chief of Ocala
FBI Chief of Tampa
FBI Chief of Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Queens
FBI Chief of New York
FBI - Puerto Rico
FBI - San Juan
FBI Captain - Sabana Grande
FBI Captain - Aguadilla
FBI Captain
FBI Spokesperson
U.S. Marshals Director
Assistant to the Pentagon Director
CIA - Germany
Boston Police Chief
Brooklyn Police Chief
Brooklyn Federal Attorney
Queens County Federal Attorney
Manhattan Federal Attorney
Chi Omega Sorority
NY Federal Attorney
U.S. Attorney
Supreme Court Judge
NY State Federal Attorney
CIA France
Secret Service
German Secret Police
Narcotics Cop
Undercover Cop
CIA Spain
CIA Bulgaria
CIA Puerto Rico
CIA Nigeria
CIA Africa
CIA Italy
Delta Delta Delta
CIA London
CIA Poland
CIA Ireland
President of Chi Omega
Head of the IIA
Head of the Special Agency
President of the Special Agency
Chief of the Fire Department of NY
Assistant to the CIA Director
CIA New Zealand
FBI Director
CIA New York
Senator of Arkansas
FBI Indiana
CIA India
CIA Ukraine
Chief of the Police Department of NY
Chief of the 104th Precinct in Queens
CIA Wales
Delta Gamma
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
CIA Afghanistan
CIA Saudi Arabia
Pentagon Director
Governor of New York
Mayor of NY
Head of Virginia State Prison
Owned Brooklyn House
Owned Queens County Jail
Owned Marion Oaks Jail
Owned Orange County Correctional Facility
CIA Kenya
Marion County Court Lawyer
U.S. Federal Court System
FL State Federal Prosecutor
CIA Argentina
CIA Hungary
CIA Peru
Alpha Omicron Pi
CIA Jordan
CIA Yugoslavia
CIA Belarus
Kappa Delta
FBI Florida
FBI Mayaguez
Alpha Delta Pi
CIA Seattle
Sigma Nu Fraternity
New York Times
CBS Sports
The O'Reilly Factor
Commander at Nasa
Sigma Lambda Gamma
CIA Middle East
Chief of the 105th Precinct
Miss. Michigan
CIA Venezuela
Ambassador of Kenya
Governor of Puerto Rico
Miss. America
CIA Dominican Republic
Miss. Universe
Miss. Puerto Rico
Miss. New York
CIA Mexico
CIA Arabia
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Delta Tau
Miss. Florida
FBI Chief of Chicago
FBI Chief of Texas
FBI Chief of Pennsylvania
Miss. Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Illinois
Miss. Queens
FBI Chief of Dallas
Miss. Marion Oaks
CIA Kansas
Miss. Ocala
Miss. Tampa
FBI Marion County 
Miss. Marion County
FBI Marion Oaks
Miss. Sabana Grande
CIA Israel
Miss. Aguadilla
Racial Profile Director of the NYPD
FBI Summerfield
FBI Captain of Summerfield
FBI Chief of Summerfield
Pentagon Director
Pentagon Chief 

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Community Center

Vanessa at St. Theresa's

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Annex Gym

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Public Library.

Vanessa Palmer - Host

Vanessa visiting Al Capone's House

Vanessa at the Al Capone jail

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Vanessa at the Columbo Jail

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Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Library

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Vanessa at the Columbo - Red Door.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

slash was ulysses s. grant.
11:13 pm edt 

eddie called her mom, ed, eddy, she went to Carmen's Cafe, they all did, inc., they each individually did, and all together now, in prayer.
11:02 pm edt[utm_content]=GOP_Direct-Ask_Text-Ask-1, got an email from donald j. trump, the president of the united states.
10:57 pm edt 

martha called her mom, she became, and died St. Martha, and harry, harry was st. harry to shawn, he made him st. shawn, and stephan before that made him st shawn.
10:54 pm edt 

she read all of serpico's blogs, they proved they never plagiarized off of each other in blogs, and or blogging from different locations, inc., in cia court, federal court, pentagon caught the plagiarists, it was her mom on the phone, the genovese hit -- she liked publicity, inc., to herself, and to her daughter, her, no longer to her dad, inc., and to bruno, and t/ kids, inc.
10:48 pm edt, was in Carlito's Way, all of it, all the way out the door, inc., they saw the movie, Carlito's Way, was the World Exchange Bank, inc., was the Rockeller Way, was Rockefeller Way with her dad, was oranges w/ her dad, an apple w/ her mom, was apples w/ her mom, inc., warren called her mom, war, gilda, gil, vince gill, and he called her dad too, all of it, all of them, too, and diane called her mom, di, diana, anna, anne, melissa, mel, crystal, frankie, frank, amanda, and joe, inc., baron, barron, jen, heather, heath, lynn, lyn, barbie, barb, barbi, bari, barry, barry white, elle mcpherson, elle macphereson, elle macpherson, ell machphereson was put in by shawn, inc., and al pacino, michael gambino, gambino kids, al, the pacino family, t/ gambino kids, again, and elle, too, and she started to blog after serpico, she was much younger, she started to blog after serpico.
10:46 pm edt 

she did william muller's fbi certificate, and before that harry did his, inc., and she caught sex traffickers, and mike meders, and jail times, and jail terms, and sexaholics, sexoholics, pedophiles, pedophilia, stalkers, was a psychoanalyst in the fbi, and so was harry, was a jio, gio, harry, and thensome and therefore and that, and caught riker's island, and jail terms, again, and tickle me princess mins and jail terms again.
8:11 pm edt
2:07 pm edt 

she read Pain Pathways, inc.
1:11 pm edt 

they put t/ pants on hangers in their closets, their own pants, harry was chicken, so was she, ryan, shawn and w/ t/ kids, inc.
1:01 pm edt, obama had put her on ny med, samuel alito jr put her in on 21 pilots, and in mike meder's jail, inc., in and of the pentagon, was once in t/ slash jail, in slash's jail to be a part of guns n roses, was pasha, was in t/ pasha jail w/ her son, inc., brandon called her mom, and ty, tyce, tyc, tycie, and shannon, randy, ran, randal, randall, anna, anne, ann, an, randy, anna, anne, ann, na, a, na, an, gabbie, gabbie, antony, tony, glo, florida, florada, ny, pr, puerto rico, inc., aguadilla, brooklyn, and her, queens, manhattan, manhattan, nyc, manhattan island, ellis island her dad, inc., all of them to her, her, and her, her, again, inc.
12:36 pm edt
10:56 am edt 

baby louie called her mom, and lil anthony, lil' anthony, t/ sotos, t/ soto family, inc., nicole, nic, gabriella, gab, gabby, and abby, ab, abbey, and those three called her too, abbey, bruno, brunos, pico, sherlock, misu, joe, polo, bailey, tommy, beta, prada, even t/ fish called, and t/ pets, her, and her mom, and her dad, her parents, and theresa, t/ theresa min, the theresa house, t/ st. theresa jail, t/ theresa jail, t/ st. theresa min, jail, and from correctional officers, and more jails, and prisons, cells, and prison systems, fbi, pentagon, cia secret service, her, and them, all of them, inc., 0, 13, 0013, 8, 008, 00, 3, 003, 007, 7, james, james bond, pierce brosnan, brosnan, pierce, piers, pierse, bond, t/ bond family, t/ bond jail, t/ jailhouse, riker's, coleman federal, t/ sheriffs, t/ police, t/ green police, t/ grey police, t/ blue police, jessy, jessie, and her too and they all went out together and that's it, party all t/ time all t/ way out to nigeria, and before that all t/ way out to kenya, inc.
10:54 am edt 

and did her bed like a plumber, and a queen, and a king, w/ a king, for a prince, to be a king of his own country, inc.
10:43 am edt 

they folded t/ sheets, blankets, from t/ porch that were used during t/ rainwater, and folded them in stacks and put them to the side on t/ table, a table, in case it rained again, rains again, inc., she did her bed, made her bed like an sae, SAE, inc., and like a princess, and a Rockefeller, rockefeller's daughter, and her rockefeller parents, her mom and her dad, inc., and a chi omega, a chi o., a chi omega sister, a chi o sister., inc., like a puerto rican, an american, a us citizen, and a date-night, inc., and like gloria and like a hooker, and a swinger, in a golf game, inc.
10:42 am edt 

t/ va sent another man to take t/ measurements for the ramp, another bidder for the job, t/ other one in rubber, and another one in metal, and they parked to the rt. of t/ house, all of it, all of them, inc.
10:27 am edt
10:18 am edt 

some Pentecostals came to their door, and left some literature, a religious one, inc.
10:16 am edt, vanessa fortune called her mom, vanessa, banessa, bayonessa, v, v., va, van, vane, vanes, ness, nessi, nessie, ess, essa, donna, t/ gulottie's, gulotti's.
10:11 am edt 

Written by: Vanessa Palmer Blass
10:08 am edt 

Vanessa Palmer Blass
10:07 am edt, tony, and gloria, passed by their house, and american medical supply, another worker came by for the other measurement of the handrail for their home, inc.
10:05 am edt 

Sunday, July 30, 2017, got an email from newsweek international, and sonny, sonny black.
11:01 pm edt
10:54 pm edt, got an email from off the wire, and nicole taylor, editor of off the wire.
10:53 pm edt, had an imdb as donnie brasco, too, inc., had a hangar, they all did, inc.
10:41 pm edt 

shawn was ralph waldo emerson w/ her and t/ kids and w/ henry too, and w/ shawn and t/ kids, again., inc.
10:38 pm edt 

police check, inc., they went to the festival of brazil, and t/ viva la frida exhibit, event, showing, t/ showing of t/ exhibit, inc., and they saw america's funniest home videos, america's home videos, afv, afhv, ahv, american home, american home video, she became and was a cna, made by her mom, and for her dad, too, inc., and for lin manuel miranda on the phone, and he bombed t/ miranda min in bklyn, ny to kenya and then nigeria, his last name was not miranda, and not t/ miranda min, and his first name was not nic, nick, nicholaus, and her and her children believed in santa claus, inc., san nicolas.
9:49 pm edt 

they went to t/ gallery, t/ galleries, took a look at t/ artwork, t/ first floor, and t/ second floor.
9:43 pm edt 

was a hangar, her dad, she was hangar too, they were all hangers, hangars, inc., she was an adult, her parents two seniors, were aaa members w/ card, appleton museum of art members w/ cards, w/ t/ cards, Appleton members, inc., they went to the appleton store, slash had bought her everything from there, years ago, and all of the jewelry, and her parents too and shawn w/ henry, and t/ kids, w/ t/ kids, inc., they went to artspace, art space, builds, t/ blue star museum, art works, and t/ national endowment for the arts.
9:41 pm edt 

bruno paid for her imdb for t/ rest of her life, and then she did for thereafter, foreverafter, inc.
9:35 pm edt 

harry had paid for her initial imdb, and her dad t/ next, and her then too, before harry w/ slash, after harry, and then after her dad, and her mom, and then before and after her dad, inc., and bruno too thereafter, foreverafter, bruno had fully paid for her imdb, thank u:)
9:34 pm edt, was an extra
9:30 pm edt
9:28 pm edt
9:25 pm edt 

lin-manuel miranda said vanessa on snl.
9:22 pm edt 

21 pilots were on snl, she was w/ 21 pilots on snl, and she was w/ t/ violent femmes on snl, inc.
9:22 pm edt
7:36 pm edt 

she wore her evening slippers
7:34 pm edt 

she wore her outside slippers, and her in-house slippers as well, and her day slippers
7:30 pm edt, learned, and took classes, spoke Transylvanian, transylvanian Saxon, inc.
7:25 pm edt
6:48 pm edt[utm_content]=GOP_Direct-Ask_Button-1-1, got an email from team trump.
6:43 pm edt 

eric c. was in 00 shows, and in special agency shows, as well, and in cia shows, as well, too, inc., was at t/ palladium w/ him they all were, her parents owned it, as well, inc., she was ic3 to catch illegal hackers and stuff and her mom illegals, and mafia, and her dad, caught mob, and her all of the above, different colored gangs and stuff, inc.
6:10 pm edt 

they saw, she saw her brother, today, Eric Cross, an older 00, perform, at t/ museum, also, w/ his swords and stuff, and hers too, inc., and he's was, is also a famous one in shows and things.
6:08 pm edt 

they sent to d&d, dunkin doughnuts, donuts, they had jelly doughnuts, she had a veggie white sandwich, w/ hash browns, and w/ a hazlenut cafe.
5:15 pm edt 

they saw the Festival Brasileiro, a brazilian band, w/ brazilian dancing, and the samba being displayed, inc., they went to the auditorium, the bandits and heroes exhibition, an event, the events, t/ courtside cafe, and the artspace.
5:05 pm edt 

she got the Blouin Gallery Guide, and they went to the Appleton Museum, and they each got tickets to have their umbrellas held, her mom a red ticket, they all went, and she got a blue ticket, and at the museum they held their umbrellas at the rt front entrance of the museum, until we left, their departure, inc.
4:59 pm edt 

her mom served in church, they each put their umbrellas in a plastic bag at church at the entrance, and at the museum as well at the entrance there.
4:55 pm edt 

they picked up before they left.
10:29 am edt 

she wore oval, black earrings, a black and brown metal hairpin, rosa, joanne, rose, joanna, jo, anna, ann, anne, anna called her mom, louie, lou, louy, luis, lu, luz, anthony, ant, antony, t/ cruz family, cruzs, lockleys, lockley family, inc.
10:06 am edt 

she fixed t/ shower curtain
9:42 am edt
8:45 am edt 

Saturday, July 29, 2017, got an email from atf chicago.
10:46 pm edt 

learned, and spoke, learned, mandarin, and thai, cambodian, n korean w/ her dad, s. korean w/ her mom, and her dad, her parents, and shawn, and taiwanese, and shawn learned taiwanese for me, and w/ her, inc., and learned japanese w/ sebastian, inc., and they were all on t/ gong show, it was gong show per night, a night per on t/ david letterman show, and the gong show was a couple of blocks away, behind the house, over yonder no, yes, yeah, yeah, yea, and invented t/ yeah yeahs w/ her dad and sebastian, again, and criss writing was god's writing, her mom and her dad know.
10:43 pm edt 

slash was william butler yeats, so was she, inc., and harry looked on, harry said she wrote his poems, and edgar allen poe, her mom?, her, really,me.
10:40 pm edt 

got a webletter, via email, got an email webletter.
10:33 pm edt, felo, fela, called her mom, fella, fellos, felos, felas, charles, charlie, olga, olgita
10:30 pm edt
10:29 pm edt 

was grenadine, her dad was alfried lloyd tenneson; she made herself st. therese of liseaux, her dad had made her that too, st. therese of lisseux, st. therese of lisseaux., inc.
10:26 pm edt
10:22 pm edt 

she was in Hitman: Agent 47, and they watched it; they watched Dateline, the news show, she played games, video games, a game, a video game, straight on her laptop, online, harry put t/ xbox to laptop that's what she had now, was Katia, t/ katia min w/ god, katia was god's wife, clean under it, all of it, she was Hitman Agent number 46, Hitman Agent: 46; and god's father was hitman agent #47, and god was hitman agent #48., and then shawn was 47, number 47, #47, she took out the money out of god's silver bibles through, using john brennan, as usual, in t/ cia, and in the fbi, and t/ money out of his gold bibles in the fbi, too, inc., through william muller., inc.
9:44 pm edt 

laid down on t/ couch, was vegging out, had tostitos scoops, w/ cheese salsa, w/ a plate.
9:39 pm edt 

shawn bought her her outfit for royal revolt i and ii, and her parents, 2, and 3, hoegie, and 4, harry, inc., harry was in revolt, all of the revolts, and 3, 4, through on, bec. 1 and 2 were her parents, again and again and again.
7:23 pm edt 

donna called her mom, and her, all of them, equally, together and or separate, individually, and then together, again, and they're all gone on the phone now, inc., anna too and david called her mom, inc.
7:19 pm edt 

played royal revolt i and royal revolt 2 and 3 w/ hoegie, shawn, and t/ kids, and her parents, and 007, 7, in 00, at in t/ 00 agency., inc.
7:17 pm edt 

harry invented xbox, for the rest of his life, and hoegie w/ him, and brandon, and ryan too, along w/ her, and all of his investments, inc., and she was, invented Royal Revolt I and Royal Revolt II w/ hoegie, shawn and w/ t/ kids, inc., and chad.
7:16 pm edt 

ryan and shawn did her xbox profile, account, filled out, for two people, inc., she played solitaire, klondike.
6:48 pm edt 

truman gave t/ okay for harry to forge his handwriting, then her, and before that, her, inc.
6:06 pm edt 

hoover gave her t/ okay to forge his signature, she did harry's certificate, his fbi certificate, and his special agent certificate w/ shawn, inc.
6:05 pm edt 

vu, v, u, hue, mu, called her, the mins, jails, jail houses, cells, homes, houses, landlines, all of them, and leandra, dr. mitra's wife, and dr. kholi's wife, inc, they all called her mom, and her dad as well, all of them, dr. goginenni, dr. gogineni's wife, inc., and ryan, and johnson, t/ johnsons, t/ johnson family.
5:40 pm edt
5:33 pm edt
5:30 pm edt
5:29 pm edt
5:28 pm edt 

and t/ handyman placed her parents' sensor near their bathrm, to their bathrm, vanity, on the wall at height, inc.
5:27 pm edt, their handyman removed her parents' toilet, took it apart, and cut their lawn today, inc., and put together, replaced it with the new toilet they bought, a Glacier bay, in white, and silver one, and it was put in today, and t/ handyman took t/ old toilet to dispose of it, inc.
5:26 pm edt 

they got t/ equate, premium, jumbo, cotton balls, inc.
3:26 pm edt 

did her toenails in hit the floor color, nail color., minnillo, carlton, minillo, mu, wu, baez, palmer, blas, blass' called her, joe, joey, junior, jose, joseph called her mom, joel called her mom, and her dad.
3:12 pm edt 

their grass was cut, t/ lawn, t/ backyard lawn, t/ backyard, inc., t/ hedges were cut, javier called her mom, morales, their grass was cut by two men, inc., the lawn servicemen were in t/ back there, while she was in t/ porch, closed t/ vinyls while they cut the lawn, grass, so grass wouldn't get in t/ porch.
2:50 pm edt 

zoraida, zory, zori, zoey, zooy, zooey, z., z called her mom, and t/ acevedos.
2:01 pm edt 

wore oval, turquoise earrings, w/ black
1:48 pm edt 

her mom dyed her hair, inc., jelly called her mom.
1:33 pm edt 

nick created, invented carlson college w/ shawn and t/ kids, her, and carrillo college w/ her shawn w/ t/ kids too, inc., and her mom and dad, her dad, inc., she went through spy min.
12:55 pm edt 

t/ acevedos called her mom, t/ ayala-acevedos called her mom, johnny, jenny, jenni, jen, jennifer too., inc.
12:42 pm edt 

washed t/ bathrm. rug, cleaned t/ shower curtain.
12:21 pm edt 

she changed her contacts, wore her new glasses, out, around the home, out to the stores, to the supermarket, while shopping, to the library, while out, outside, in the porch, to the market, inc.
12:14 pm edt 

wallis called her mom, angel too, and will, able, denise, rosario's mother, rosie's mother, desiree del toro's mother.
9:48 am edt
9:46 am edt 

eric had applyed to her, and she received an email from eric trump
9:25 am edt[utm_content]=GOP_Direct-Ask_Image-Header
9:25 am edt 

Produced by: Vanessa Palmer Blas

9:14 am edt
8:58 am edt
8:54 am edt 

Friday, July 28, 2017, got an email from randpac., inc.
11:43 pm edt, got an email from homecoming
11:39 pm edt 

narci, narcissa, roberta, rob, robbie, robie called her mom, david, davida, carmen, aida
11:38 pm edt, got an email from microsoft
11:37 pm edt 

got a microsoft outlook test message email, text
11:35 pm edt
11:32 pm edt
11:31 pm edt 

got an email from office, the one note team, formed "Vanessa's Notebook" for herself.
11:23 pm edt!105&app=OneNote&authkey=!AIhhFgfqmBn2Ec4, her cohort cleaned out aids
her cohort cleaned out a cesareans
11:22 pm edt 

they watched Life After Death on the Border Patrol section, a section of abc 2020, inc., she co-produced, produced that segment, Life after Death on u.s. border patrol on 20/20 again.
11:18 pm edt 

carol called her mom, juanita, juan, eddie, barron called her and her mom.
10:26 pm edt 

they put two extra sheets in t/ porch to prevent water from coming in during t/ rainstorm, thunderstorm, storm, when and while it was storming w/ rain.
9:13 pm edt 

her mom had an 11 on her forehead, she caught illegals, and in her spy yearbook, it was under Ayala, Loraida.
8:46 pm edt 

wore a brown, gold, light brown headband, black, was turned on w/ black, by black, clothing, black things b/c she was 00 black
7:43 pm edt 

her mom was onenote, so was she., they purchase their new programs to use on their computer, laptop.
7:31 pm edt
7:26 pm edt 

went to setup, install, downloaded the programs they needed, and put in the product number, w/ 25 characters.
7:13 pm edt 

they bought, she got, the microsoft, office 365, personal subscription, for home, compatible w/ her, their hp notebook, for 1 user machine, 1 year, with it came with word, excel, powerpoint onenote, outlook, windows, mac, auto renewal options available 1 tb one drive cloud storage, 1 pc mac + 1 tablet, exclusive upgrades and new features.
7:09 pm edt 

server for outlook, hers, was
6:56 pm edt 

got a text from microsoft office
6:38 pm edt 

they did gangnam style, all of them together, inc., her dad's insulin came in the mail, got in the mail.
6:11 pm edt
6:07 pm edt
6:07 pm edt, she had two slices of pizza, they all had pizza, her mom, her dad, and her had all gone to macarthur airport, mcarthur airport, and all of her youtube shows, channels, aired in the u.s., america, puerto rico, ny, fl, kenya and nigeria, ocala, marion oaks, tampa, hillsborough county, 34473, marion county, brooklyn, manhattan, manhattan island, queens, nyc, the city, california, hollywood, inc.
6:05 pm edt 

wore square, pearl, pink pearl earrings.
3:31 pm edt 

was air force 1, air force one w/ hoegie's dad, and hoegie, himself and shawn, w/ t/ kids.
2:05 pm edt 

she got a warner's bra, a white bra, had an off white, soft white, white beige, beige, soft brown, and bisque.
1:11 pm edt 

she got a blue, blue sky book, her and hoegie and the kids, were blue sky, her and hoegie that's it, and theresa, teresa, st. theresa, teresita, theresita called her mom.
10:59 am edt 

was edwin mccain per john mccain and john brennan, john brennan's kids, was papa roach w/ shawn and the kids, and the kids alike, and henry, and carol called her mom, and terry too called her mom, and marisol, mari, merry, merri, glo, anthony, st. anthony, the st. anthony min., inc.
10:56 am edt 

briana called her mom, and patrick, talia, marc, marc anthony, inc., the stores, credit card companies, the credit counseling center, st. jude roman catholic church, dr. mitra, nagesh kholi, dr. kholi, pramila, pushcar, pushkar, she left everyone at pushkar in pakistan kenya, olgita, flo, miriam, mino, ester, david, they all called her mom.
10:25 am edt, got an email from Jenni, Jenni H., from prolife alliance.
10:17 am edt, got an email from Ted Benna, t/ creator of the 401k plan, she was the inventor of the 10K plane., inc., and the 14k plan, and t/ 11k plan her mom, and t/ 10k plan her dad, and she invented the 8k plan w/ her dad, and t/ 11k plan w/ her mom, and t/ 11k plan w/ nick, again, inc., and then some, and w/ shawn the 27k plan and w/ henry, t/ 11k plan w/ them each, and t/ 27k plan w/ his mother, shawn, phyllis and phil, and w/ edward t/ 40k plan w/ him and phyllis and ed, and shawn too w/ t/ kids, inc., again and again and again, and then again w/ henry to back off henrietta
10:00 am edt 

was Ted Kennedy, shawn's brother in law for kennedy, and another ted.
9:44 am edt 

got a box, a trail box, of the atkins harvest trail bars in dark chocolate peanut bar trail mix, in the full bars, inc.

Written by: Vanessa Palmer Blas

9:43 am edt 

she was reagan ever since she was a little girl, ever since t/ age of 3, and reagan caught pedophiles, inc., and she was best friends w/ barbara bush again.
9:40 am edt 

she owned chucky cheese w/ shawn, t/ kids and her parents, lil shawn, and the tykes
9:38 am edt 

her dad was Dwight Eisenhower, she was Reagan.
9:31 am edt, her, her parents, shawn, nick, and w/ t/ kids, of course not just that, henry, and pat, patrick, ben, benjamin, kimmie, kim, deborah, deb., debra, phyllis and ed, edward, edward owned a ward, greenpointe hospital w/ her and shawn w/ t/ kids, and greenpoint hospital w/ her and her whole entire family, inc.
9:28 am edt 

kathleen called her mom
her mom had sacroiliac joint, her mom did housework around the house, her dad went for a walk to the fire department, down the block, inc., her mom had ganglion cysts, her mom had gone to Dr. musa, her mom made her dad, joe, zory made joe, her grandpa on her dad's side created, and al said invented the name lachey, it was really her mom who did so, they watched Hollywood game night, her and nick were on hollywood game night, she was on as vanessa lachey on hollywood game night, they owned shea, shea stadium for shawn, for herself.
9:23 am edt 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

nic was hired by al capone, nick, too, nick was jared leto, and her dad, and so was her dad, and nick lachey was made by zory and joe, inc.
8:46 pm edt 

got a green, and white kuwaiti, kuwaitti tissue box, in white, green, light green, dark green, w/ boxes and squares, inc., and triangles.
8:06 pm edt, got an email from get connected: tumblr.
7:38 pm edt 

got a tissue box w/ trees, in grey, slate grey, beige, light beige, light blue, turquoise, boxes, w/ sticks and flowers, branches, and stones.
7:36 pm edt 

Anchored by: Vanessa Palmer Blas
7:29 pm edt 

got, and used the lip gloss in cherish
Hosted by: Vanessa Palmer Blas
7:28 pm edt 

got her in-house slippers, slippers for home, and flip-flops for home, and flip-flops to be outside, for the outside, inc.
7:11 pm edt 

got new flip flops, was on the pentagon diet, flip flops were pentagon, w/ flowers, in black, turquoise, light blue, hot pink, fuschia, hot purple, orange, yellow, gold, and greens, green, peach, and black again.
7:03 pm edt 

had, got a white medium, pillar candle, a soft white one, a beige one, a long white one, an off-white one, over the yrs, time, was pillar's girlfriend, friend, confidante, and shawn's and henry's and t/ kids.
6:47 pm edt 

got and used the micellar cleansing water, it's simple, they had corkscrew pasta dishes, w/ meat, and sauce, cheese.
6:38 pm edt 

got t/ nexxus, therappe, ultimate moisture, step 1, shampoo, silicone free caviar complex, concentrated protein, and harvey paid for her pars, and tiger too, and in t/ woods, and that's how she became tiger woods, and henry bought all of her bras in the fbi, and william muller, and her, and her parents, and shawn, and at nick, nic.
5:31 pm edt
5:06 pm edt
5:04 pm edt 

her email address is
5:03 pm edt 

was a shawl, a burial, buriel, and a brief, a briefcase, a doctor case, inc., a doctor brief, a lawyer case, a parasol, was the Head of the U.S. Department of Labor, and was the Head of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, and was the Director of U.S. Homeland Security, was the Director of Homeland Security, per stephan brennan's father, the sr. one, and stephan would say the senior one, inc., and that was the grandfather one, once or twice, back, behind, that one, inc., not the goodfella one
5:00 pm edt 

t/ other eric called her mom, tony did too, and gloria, t/ other tony, raul, ramon, t/ other raul, and the other ramon, and tony, ramon and raul called her, carlos called her mom, carlos called her too, nick called her mom, nick, nic called her too, inc.
4:52 pm edt 

t/ va called her mom, the villages va called her mom, eric called her mom, diane, called her mom, ali, alice, janet, janice, and janis, janice, called her, inc.
4:50 pm edt, they saw Victor, andy called her mom, domingo did too, and desiree, and andres, and they other andy, mino, and robert, roberto, roberta, they all called her, inc.
4:47 pm edt
4:42 pm edt
4:41 pm edt, got an email from aphis wildlife services, inc.
1:26 pm edt, hi, hey, heh, he, heh
1:22 pm edt 

got an email on e research, they got and received emails, inc., her and nick were aarp research, and e archives her and others, in the cia, of friends, in the assasin circle., raymond davis parked his truck to t/ left of the house when he visited.
1:21 pm edt, got an email from aarp research, e-news, aarp possibilities, her wide bedrm window was 50 something in length, and in the living rm it was 80 in height as well
1:18 pm edt, got an email from the HHS of Adolescent Health, her and nick, and shawn w/ t/ kids, worked on that, her and nick, nic, sent them to nic, send them to nic., inc., shawn and the kids, too, worked on that too, as well, and then some in all other areas.
1:13 pm edt 

was a cover, a beach cover, on the mattress, too, inc., archived their messages, all of their messages, especially hers., inc., and her children's, and her boyfriend's, fiance's and husband's, his messages, and her whole entire familiy's messages, inc., t/ grass was cut at the median today.
1:04 pm edt 

turned herself on w/ her lenses, glasses, t/ galaxy 7, the samsung galaxy 7, 8, and the 3 also, the 13 to come, already is, finished kuwait, was kuwait, springer, springline w/ john denver, and john brennan, and medline w/ hoegie, shawn and w/ t/ kids, and patrick, and john brennan, and pat, pop goes the wheasle, weasle she used to say w/ john b., inc., and was a springline mattress for john brennan and john denver, inc.
1:01 pm edt 

her dad had an ekg, dr. gumati read her dad's test results, his blood pressue was low, inc., maryanne, lou, michael, john, dominic, jessica, and gianna, giana called her mom.
12:57 pm edt
12:29 pm edt
12:28 pm edt 

her mom took her dad's blood pressure, alexa called her mom, becky called her mom, gina called her mom, erika called her mom, dimitri called her mom, fiorhina called her mom, florence called her mom, miriam called her mom, marisol and debbie called her mom, and mari, ma, marisol, flo, fl, frankie, frank, flo, erica, mino, eddie, ed, edward, edwardo, eduardo, alex, too, they all called her mom.
11:59 am edt 

she wore rhinetones, a rhine - stone pin in her hair, inc., and v integra earrings, pearl stone earrings, and turquoise stone earrings.
11:16 am edt 

got a clinical pet of ocala pen in orange and silver, they did, inc., and giovanni called her, called her parents, inc.
9:37 am edt 

they got, and used Giovanni Rana, Rana, Genovese Basil Pasta.
9:30 am edt 

her dad went to get himself checked out at the doctor.
9:25 am edt
9:01 am edt 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

was Epilady, epiledy, etc., etcetera, etcetera, was kuwait w/ shawn, and ira johnson, inc., and nicky jams and j. balvins, j balvins, they watched a magic show, a maj. show, shows, tv shows, t.v. shows, etc, again, was springer, galaxy w/ shawn and randy johnson
8:52 pm edt 

t/ vendor called her mom, and sam, samuel, sammie, samy, ori, ran, ann, anne, and anna -- her friend, bonnie, bon, bon bon, aileen, eileen, gina, erika, belgica, fany, fanny, ben, benny, ben, ben-ben, ben ben, rosario, rosario's mom, inc.
8:32 pm edt 

and desi arnaz called her mom and dad, and her, and bruno, and shawn, w/ t/ kids, inc, and donnie brasco called her, and her parents, and her dad, and bruno, and t/ kids, and shawn, and johnny depp, and of course, her too, and nick lachey, for her too, inc., and bruno ehlers, and tiger woods, inc., and tupac shakur, tupac, b/c she worked at t/ state penn.
8:12 pm edt 

and bruno took tae kwan do, tae kwan do, and kung fu w/ her and her mom, and her dad, and her parents, and shawn, and t/ kids, her kids, and randy johnson, and oscar, johnson, oscar johnson, inc., and the johnson jail, and carmen called her mom, and loretta, loreta, ron, t/ ciampi family, and jared l. called her mom, and hoegie, john hoegler, john hoegie, inc., and jared johnson, and his father called her mom and dad, her dad, inc.
8:09 pm edt 

al capone was also called Owl capone per al., inc., edwin called her mom, edwin's mom called her mom's, edwin's mom called her mom, randy's mom called her mom, and the same, oscar's mom called her mom, and her dad, and her dad's dad, inc., eddie called her, and her mom, barrett called her, and called her mom, and dad, and dad's dad, too, too much, and ira called her mom, and his mom, too, and dante, dante culpepper's mom, and him too and his dad, and her dad, too, and ira johnson's mom too, and ira, inc. -- it was tommy, thomas changing, and reg. called her, and her mom, too, as well, and edwin's mom called her mom too, inc.
8:02 pm edt 

got and received t/ capone oils from her grandpa on her dad's side, and al's oils from al, t/ gamma oils from bruno, and al invented gamma, and created gamma, capone, her grandpa on her dad's side, and got and received, both, al capone's oils from al, and her grandpa on her dad's side, and t/ irish oils from shawn again, and all of her children, and took and got the wiccan oil from william, william muller, and harry, inc.
7:58 pm edt, got an email from trump headquarters.
7:54 pm edt 

dianed called her mom, helen called her mom, wendy called her mom, tracey called her mom, tracy called her mom, inc., sia called her mom, jen called her mom, osci called her mom, jeanette called her mom, jeannette called her mom, erica called her mom.
7:22 pm edt 

pest control called her mom, desi, and shawn, patrick, pat, ben, benjamin, violet, sue, lady antebellum, kimmie, kim, debbie, deb, deborah, debra, phyllis, dr. phil, phil, edward, ed, phil called her, mark called her, jessica k. called her, holley called her, matt called her, henry called her, harry called her, william called her, stephie called her, stephanie called her, ted called her, dwight called her, dwight h. called her, byron called her, emme called her, emmie called her, emmey called her, desi called her, bruno called her, slash called her, slash hitman called her, al called her, her grandpa on her dad's side called her, inc., ralph's mom called her, randy johnson called her mom, oscar called her., inc.
7:12 pm edt, got an email from Mommy Underground, from editor, Jennifer Roberts.
7:03 pm edt 

got her mom's 003, 3 oils, and gave her her 13 oils, and got her dad's 008, 8 oils, and she gave him his 13 oils, inc.
6:59 pm edt 

gave 13 oils to harry, and to ryan.
6:27 pm edt, got 7 oils from 007, gave them to his mom, 13 oils to his mom as well.
6:27 pm edt 

joe girardi called her, cleared her jails through, and using joe girardi, and mark called her, lenny dykstra called her.
5:04 pm edt 

they dropped off her dad's, red box, biohazard material of syringes to t/ canal recycling group, ctr, for another box, a red box marked biohazard, dr. panchal's office called her mom, mike called her mom, mikey called her mom, travis called her mom; thomas, tommy, called her mom, reggie called her mom, laila called her mom, marisol called her mom, lou, lulu, lu, luz, called her mom, perfecto called her mom, ralph called her mom, bruno 2 called her mom, tiger called her mom, stephan called her mom, stephen called her mom, eric called her mom, shawn called her mom, brunos called her mom, slashes called her mom.
4:59 pm edt 

javier called her mom, travis's mom called her mom, they washed and dried the pot holders, and living rm blankets, and couch blankets, desiree del toro called her mom, rosie, and rosie's mom, inc.
4:43 pm edt
4:27 pm edt 

jeremy called her mom from the va in gainesville, from neurology.
4:21 pm edt 

her mom used blue emu on her left hand, and it felt better, inc., sandra called her mom, mike's mom, again
12:15 pm edt 

bruno called her mom, slash called her mom, slash hitman called her mom, cesar called her mom, cesar pulgarin called her mom, john brennan called her, raymond davis called her, raymond davis, sr., called her mom, raymond davis, jr. called her mom, scott peterson called her.
12:06 pm edt, wore a black and blue headband, two piece earrings, jane called her mom
11:57 am edt 

john brennan was american medical mobility, and she was too, and stephan hoegler was as well, and hoegie, and shawn and t/ kids, w/ henry, inc., lucre called her mom, mike's mom called her mom, and tina, ralph's mom called her mom.
11:20 am edt
10:00 am edt, got an email from the intelligence community inspector general, inc.
9:37 am edt, t/ Social Worker approved it.
9:36 am edt, got an email from John Tate, from america's liberty pac.
9:27 am edt 

Matt from America's Medical Mobility came by for measuring.
9:24 am edt 

her mom spoke w/ terry from physical therapy, from o.t., ot.
9:21 am edt 

he, that guy, parked on the driveway, and her mom spoke w/ terry, inc.
9:19 am edt
9:17 am edt 

t/ guy took t/ measurements for the rubber threshold, inc.
9:16 am edt 

America's Medical Mobility came to their home to get some measurements in their garage, and t/ inside garage door., inc., t/ one before was Bill that had visited.
8:56 am edt, got her 00 agency oils, and received, got her cia oils from john brennan, from and for being a u.s. assasin, inc., and jared got his cia assassin oils too, inc.
8:36 am edt, 007 worked 'til infamy, until the end, he won't stop, and he waited for resurrection, inc., to shoot, again, and that's every night, inc., they were night, not day -- they didn't want t/ charges by day from u.s. federal lawyers, inc., instead they chatted together, on-line, inc.
8:31 am edt, gave her 13 oils to bruno 2, and tiger, and she got her 7 oils from 007's father, 007, and then harry's oils to work corrections for 007, and jail in the u.s. state jail, u.s. federal prison, she was after the system, and her mother the prison system, she was, and her dad into the state jail, the state prison, johnny, her dad overcome it, and harry, the state penn, for working w/ tupac shakur, and she was friends w/ tupac, tupac shakur, his dad, which was his own dad, he was his own dad, inc.
8:26 am edt 

lucrecia and nancy called her mom.
8:17 am edt 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017, got an email from the future of nursing, campaign for action, through the aarp foundation, t/ robert wood johnson foundation, inc.
11:42 pm edt 

stephan caught her prints on precinct files -- she did it on purpose to prove she worked at the ny precincts, in bkly and queens and in now manhattan, inc.
11:39 pm edt 

and they caught people on prints again her and joe jihad on jihad mins her dad and them all together, and her and john joseph, and joe too, much.
11:38 pm edt 

she got a picture and used t/ pic. of god's butterfly on her desktop, phone, and helped, got people on prints w/ john joseph, -- god, inc, it goes back to the precinct, he used to put butterfly stamps on his precinct, precinctile cases in ny, and in bklyn, inc., and he used her butterfly stickers, and the precinct and he lifted prints, inc. her mother framed her that she was playing in and at a precinct in bklyn, ny, in all five boroughs when she was a little girl and a teen, and read teen beat, inc.
11:37 pm edt 

turned herself on w/ white paper, her hair, anything she bought and used, and so did they, her parents, their whole entire family and friendship circle, inc.
11:32 pm edt 

and bruno 2, and tiger got their ashes put over the water, they were the two priests, they were two pastors, two priests, two deacons, they knew jesse and joe, inc.
11:09 pm edt 

her dad's thyroid was fine, her dad took, swallowed his thyroid pill, inc.
10:53 pm edt 

sponsored the cut on the show, per john joseph, god, it was 98 degrees in town, inc.
10:52 pm edt 

was on the world of dance, uncut, cut
10:32 pm edt, got an email from the office of external affairs, the national service news.
10:04 pm edt 

samuel helped her on t/ halle berry case and alot of other cases, inc.
10:02 pm edt 

was in Monster's Ball, by mim, was Halley Berry's mim, was Halle Berry's min, mim, her dad, they watched Monster's Ball -- she worked on halley berry's case.
10:02 pm edt, got an email from dudley brown, the president of, for the national association of and for gun rights, and brian fisher, from the pro-life alliance, inc.
7:59 pm edt 

was puzzles for all of them, and crayola crayons, and cookbooks, and so on and so forth, and harry was heaven's war, inc., already put all this stuff on her website, and she gave oils to 007, from the 0013, 13 min, she got 7 oils from 007, 0 oils from the fbi agency, and 00 oils from the 00 agency, b/c she was 00 agency, she got pentagon oils from john hoegler before going to war, pentagon war, pentagon wars, inc., and oils from hoegie before hoegie's war, and kuwait oils from shawn, and pentecostal oils from henry, and 1 oils, oil from william muller in the fbi, fbi agency, and severine oil, oils, t/ severine oil, oils, severine oils from 007, james bond, and she gave her 13 oils for her kids, babies, children, sons and daughters of war, ben, benjamin, kimmie, kim, kimberly, deb, debbie, debra, deborah, books and stuff, and such, inc., eric, pat, eric 2, patrick, lil' shawn, shawn, again, chance, chase, andy, because they went up in flight at war, and fbi war at that, and federal war, 0 war, and mark, and her 13 war, inc., and cia war, and pentagon wars, pentagon war, and she got mike's oils from the mike jail, pentagon jail, mikey's oils, and travis's oils, from her mom, inc.
7:54 pm edt, got an email from aarp, travel
7:47 pm edt 

harry gave her his oils, and to shawn, and ryan, and the kids, too., and henry gave her his oils, and 007 gave her his oils, and she gave him, and her 13s, shawn, jared, hoegie, and jared j. her 13 oils, and her parents, and her brothers and sisters, and her children, her boyfriend, fiancee, fiance, husband, and her children, too, as well, bruno, slash, slash hitman, henry, mark, kyle, and t/ other mark, and their parents' as well., inc., and harry, in return, harry said her 0013 oils are, were for her., inc.
5:32 pm edt 

she got t/ jesus christ's oil from hoegie, and christ's father, jesus christ, himself, inc.
5:29 pm edt 

javier called her mom.
5:26 pm edt 

t/ fbi, harry, henry, slash, shawn, w/ t/ kids, william muller, william miller, and her caught t/ tapings w/ the eyes, and so did her mom, and her dad, and bruno, bruno 2, tiger, phil mickelson, inc., and maddie, matty., inc., kim, lil' kim, karen diego, inc., helen's sister, helen's sister in law., inc., she was on eight is enough, and she died there, her body was never moved, inc., to check for maggots, inc.
5:24 pm edt 

she got, put on, anointed, there was only one anointing w/ stephan, she got bruno's oils, slash's oils from afghanistan, and from the church, and from shawn, st. jude's oils, and jude law's oils, the archbishop's oils, t/ deacon's oils, all of the deacon's oils, her italian oil from both al, and her grandpa on her dad's side, and the gestapo oil, t/ gestapo's oils from the gestapo, himself, her grandfather on her mother's side, inc., and ryan's oils from the pentagon, and phyllis' oils from the cia, and edward's oils from the edward jail in and of the pentagon, and in sarasota, and from sarasota, and got t/ sicilian oil from heather locklear, and her grandpa on her dad's side, and saul's oils from saul, and slash's oil again from her mom, zory, and the holy water from shawn, and from st. jude's church, over the years, near death and dying, inc., and slash gave and put on holy water on her, and shawn gave it to her too, and then a bucket of holy water for all she's done -- she was anointed, she put out fires, inc., she wrote for Hannibal, inc.
5:22 pm edt, got an email from the emily dickinson museum, edm programs, too
5:12 pm edt 

her mom and her dad were w/ The Seekers, were the seekers, w/ her, and her grandson, her mother's grandson, for her, and t/ kids, shawn w/ t/ kids, too.
5:09 pm edt 

her dad had put his columbo oils on her in prayer, w/ prayer by him, and then stephan, and her mom put her genovese oils on her in prayer, w/ pray, and stephan had given her t/ anointing of the sick, in prayer, with in pray, inc, in christ's jesus' name, amen.
5:03 pm edt 

read Pain-Free Living magazine, at t/ office.
4:46 pm edt 

shannon called her mom, and janice also called her mom, inc.
4:23 pm edt, got an email from steve, chase's dad, he calls, called Papa Steve, inc.
4:20 pm edt[utm_content]=GOP_Direct-Ask_Image-Header, got an email from Donald J. Trump.
4:18 pm edt 

got an email from the Deputy Editor at Cosmopolitan magazine, Sarah Browning-de Villiers, from Associated Media Publishing, her and stephen invented pray, stephan too, the son, inc.
4:15 pm edt
4:11 pm edt, got an email from D.J. Parten, the Director of Legislation, of FL GunR, fl gun rights.
4:04 pm edt, her parents brought leftovers from mojo grill
3:55 pm edt!%2BSan%2BAntonio%2Bwith%2BMatt%2BMaher%2B%26%2B%22The%2BReformation's%2B500-Year%2BReport%2BCard%22%2BCatholic%2BFamily%2BConference&utm_content=SlC3tvG83GCQGsWinuyLmJxDcjM&utm_medium=email&!%2BSan%2BAntonio%2Bwith%2BMatt%2BMaher%2B%26%2B%22The%2BReformation's%2B500-Year%2BReport%2BCard%22%2BCatholic%2BFamily%2BConference
3:53 pm edt 

she met big poppa's wife, and olga called her mom, upper and lower case was in school and in the fbi she wrote like that, and then in all lower case, she wrote as in the cia, inc.
3:49 pm edt 

shawn invented mahi, she had the mahi mahi at home, too, as well, they all did, inc., hulabaloo, hullaballoo, inc., axl rose too, inc., henry was a cook, he made sicilian dishes, and stephan invented t/ mahi fish, and so did he, christ above, inc., shawn said, shawn's entire family was pentecostal, and his sister was baptist, and so was his brother, too., and he was of the kuwaiti, kuwaitti religion in and of kuwait, she was too, and all of them together, inc., again, in christ, almighty, Amen, amen, amen, I say to you, amen, amen, and again, amen, too, u, you, and you and you too again, inc., god bless america, they sang the star spangles banner, and amen amen i say to you, once more, amen, salvador gigante, and shawn had bought her her toilet seat, and her the reverse, a cushioned seat for him, and for henry, inc., and one for the kids, they each had one too, and shawn was the orthopedic center, she was the orthopaedic centre, inc., and shawn was of the orthopedic religion and so was she, and 007 was the ortho doctor, and so was shawn, and 007 was the orthopedic center, too, and she was the monologue, hoegie put her up to it, inc., and jared, too.
3:43 pm edt 

her dad got checked out, got his head checked, went to the neurologist, got an eeg, a brain scan, axl did too, and her, and her mom, and her dad's dad, and shawn, in kuwait, and at home, a brain wave scan, and eric, all of her children, and ryan, harry, henry, henry was the 7457, building, t/ school alarm went off, they went to Mojo, to Mojo's, Mojo's Grille, shawn was the 7147 building, inc., had her files downstairs, they all did, they all do, in the fbi house, and also in the federal house, also in the cia house, stephan's dad lived in the cia home, at cia home w/ his father was t/ stephan, the son, that son, inc., christ's son, she had the blackened maji chicken fajitas, four, w/ picadillo, guacamole, cilantro, and w/ a lot of sour cream, and a root beer, they've also made fajitas in afghanistan and in kuwait, and also at desert storm, inc., gina was their waitress, and she was big poppa's wife, not eve, the waitress sure was is, inc., is was, inc., etcetera etcetera.
3:36 pm edt 

she received mail from dsw, a card from dsw, a postcard.
11:52 am edt 

her and barron were, and owned Barron's Magazine, and her and shawn were Cigar Magaziner, and her and shawn w/ henry, henry's magazine, the henrietta magazine, inc.
11:48 am edt, anna was also irizarry, and anna baez was an fbi agent, and barron johnson, barron baez, was also an fbi agent, a federal agent, an assassin, assasin, a black assassin, a grey assasin, in the cia, per his father, and it's joe, inc., and so was shawn made by her henry, by henry, to the third, it's one, he's one, he won the Phillimpic gold medal, in phillanthropic orchestra, inc.\/
11:35 am edt 

barron johnson, barron baez was pentagon.
11:19 am edt 

she wore turquoise, mint green, and black stone earrings.
11:18 am edt 

she owned her own website, Barron Johnson was a Reporter at Nightside at WFTS - ABC Channel 28, in Tampa Bay, inc., the overnight shift, he used to go in at 10 p.m.
10:20 am edt 

Barron Johnson was Baez, was Barron Baez, also, and he was her cousin on her dad's side, inc.
10:06 am edt 

Hosted by: Vanessa Palmer Blas
9:56 am edt, Anna, her cousin, was Baez, was Anna Baez, inc., the one on her dad's side, inc.
9:53 am edt 

Monday, July 24, 2017

so she had 0013 files on one side and the 13 files on the other for hoegie to man., and mike on the other side to of the jail, inc.
10:44 pm edt 

william muller dealt w/ her fbi files, and hoegie w/ her 13 files, and jared l. and jared j. who was jared baez, really jared j. shared thirteen files w/ jared l and hoegie too.
10:41 pm edt 

was Valisy, Velisy, william muller, william miller too, william muller had pigs w/ her too, her and shawn had goats, he had goats too william miller, william muller had goats too, and was a lamb, he said they were all lambs, that's how he collects us, collected them in the fbi, inc., and rules out who isn't, ruled out who wasn't, inc., she was a, and together, she was mia, w/ william miller, alone, but alone, she was a, i was a, and he hit b mins, he was b mins, inc., and so was ralph one time or another, thomas had her messages when she didn't have them, per her dad, when she was away, and she caught stuff w/ thomas being pentagon with programs in both the fbi and in the pentagon, caught the crip program, it was actually to catch crips they said, but then there was the crip program, so people identified him in the pentagon, but he gathered them, and he worked for her, and turned in the crip money into the fbi to william muller and herself, myself, inc., she had thomas passing as a crip online, inc., her and thomas collected crips, real crips, inc., and had turned them into the fbi for collections
10:34 pm edt 

w/ william, mi, mission impossible, he had car toys william miller for her, and william muller had cows w/ her, inc.
8:37 pm edt 

she let william miller play w/ her car toys; she had 10, 13 car toys, and they gave her 22 - 25 toys more to keep playing with them, b/c they were so interested in playing w/ boy toys, car toys, inc., and she let her kids play w/ them, w/ her, and shawn, and william, william m., william mi., and william mu., inc.
8:25 pm edt 

wore white and grey, black marble earrings, was mark mix, william miller had her federal agency bombs, and he had her fbi bombs too, and william muller had her fbi bombs also, and hoegie had more of her fbi bombs, and 13 bombs, and jared l., and jared j. shared her 13 numbered number bombs, inc., per set, per set of case, inc.
8:12 pm edt 

was more professional with william muller in the fbi, and she william miller play w/ her toys, he had bombs, federal agency bombs, they went federal agency bombing together, and he used her music, and he played w/ her cars, car toys, truck toys, trucks, in the water and such, and float, and in the pool and such, inc., he was bombing for william muller in the federal agency, and both, in the fbi as well, inc.
8:03 pm edt 

and she was fbi-canton w/ william miller, and w/ sabrina for william muller as a favor, as a por favor in the fbi, inc., and w/ william miller in the federal agency, inc.
7:59 pm edt 

her dad had bought t/ kangen water for shawn, lenny dykstra, from the mets, and william miller, from the federal agency, and for mark from the head of the boston red sox, shawn did that one too, inc., and for henry, and was 00-14 w/ a hyphen, and 00-24 w/ a hyphen, inc., as well, and sabina, sabrina was from canton, ohio, and was fbi- in canton, fbi in canton, and she was fbi in ohio w/ her, and w/ william miller, for william miller as a favor, and they went to ohio, her and william miller, and for william muller, inc., and with william again, and for william miller in Indiana for william muller in the fbi, and she was fbi-indiana in indiana, and fbi-ohio in ohio, inc., w/ william miller again and again, and once, again., and twice w/ william muller, three times w/ her father, william miller in the federal agency, and so on and so forth, and for the fifth time w/ her father in the federal agency, again, w/ william miller, william miller, etc., etcetera, etcetera, mark wills went to jail on the phone.
7:57 pm edt, got an email from the daily newsletter, stories you must read, from the ocala star banner., inc.
7:35 pm edt, got an email from Time, The Brief, what to know now.
7:32 pm edt
7:31 pm edt, got an email from kelly baez, kelly was mark's alias, inc.
7:23 pm edt, got an email from the office of academic engagement, and john joseph worked on citizenship in the fbi at ice, at the ice engagement services building, inc., and at t/ pentagon building as well, that's what he asked her dad for to go to t/ pentagon building, to face joe, and he did, inc., and they were bombing her, and them, inc.
7:19 pm edt, got an email from private sector update, was 0024, and 00argentina.
7:12 pm edt 

anna, her cousin, was pentagon, on her dad's side,, got an email from aphis wildlife services.
7:08 pm edt, got an email from Steve Thompson from American Patriot Daily.
7:06 pm edt, got an email from Life's Top Galleries, the Top Ten, Time.
6:46 pm edt, received, got the ihmc newsletter.
6:42 pm edt, got an email from Home Improvement
6:39 pm edt, got an email from the ice headline news, anna, a chio, chi o sister, was ice, clean under it, and she worked at and lived there, w/ her dad, at the national community service, and anna was her cousin on her dad's side, inc.
6:27 pm edt, got an email from the Corporation from the National and Community Service w/ hoegie and his dad, and shawn and the kids, for henry, and henry, w/ shawn and the kids again, the Corporation for the National Community Service.
6:22 pm edt, got an email from Donald J. Trump., inc.
6:09 pm edt, got an email from Donald
6:07 pm edt, had signed all of the petitions w/ hoegie, jared, jared, and shawn, her dad used to catch campaign money, her mom used to catch people stealing bread from bakeries, area bakeries, and her dad caught people stealing from bakeries, change and stuff like that, her too, inc.
6:03 pm edt, got an email from Elle Decor.
5:58 pm edt 

shawn put her on The Zone, and the NYS exchange, the Nicks Exchange, as well, and on the Nicks game, inc.
5:57 pm edt 

she got an email from the NYSE-Broadcast, trader update.
5:54 pm edt 

file:///C:/Users/mylif/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/IE/5AIXMZF8/NYSE_Arca_Client_Notice_Fee_Change_07242017.pdf, her dad protected her as a stock broker.
5:54 pm edt 

and ryan in the ryan-pentagon min, inn min, too, inc., and so the nims were also shooters, that's what the pentagon said from the had said of kenya, and their hitman camera, camera in the backyard, used to go to summerfield, kenya and then nigeria, the fbi house, the fbi, the federal bureau of investigation, the cia, the pentagon, the fbi again, the cia agency, the fbi agency, the fbi again, and jail again, throughout the world, the 00 agency, the secret service agency, the marion oaks sheriffs' office, the us federal agency, for her, and them, and shawn, the marion county sheriffs office, shawn became a sheriff for the county, inc., for marion, for the area, and he's of the area, was of the area, inc.
5:51 pm edt, got an email from aol member, membership info, and aol certified mail.
5:46 pm edt
5:44 pm edt 

got t/ Bet Advisor subscriber newsletter.
5:12 pm edt 

t/ location of her job was also in the in min, inn min, of, and in new zealand, and also another one, the same one, another one in germany.
5:09 pm edt 

she signed petitions from home, from their house, from her house.
5:07 pm edt 

harry got her t/ job on!! -- cool beans!!
5:00 pm edt, was also a Senior Tip Advisor on Football on -- thanx!!!!
4:58 pm edt 

had an orange drink.
4:55 pm edt 

wore her new glasses, put the fan to her in the porch, w/ the ceiling fan on, did some house cleaning, and straightened up, straightened things up for the summer, cleaned things out, inc., did some alot of summer cleaning, inc., jamie used to clean mins.
4:46 pm edt 

raymond davis did the cia exam all t/ way through, and got online, from their computer, her computer, even t/ one in nigeria, and before that in and out of kenya, and her and william muller finished the fbi exam and ended with their computer in washington, d.c., in and out of washington, and their marion oaks exam in marion oaks, w/ a computer in the fbi house, in and at fbi home in william muller's office, and hers as well, her fbi computer there, and theirs, hers, at home, in her rm, bedrm., as well, inc.
4:43 pm edt 

Anchored by: Vanessa Palmer Blas
4:38 pm edt 

did voyeur, from home, in her bedrm, via, in her rm, from her house, from their home, from their house, inc., she gave anthony a bone marrow transplant, and a blood transplant from his mother, and his father, and grandparents, grandmother, and also his grandfather, and they put the nails on the wall, with hooks, handles, w/ hammer, to hold up their currents, curtains on each side, w/ mesh, both from side to side in beige, brownstone, material, as well, inc., and both anthony and truman helped her on the phone.
4:23 pm edt 

they had three cell phone lines, and their consumer cellular phone service bill was by automatic debit, inc, aut. deb., auto deb., auto debit. inc.
12:44 pm edt 

her mom spoke w/ elsie, she spoke english, american english, her dad spoke american english, she spoke american english.
12:39 pm edt, did a blue face mask, let it dry, caked, let it cake, inc., a face cake.
12:35 pm edt
10:46 am edt 

they saw Angel, they bought t/ tickets from angel
10:38 am edt 

sold t/ kangen water to joe girardi, he was rosie's mim, he worked that mim, he's not married to it, into the mims, inc., they've been living here 27 yrs., inc.
10:35 am edt 

she and shawn had bought alot of kangen water over the days, years, and for the entire boston red sox team, and sold it to the yankees, they were Kangen Water Salesman, and they bought it for The Mets, her parents went to a lot of doctors, and family members and friends, inc., and more friends, and sold it to more friends, and harry got her messages, her mom got a call from the Civic Association, her mom's phone was on airplane mode.
10:26 am edt 

hellen called her mom, her mom went to the marion oaks public library, inc.
10:22 am edt 

had her sorority chocolate, she made sure the tape was in place, inc.
10:17 am edt
10:04 am edt 

ironed for about an hour., an hr.
9:53 am edt 

she ironed her bras, strapless bras, w/ pick, pico, el pico, large and small straps, in-between, back and front, inc., satin and w/ embroidery, linen, sheets, inc.
9:40 am edt 

she ironed her bathing suit, top and bottom, with skirt, straps and all, dollies, oll., inc., put the iron on early, w/ straps, and sprayed, w/ spray, from min til, until 6, on hot, from lukewarm, warm, and hot.
9:29 am edt 

ironed her sweater, truman turned her on t/ phone w/ ironing, since she was a little girl, she put an air freshener in t/ bathrm, inc.
9:19 am edt
8:58 am edt 

she opened up t/ curtains in her rm, bedrm.
8:56 am edt 

they got french baguette bread.
8:55 am edt 

clean under mims, and mimes, and pantomimes, her dad went for his laser treatment., inc.
8:48 am edt 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

michael phelps shot for her in t/ fbi, it was hoegie's cover in and out of the fbi.
11:07 pm edt, got an email from atf columbus.
11:02 pm edt 

her, and hoegie wrote t/ picture of dorian gray.
11:01 pm edt 

10:58 pm edt, got an email from the madd team.
10:52 pm edt, got an email from e-verify connection, from homeland security, homeland.
10:48 pm edt, read Exodus, exodus, inc., got an email from Senior Trafficking, Senior Services, Senior Corps.
10:45 pm edt 

had memory of five second mind span, spam like the german army, in t/ german army 20 seconds time span, mine span, mind span, mind spam, inc., her dad invented, created jaws w/ steven spielberg, she was steven speilberg, inc., steven spielberg.
10:43 pm edt 

she had mtn dew, diet and regular soda., inc. she had French bread pieces, inc.
10:41 pm edt 

axl rose bought t/ warm water for her shark, and t/ hot water for himself in nigeria and in kenya for her, and for him, and shawn t/ lukewarm water for himself, and for her and t/ shark too, she turned herself on in t/ fbi w/ her gold medal, fbi medal, and michael phelps w/ his silver medal, and on t/ silver stream him and her, separately, not together anymore they did have one two w/ shawn three, and turned on shawn w/ his own and hers too, and she got four panels of curtains in her rm, and harry got lukewarm water too and paul his gold medal for her too to display too in t/ silver min for his dad, and her dad got bought the great white for shawn as a birthday gift and painted it for christmas, inc., he bought it for him, and henry designed it, him, inc., her dad programmed it, and her mom had t/ genovese shark and her too another, and they both programmed them both, her mom hers, and herself's, her daughter, and she, hers in reverse, her own genovese shark, and she had a sicilian shark w/ t/ gestapo her grandpa on her mom's side, and al and grandpa gave her shark flu shark medicine, inc., and al had t/ black paint, inc., and she had t/ red paint, inc., and together they made a painting, a gamma painting and a before gamma painting, inc., and her dad too in blue and w/ her grey too to, for henry for her to keep, inc., and not to display somewhere else her dad said and 007 understands, understood, and she played w/ her son sebastian w/ plastic play toy sharks, catching sharks, lonesharks from t/ us hiding in nigeria.
10:19 pm edt 

ryan gave her shark an injection and shawn w/ t/ kids, and henry, and he made it a federal shark, she had to fill out all of the paperwork, paperwork for a shark, bc it was in t/ water, just like a dog, and trumans shark swam around all of nigeria catching attempted escapees, she bought herself some, it was in the nigerian agreement, and also she bought ones to circle the kenyan island, country, to make sure she didn't get escapee, her mom and her dad, and slash, shawn, henry, w/ t/ kids signed too to prevent it from happening to them in the us, in pr, europe the uk london england for her, t/ swiss island, ireland, it was for protection for her and her husband, and their kids -- their family, her whole entire family, inc.
9:59 pm edt 

was in and they watched Phelps vs Sharks, the gold vs. the Great White, inc. their shark her parents was were from 1300 b.c., oo13 backwards, shawn had t/ jaws shark, she swam w/ sharks, had t/ great white w/ henry formerly truman's shark from jaws too and the jaws channel, inc., she had a shark, a kenyan shark, an american shark, a puerto rican shark, a nigerian shark, an african shark, a black shark, a white shark, owned shamu all of them, the three of them, and henry, harry, and the kids, and got the shark paint from shawn, her dad paid for it, he got it too bought it, got a us shark, had a shark cage, had a shark tail, and shark food for the shark, a shark toy for him and for her for shawn shawn had t/ eldest shark, t/ oldest her, it was shamu, shamu he bought it for her, shamu, inc., who was black and white, and her shark was a dark grey, silver grey federal shark, and a silver gray shark, inc.
9:54 pm edt 

was stuttgart pentagon, and went to stuttgart war w/ mike, mike meder.
8:40 pm edt 

mike was a witch and had witches working behind him, and in front of him, inc.
8:38 pm edt 

hoegie listened to the Lumineers, and mike, mikey, travis, and travis' mom, had bought her invisalign too, and mikey's dad, mike's dad, and the other mike's dad, inc., mike did t/ pentagon op w/ her, and sent all of her prisoners from the pentagon to be shot in nigeria -- she was hitler army in and of the pentagon, and of german army in t/ cia, and in the pentagon too, inc.
8:37 pm edt 

she got curtains for her bedroom, two for the small, medium, sniper gun sized window, inc. two panels, large ones, w/ rods, and tape, gauze and glue, in taupe, beige, brownstone panels, they put them up, sized them up, and then two other large-sized panels in t/ brownstone color for the back window, and the left side, side left window, inc., she shot off t/ top of t/ fbi building in of washington, on the capitol hill steps, off of the fbi manhattan building, and off of the pentagon building, balcony, and inside all of the offices, inc.
8:33 pm edt 

had crackers w/ cream cheese and jelly jam
7:09 pm edt 

had crackers w/ cream cheese, and crackers w/ jelly
7:09 pm edt 

shawn listened to alot of bob dylan's son's music, his songs and such, inc.
6:36 pm edt 

her new laptop, the former cia director, john brennan invented it, w/ the new john brennan and her, and her mom and her dad, both of her parents, inc.
6:35 pm edt 

awilda, and briana called her mom.
6:31 pm edt, got an email from the aphis registry.
6:30 pm edt
6:26 pm edt, got an email from the dhs office.
6:22 pm edt 

she was in hacksaw ridge, t/ movie, they saw it, hacksaw ridge, she went to okinawa, her mom fought in world war i, her dad fought in world war ii, she fought in world war iii., inc., she fought in japan, she put vince vaughn in the movie, inc., she was an angel in the movie and out, so were they, inc., they all went to kuwait, she fought in ukraine, in the ukraine, she was slovakian now, and then czechoslavakian, chechy, checky, czech, czechy,
6:18 pm edt 

left, put her candle on, and at her bedstand, bed stand, inc., got the, received the Daily Catholic Devotions book, by Periodical Publications, inc., a book of prayer, worship, inc.
3:36 pm edt 

worked swiss mafia, swiss mob in the fbi, and switzerland mafia in the fbi too, and switzerland mob in t/ cia, too, inc.
2:58 pm edt 

in one or more of the 00 mins, they were heard praying and such, and in mins, and while catching jails and churches, religions, under different taps, inc. and in the pentagon taps too in pentagon mins, jails, cells or rather, at pentagon events, and 00 eventile, evental, events, eventiel, eventiele, inc.
2:49 pm edt 

got a salesian prayer book, salesian inspirational books, a salesian inspirational book, He is Our Refuge., inc., they've read the prayers throughout as 00s in and throughout the 00 agency, 00 Agency, 007 worked on her taps, rewired her taps, 007 was taps, 007 was Taps, her and 007 would catch jails, inc., there was a scaling, a scouring, scathing of all the churches, inc., and t/ prayer cards, prayer bookmarks, and prayer books, and she, they also read them others in the pentagon.
2:47 pm edt 

she prayed, she prayed in her rm, prayed in t/ kitchen, prayed outside, prayed in t/ porch.
2:40 pm edt 

got a catholic prayer card, the divine praises.
2:39 pm edt 

clean their mim memories, him memories, hym memories, hymm memories, nims, nims mems, nim memories, nims memories, inc.
2:28 pm edt 

got her MTV VH1 Video Music Awards cup, inc., herlinda called her mom, palm trees were put in front of St. Theresa's church, and book shelves, a book shelf, were, was put inside of St. Theresa's lobby, inc.
2:23 pm edt 

shawn had gotten her the Invisalign, and slash, slash hitman, and henry, w/ t/ kids, and also her dad, and her mom, her parents, and shawn again w/ henry, that's where the message goes, the messaging goes into, now.
10:43 am edt
10:41 am edt
10:36 am edt 

her shoes were designed in la, los angeles.
10:27 am edt 

she took a goth school out to dinner, and her friends out to dinner, and her parents, all together and, but separate, all together now, inc., she wore BBK, Rumblers, sci-fi, women's, eur 35, uk 2, cm 22, bra 34
10:27 am edt 

her son, sebastian took t/ goth min all to himself w/ christ, and took a goth class, went to goth school, and was gothic, and we all went to goth school, and to gothic school as well, inc.
10:25 am edt 

wore a christ shirt, blouse, wore a gold, brown and white blouse, top, and black sketchers memory foam heels, shoes, spikes, inc., was from the goth min, took a gothic class, went to goth school, went to gothic class, inc., went to gothic school, so did ryan, went to goth school, inc., took, goth w/ her mom, her son sebastian, shawn too and w/ t/ kids, took gothic w/ her dad and bruno, shawn and w/ t/ kids.
10:10 am edt 

her dad was 00-Puerto Rico, and then she was 00-puerto rico.
9:19 am edt
9:13 am edt 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

was hamlet in speaking, in speakerment, speakerament, speakeramont, speakeramonte.
11:06 pm edt 

harry programmed her to hamlet, and slash hitman programmed her to juliet, and her mom programmed her to romeo, her mom and her dad wrote romeo and juliet, and not shakespeare, and they wrote her and her dad shakespeare for john brennan, inc.
11:05 pm edt 

had a 007 mark on her rt hand, in her palm, on her palm of her rt hand, was applique w/ john mccain, senator john mccain and hoegie, stephan and others, her parents, her mom and dad, her dad, and t/ kids, w/ shawn and henrietta, henry, harry and other, and harriet, harriet.
10:53 pm edt, got an email from c cubed vp, c3 cybersecurity, voluntary program bulletin, critical infrastructure cyber community, it was her and hoegie in charge of that, and then on top john roberts again for samuel alito, jr to mann, man.
10:49 pm edt, got an email from brian fisher.
10:43 pm edt, got an email from atf denver, got an email from mark wills, and jason aldean, henry nakhla, ann marie cimino, anne marie cimino, inc., jamie connelly, brett bender, brett smith w/ hoegie, mark yellin, jessica yellin, jr half a finger., inc.
10:37 pm edt, got an email from weekly recipe
9:42 pm edt, got an email from Steve Forbes.
9:40 pm edt, got an email from Woman's Day magazine, spent her time busy, busily reading.
9:38 pm edt 

got an email from the florida dept. of children and families, was narco, was a Narc in the fbi, cia too and in and with the pentagon, c. min, too, inc., inc. everything, -- the world ran out of money, said rockefeller's daughter, inc.
9:36 pm edt, created t/ view as a webpage, view in webpage link w/ stephan and a hoegie, hoegie, too, inc., raymond davis is dead on the phone, lift her, them all up on the mindstream, every one of us.
9:35 pm edt 

they saw The Accountant, she was in The Accountant movie, she was an accountant, she caught crime families, her mom mobsters, william muller caught mob, her dad caught mafia, she got a couple of bookmarks from guidepost, guideposts, inc., she got an email from woman's day, and others, inc., and fema and others, as well, layed out, laid out, vegged out, pigged out w/ others, had pieces of cheese, mini chocolates, and had some more symphony chocolate, dark chocolate, t/ red, t/ blue, and w/ t/ beige, one, t/ large one.
9:33 pm edt 

they had mofongitos, she had Surullos, y surullo con queso, inc., they went out in a group, played a quick-four, a quick-pick, showed the card, the lotto card, played the card, played some numbers, played the numbers, she checked the numbers, she did all that, and then some, inc., a man gave her mom, them bread, they picked up bread, a loaf, a pack, a box, wrapped, in wrapping, they got, picked up a carton of ice cream.
6:17 pm edt
4:34 pm edt, hoegie was, is her assistant, she won t/ texas war w/ shawn, hoegie, and his kids, t/ kids, her and slash hitman were had won were Los Campeones de La Salsa, inc., of de la Salsa, Los Campeones de la Salsa, and her mom orchestrated it, changed, her dad dried his toes, her toes, with a towel, large towel, inc., she washed her feet w/ stephan all of them did, and jesus christ too and in jesus christ name, amen, and amen to you too, inc.
4:33 pm edt 

did her toenails in t/ color free fall.
3:01 pm edt 

they checked the candles that were on, she did too.
2:45 pm edt 

wore golden knot, knot, knots earrings, inc., golden knots., chain earrings., inc.
2:14 pm edt 

t/ bird brought more wicker and made a nest in their plant in front of t/ house.
2:03 pm edt 

had t/ cafe style drink mix., crete was for excretions to let excretions out, her and her dad owned croatia, and her grandpa on her dad's side and her grandpa on her mom's side, inc.
1:10 pm edt 

they paid t/ housekeeper a tip, gave it to her, she had t/ Cappuccino, capuccino Hills. Bros coffee, in french vanilla, in beige, brown, swirl, inc., got the large jar, container, one, packet, pack, had an english sandwich.
1:02 pm edt 

they had given t/ housekeeper 10 dollars extra, more, than that before, for their dusting, their cleaning and their dusting the their fans and their mirrors.
12:39 pm edt 

she invented africa w/ her grandma on her dad's side, carmen, too, and her grandpa on her dad's side, too, as well, inc.
11:10 am edt, she got an email from Prom Girl, Promgirl
11:09 am edt 

she invented israel w/ nicky jam when she was a baby and her dad too, and germany w/ john hoegler, his dad, dad, his dad, to his dad, when she was a grown up child, a baby, that's the way they speak., inc.
11:08 am edt
11:05 am edt 

shawn gave her everything john cena, and her dad, and cena, his mom, carmen, inc., slash owned and created sri lanka and w/ her dad invented it for her to go one day, and she, they all did, inc.
11:04 am edt, she got an email from mcafee, she bought everything shamus for shawn and the kids, and of rey mysterio for her dad, inc., it was him, on the phone, she was shameus, shamus.
10:22 am edt 

and in wrestling, gloria bought her everything, inc.
10:20 am edt 

007 was air dragon, t/ product and bomb w/ her, inc., her mom said., was sad sadie online and in-life to take them off, get rid of it all and then some around the world per tony, tony bought her croatia for her and her dad, inc., and he bought her everything for her at tna, and at tna impact wrestling, shawn, and in wrestling, gloria -- luly died, inc.
10:18 am edt 

her and shawn invented ireland w/ henry and t/ kids, and used his money, all of it, spent it all, inc., in entiresome, inc., and they, her, and shawn, phyllis and edward invented poland, inc., her and hoegie invented stuttgart, inc., and her and hoegie's dad invented Belgium, inc., his real dad, his real one, inc.
10:15 am edt 

they taped and watched hbo moves, john, joseph, and john, jr., called her mom, inc.
10:10 am edt 

gloria called her mom, they opened up the texts, they answered all of their calls, checked and listened to all of their voice-mails, voice mail messages, checked and listened to all of their messages, opened up and read all of their texts, inc., jessica called her mom.
10:08 am edt 

invented Kuwait w/ shawn and w/ t/ kids and t/ kids some more, and henry, slash invented afghanistan w/ her, and she invented t/ Middle East w/ her john brennan and raymond davis, and afghanistan w/ her dad, inc.
10:06 am edt 

this laptop takes it all the way back to the beginning of laptops tiger said, inc., she invented Croatia w/ her dad, shawn and w/ t/ kids, and his dad, her grandpa on her dad's side, inc.
10:04 am edt 

she got a pack, had an orange lime bud margarita, rita.
9:56 am edt 

had, created somalia, w/ david, dave, david cassidy, and chester holt, david holt, david holtster, inc., and shawn w/ t/ kids, and then some or rather others, and shawn was rather's mims, inc.
9:53 am edt 

used t/ lipstick vertigo, ready to swoon, ready to swan, ready to swann, created kreit, kriata w/ shawn and t/ kids, slash, and slash iii, and the kids, again, inc., and 2, slash 2 w/ shawn kreita, kreata, w/ shawn, slash 2 and t/ kids and so on, and crete w/ shawn and t/ kids, and croatia w/ her dad, and t/ kids, shawn and such, inc., and w/ stephan not to, too poland, they had created poland together when she was a little girl, inc.
9:51 am edt 

got and had, a box of the atkins harvest trail mix, granola bars in dark chocolate sea salt, saul made sea salt, and so did her mom w/ him, he was sea salt, she was tom brokaw's mim, worked his mim, stephan his mims, inc., she had mimosas in the snow
9:44 am edt
9:35 am edt 

they saw the movie Loving, she was in t/ movie Loving, she got a jiha tissue box, box, a mandalas tissue box, a mendala box, a mendalas box, inc., w/ circles and squares.
9:30 am edt 

Friday, July 21, 2017, got an email from sponsor.
8:11 pm edt, got an email from the federal voting assistance program, spoke patua, went to columbo land, outlandish lies, all those lies they told about us.
8:10 pm edt, got an email from mark mix.
8:08 pm edt, got an email from decorating
8:06 pm edt, got an email from Create the good newsletter, it was her and ryan, inc.
8:05 pm edt, got an email from holidays and celebrations
8:04 pm edt, got an email from aphis-ppq stakeholder
8:03 pm edt 

got and used the pure clay mask, in clear comfort, in blue, 3 pure clays and seaweed, argile, gestapo mask.
7:37 pm edt 

got a white, pink, and black powder brush, and a new desk cosmetic bag w/ navy blue tassel, in blue, light blue, dark blue had flowers and dots, a painting, and under t/ gestapo there was dead, dead bodies, prisoners, and prison bodies, and jail birds, too.
7:31 pm edt 

called raymond davis her pilar, pillar, got and used t/ eos lemon twist lip balm.
7:17 pm edt 

got and used t/ blink gel tears.
7:05 pm edt 

got polyurethane, was it, that, ryan put it in in her walls and ceilings, to prevent fires, inc., and harry, and john brennan's sister on the phone, of and on the nunhood, she had a nursery, they babsat ryan at 2, and eric 2, eric 1, and eric, harry, and vanessa, totally different ages, slash 2, there wasn't one.
7:01 pm edt 

she won best female shooter in t/ cia, and raymond davis won best male shooter in the cia, got a pillar candle for eric 2.
6:54 pm edt 

there was a nest made in one of the plants outside, t/ plant, un neo, inc., un neo, t/ birds were mating outside their home., inc.
6:50 pm edt 

she lit a pillar candle, so did raymond davis for her, she did it at home, he bought her a pillar, she bought him a pillar, one, and the cia director, t/ former one, got each of them a pillar, two white pillars.
6:48 pm edt 

took anger management, a course, a long time ago, an anger course, inc., took her pm pills.
6:22 pm edt 

got and used it, t/ ezy dose, am/pm pill planner, xl compartments, contoured compartments for easy pill removal, in purple and white, a pill planner
6:17 pm edt 

got t/ nail color hit the floor.
6:15 pm edt 

got and used, t/ sport performance, cool zone, uva/uvb protection, inc., continuous spray sunscreen, spf 50+, invisible clear spray, water resistant, 80 minutes, swim, splash, sport, columbo did, created her face, her dad, and her dad, too, 2, ii, inc.
6:11 pm edt 

got a yellow and black, gold mead, five star notebook.
6:03 pm edt 

got and used the nexxus, humectress, step 2, replenishing system, caviar complex, concentrated protein.
5:42 pm edt, got an email from catholic online shopping.
5:18 pm edt, got an email from US cert.
5:09 pm edt, got an email from atf houston., inc., she had the Californian Scramble, a Splasher, they all had Splashers, she had the Splash Berry, t/ white toast, w/ Smuckers jam jelly, and strawberry jam, jelly, again, toast and butter., inc., w/ avocado, salsa, w/ tomatoe pieces, sliced cheese, eggs w/ sprinkled salt.
5:06 pm edt, got an email from atf detroit.
5:02 pm edt 

elsie called her mom, and her parents played shuffleboard w/ her, and Mary, inc.
5:00 pm edt
4:59 pm edt 

touched her own clothes, her mom ironed el pico of the dress, the dress, of the dress, t/ top, of the blouse, t/ blous, she had a lot of dead under, prison bodies, prisoners, jails, jailbirds, t/ dead, of t/ dead, under of 0, 00, palmer johnson, johnson palmer, 0013, 13, 0, 7, 007, 0, 8, 008, bruno was an 8, 003, 3, her mom was a 3, bruno was a 3, her mom was an 8, she was an 8, her dad was an 8, bruno was a 13, Mike, Mikey, Travis, Mike Johnson, Mike Meder, Meder, the Mike jail, the mike meder jail, the michael meder jail, michael s. meder jail, mike meder jails, in the , the, shawn wrote when the pieces fall, mike did, no before they did too, okay, okeedochee, okeechobee rising, inc., jail rising, t/ jails rising.
11:54 am edt 

they had dead, t/ dead, those that were in dead, of dead bodies, under, underneath bruno ehlers i and ii, ehlers, axl rose, axl, rose, tiger woods, tiger, woods, shawn, pat, patrick, ben, benjamin, kimmie, kim, me, her, him, they, she, he, key, the key to the prison, shawn kriskey, kimmie kriskey, kim kriskey, deborah kriskey, deborah, deb, deb kriskey, debra kriskey, debra, pat kriskey, ben kriskey, benjamin kriskey, eric, eric kriskey, eric 2, eric kriskey, Noah, noa, noah, harry, harry s. muller iii, harry s. muller ii, harry s muller i, harry s. muller i, i, ii, iii, were harry's jails the last three, and the forth, fourth, her, iv, IV, she owned the NFL, nfl, the nfl.
11:46 am edt, and there were dead, t/ dead, prisoners, jailbirds under bruno 2, shawn, patrick, kriskey, shawn patrick kriskey, phyllis and ed, edward, phyllish kriskey, phylis kriskey, edward kriskey, edward, ed, eddie, debbie, debbie kriskey, rob zombie, rob, rob johnson, johnson, john, son, sita, inc. zoey, zory, zoeie, inc., robert, robert johnson, robbie, michael, michael johnson, inc.
11:14 am edt 

under baez, johnson, palmer, jose angel baez, angel, jose angel baez, sr., jose angel baez, jr., joe baez, the same, joey baez, joseph baez, junior baez, zoraida baez, zori baez, zory baez, vanessa baez, vanessa johnson, vanessa palmer, they had under those names, dead, in the jails, jailbirds, prisoners, dead people, the dead, and slash, slash baez, slashes baez, /, //, ///'s, bruno, bruno baez, bruno ehlers, ryan, ryan johnson, stephan, stephan baez, stephan hoegler, hoegie, john hoegler, sr., john hoegler, john hoegler, jr., jared, jared loughner, jared loughner, sr., jared loughner, jr., angel baez, jab, j.a.b., nicknames, variation of names, v, v., va, van, vane, ness, nessie, ess, essie, vanessita, v.b., vb, vp, v.p., vj, v.j., vanessa palmer blas, vpb, v.p.b., vanessa palmer blass, vpb, v.p.b., vun, she worked for the un, hoegie did too work for the un and paul hammond too, inc, and henry, henry nakhla, nakhla, samuel, samuel johnson, samuel johnson, sr., samuel johnson, jr., sam, sammie, samy, sammy, samuel called her sam, samin her him to him, inc.
11:08 am edt 

wore burgundy stone earrings, and conair sophisticates drizzled bobby pins, a bobby pin.
10:53 am edt 

her mom got a call from shannon.
10:29 am edt 

had an english muffin w/ cream cheese on both sides.
10:07 am edt
9:58 am edt 

her mom took pepcid at 40 mg., she had other, high cholesterol, and hypertension, inc.
9:48 am edt
9:26 am edt 

her u.s. soldier's name is, was Ryan Johnson, also, not the pentagon hitter and pentagon killer, the same person there, inc.
9:24 am edt 

when her head dropped, it was kuwait, the kuwait program, in the kuwait jail, in the kuwait program again, of debilitating prisoners of kuwait not of religion, and not of the kuwait religion, kuwaiti religion, kuwaiti religions, inc.
9:23 am edt 

stephan had done her eyebrows, her nails, fingernails, and used the christ's serum on her nails and hands, and hoegie did her toes, toenails, he formed her toes and toenails w/ stephan, and legs w/ 007, went to the war of the worlds w/ stephan and ryan, ryan johnson, at that, inc, went to kuwait w/ ryan, johnson, again, ryan johnson, the u.s. soldier, inc., was in solitary, solitary confinement while working at riker's isle, riker's island and the state penn, state pen w/ shawn, kriskey, shawn kriskey, inc., and her, her mom under zoraida, her full name and nicknames, zori, zory, had jailbirds, her too, and her dad, under jose, joe, joey, junior, and joseph, and dead, too, inc., and under columbo as well, and genovese, and la cosa nostra, cosa nostra too, the italian mafia, al, capone, and italian mob, and copies, doubles, and imposters, impostors.
9:18 am edt 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

her and hoegie were both us customs and border protection patrol, patrolman, patrolmen, was also a patrolwoman, inc.
5:45 pm edt 

jared loughner was her stunt-double in spiderman, iii, and in ii, and i, inc., her mom spoke w/ amanda, amey, amy, elisha, elishia, inc., and amandas, again, inc.
5:43 pm edt 

t/ poochie jail was her dad's her's her grandpa on her dad's side, under vaness were her shooters, and also her dead bodies, turn-ins, inc.
5:05 pm edt, got an email from garden notes.
4:58 pm edt 

she changed t/ lightbulb in her rm., inc., took shorthand again w/ slash hitman's mom, inc., it was her mom, w/ changing images, mimeages was god, mimages was the pentagon, pentagon e, inc., clean under all of them, clean all of them, inc., above and under, had slices of cheese, as a snack, inc., they got colby-jack monterey jack cheese, from the mountains, used to hide in the mountains, inc./ /inc., inc., incorporated, her mom invented was the creator of spiderman w/ john brennan not really he patented it, and her dad created the hulk her dad's dad, and her dad the incredible hulk, and her dad w/ his dad the incredible hulk poster and movie the third, the second too, and poochie w/ the 2nd and third, w/ her, inc., and her dad, w/ t/ poochie doll, and her playhouse, her dollhouse, doll house, she was in Dollhouse, inc., created by the second. inc.
4:55 pm edt 

she changed her bedrm lightbulb.
4:43 pm edt 

was Sevencon w/ 007
4:07 pm edt
4:05 pm edt
4:04 pm edt 

slash invented the Apostolic bible, apostolic bible w/ slash hitman and slash hitman's father, and hitman was him, not he her, and the hitman father john brennan's son backward, backwards, john brennan, and hitman's father, john o'keeffe, she was sister o'keeffe.
4:03 pm edt, got an email from Garden Notes
3:55 pm edt 

joe invented Jamestown, NY, they lived there, inc.
3:54 pm edt 

bought all of her robotic movements according to the pentagon, the fbi, cia, 0, 00, 0013, 008, 007, 003, 8, 7, 3, used t/ index to the rt, of numbers, was a stock broker, stock holder, inc., blows her head up with that, never stole stock, never attempted to steal stock, and 3, and in kenya, nigera, puerto rico, and any and all 00 countries she's been in, and went to, through and through, all over the world, she flew in over and stepped on into., inc., us marshal, pentagon e, police, storm trooper, afghan, afghanistan, in taliban country, to and in the country jail, and all of the ops and fbi lists and all ove the lists, government lists, ny, fl, bk, bklyn, queens, manhattan, fl, marion okas, oaks, marion oaks, tampa, hillsborough county, to clearwater, st. pete, all of the states, hawaii, n carolina, s carolina, texas, houston, dallas, cia houston, summerfield, volusia county, lake county, the villages, ocala, marion county, okeechobee, okoba, okoaba, okoba, inc, okeoba, okeobba, inc., afghanistani, afghanistanni., inc.
3:51 pm edt, her head moves -- she's robotic, was robotic, in movement, inc.
3:44 pm edt 

got an email from Elizabeth T.
3:43 pm edt 

god invented e-mail, her the e-mail system, and her and her mom the e-mail system, and together they owned all of their emails hence the clinton emails and her dad the Trump's books, and her the trump's book systems.
3:41 pm edt 

madd was created by god, and invented by her mom, they can all go through there they all drove cars to nigeria before, and had all flown to keny before that he had said, they both had said, inc.
3:34 pm edt 

t/ bible wasn't done until, formulated in 1989, in formation in into 1990, inc., thats why she was opping, to the rt and to the lft and stiffening of the neck w/ israel, in radiation, radial pulses of stiffening to catch op persons, of purposes, inc., and afghanistan in contrast working against, forces, used forces, of much rather force, her, afghanistan force of forces god, of usage, inc, the force is with you star wars, no the force is not with you at war, unless you're big G God with Chirst, was Christ's union, they had the Holy Family bilbe in their home, and god caught people by the and which bible in their home, home, in and of each home, above and under, if it was the correct one, and their, the jihad bible underneath their home in prison for joe jihad to read to her one day and did, inc., uncle Al's watching, shawn has her ops now, OPS Now.
3:30 pm edt 

was in Reads together w/ god when they were kids, inc., and read Stalin's book, inc., and the yugoslavia book, t/ yugoslavakian book, of lords, and the holy bible, and god's book and the old jihad book, jihad book., in.c, goes back to the old jihad book of thieves, the hobbit, all the king's men, and jr heffelfinger's book that was dead, the hobbit, jrr's tolkien book the hobbit, the lord of the rings her, and the hobbit, god took the book out, and her the lord of the rings, to catch rings in school at ses and in nigeria, and in and of nigerials erica, of erica, the book of ericas, ericas, and he god created ericcson, ericsson, inc., and the created the holy bible w/ god, the king of kings god would say, big G. G, God, of the bible, the Holy Bible, Bible, inc., they created the Bible Together, Bible Together, upper and lower-case ma from Time magazine, for the lower case, inc. she used upper and lower case letters, lettering, cap-sizing, at any moment, now., inc., the ships, in and of afghanistana and the Taliban, tabilan bible, biblia slash hitman's father, slash hitman and special ops, and her special operation w/ christ's father, in and of the same -- not, at war, we are at war, the us is at war, was at war w/ kenya, is at war w/ nigeria, and the pentagon at war w/ n. korea, north korea, inc.
3:26 pm edt, they went to Knots of Love, saw the Marine section of the library, her parents sat in the children's section of the library, at freedom public library, she sat in the adult adults section of the library, inc., read the large, larger print at the library, inc., looked around and browsed t/ library, inc.
3:18 pm edt 

got an email from Roby Barrett, Ph.D., from the us joint special operations university too, as well.
2:15 pm edt 

her great great great grandpa on her dad's side made arod wanted all of his bombs, and he caught pimps, pimpsters and drug addicts and drug traffickers, inc.
2:12 pm edt, got an email from the joint special operations university, was in the unit, was in the joint special operations university unit, arod called shawn a christian and for shawn, shawn worked on the Christian League of softball baseball too, not pentecostal, a then and before a pentecostal one too, inc., she even was t/ one to shit first, ball first to the eyeball, inc.
2:11 pm edt 

wore red stone earrings, a jihad priest pin, and hair pin, and bonnet and t/ whole nine yards, 007 bought the christ's serum, so did she buy the Christ's serum in bulk, inc., for the skin, hands and feet, inc., for strength, strengthening, and tendons, and for tendonitis he said she had over time, and nervousness, in jail working so she got out, inc., of the jail system, inc. -- had mike bombs, w/ mike and his mom, and his dad, his real dad, and his sister, and was friends and knew the son, who was, which was Mike, the son of the Stuttgart Mayor, the Mayor of Stuttgart, Stuttgarte, Germany, and then had pale bombs w/ paul, paul hammond, black bombs w/ him in and of and out of the fbi, and in the 0 Unit, special agency, and was stressing, and so had stress bombs, nervous bombs to let go, and did, they all did, and had bombs in the cia w/ christopher cuomo and the two twins, the twins, the cuomo twins, chris, that look just like him but cia, not federal cia like him, which was federal fbi her dad said, in light, pale colors, light green, pink w/ mom, light pink w/ him, light blue w/ hoegie, light yellow w/ him and w stephan, he just threw them, out, and in, all over the place, and black bombs w/ bruno and slash, and grey ones too w/ slash hitman, all colors w/ dad, dark grey ones w/ shawn and all colors w/ him too and Muslim, muslim bombs w/ samuel and rob, inc., and sam, sammie, sammy, samie, samuel, muslim bombs, inc., bombed rob in the end, inc.
1:59 pm edt 

her and arod had money in rods in and of the cia, mob, and arod bombs, inc., she had rod bombs w/ her mom and her dad and shawn w/ t/ kids and ryan, harry, stephan, and t/ kids, each one, per name, in full, in whole and in part w/ hoegie too his dad and william muller each and together each again and all of us, great grandpa on each side, the second and third, s, seconds and the thirds and fourths on each side in christ w/ christ
1:47 pm edt 

her mom got herself checked out at t/ doc.'s, doctor's office., inc.
1:11 pm edt 

her and john brennan created Pepsi-Max, Pepsi Max, inc., and pepsi . w/ john hoegler of the pentagon when she was a little girl, inc. and john brennan's son, inc., and the father too and hoegie, w/ shawn and t/ kids, and the parental kids, no, all of it, all of them, thank u, thankx, inc.
1:01 pm edt 

she used to take Nexium, Nexxium, her mom took Pepcid, Plotonics, Protonics, inc., had gotten taken pepcid for the hives, and a, steroid, steroids injections for the hives., inc.
12:53 pm edt, got an email from hhs dept. of adolescent health.
12:17 pm edt 

her dad's bathrm seat w/ backing was white, silver, grey, and dark grey, inc., w/ bath seat.
12:10 pm edt 

wore white, orange and pink triangle w/ squares panties, undies, underwear, inc., cooled off, took a cool shower, a cold shower, a warm shower, a hot shower, showers, baths, bathes, inc.
11:55 am edt 

elizabeth vargas was just a mere mimage, mimeage her, and everyone else was a mimage already, in other words they're all dead --., that's why the punctuation backwards, you were in backwards kenys and now in backwards nigeria, and behind on the america news, and the puerto rico news, inc., and in the cia news., and in the fbi news, 0 news, special agency news, 00 news, individual 00 number, numbers news, pentagon news, dea news, da news, pa news, pi news, police news, news, tv news, tv, radio, television.
10:16 am edt 

shawn did her face as the joker, and of the poker face, and he was in jail too of the mind on that mindstream thing, he was a leper, lepper, and his mother, phyllis gave people lepracy, leppracy, was edward for everyone, inc., in jail that bothered him in the pentagon jail to nigeria, and aids to phyllis from kenya and back, no, to kenya, all the way around of jails and jail terms, of igniting fire to it, inc., shawn, he was her face, and in jail heath ledger, inc., and that's it, and shawn wrote le freak and 24 the engine, it was he, him who wrote 24 w/ christ the king, christ, christ the father, stephan's father, stephan, that's why 24 was, is out there, working and a hand working engine, inc., parked and running in front of the fire department, b/c, he's christ the king, he is christ, and god the book, the book is, inc.
10:13 am edt 

was Frontier airlines w/ stephan and her mom, and her dad, and was United, is, was united airlines w/ her dad, and that's it, and then w/ bruno, slash, slash hitman, and then the kids, and shawn w/ then t/ kids too and henry, and all of her children, their children, and heath, inc., ledger, that is, inc., and t/ dog, cat, pen and pencil, book, and fraud in no such way, the pets and the animals, the bird, the cat, the kitty, not montgomery, in jail and out, see people were in jail, all those people were in jail, in and out of jail, escaping jails, and cells and prisons, and jumping them, jails, cells and prisons, at that, and the dog, and cat, again, the puppy, in jail too and out, they're dead.
10:08 am edt 

he's there -- she shot heath ledger's story, and shots, in series, series of shots, and a series of and in more shots.
10:00 am edt, her mom practiced the literature, she caught prostitutes in and of the pentagon, her mom said, that's what she did years ago., played Heath Ledger, read william shakespeare, read the literature, holy songs, holy prayers, and holy literature, inc.
9:59 am edt
9:55 am edt, her and 007 knocked down the Caravan, which they owned, and she knocked down the Caravan trail, learned how to do it in the cia agency, and also in the pentagon, but in the fbi, and in the 00 Agency, inc., different ways of doing it, inc., was in the 007 Club in the 007 Agency, is in the 007 Club, in the 007 agency, is, was Black Box in 007, and as 0013, was in the 700 Club w/ stephan, they would catch mistresses, 007 too, and all of them, all of it, escort service agencies, escort mansions w/ stephan, and then all of it, druggies, again, drug traffickers, trafficers, drug trafficers, and jail terms, mobsters, prostitution houses, prostitution jails, brothels, and more jail terms, sci fi, soft porn, hard porn, xxx porn, xxx, porn, inc., and worldwide fraud, fraudsters, money-launderers, and more jail terms, those in failure to pay bond terms, failure bond terms, inc.
9:48 am edt 

her dad got some sun.
9:32 am edt 

worked in the pentagon, owned w/ slash and slash hitman the playboy mansion on the phone and in life, he used to frame them, inc.
9:31 am edt 

she read The Second Summer of the Sisterhood book, by Ann Brashares, Children's, from the children's section of the library, Book Sense Book, Ya, Book CD, Fic., Publisher: Random House, Inc., Listening Library, Release Year 2007, Suggested audience ages 13 & up, Series: Sisterhood of the traveling pants, Genre: Children's, Categories: Young Adult, Iten # RDH, to 22A, Cover Art image Jupiter Images corporation.
9:30 am edt 

for all of the wars of the world, and inherited w/ shawn and w/ t/ kids, the fredrick's of hollywood plantation, in newark, new jersey, that's where he's from, was from too, w/ phyllis, phylis, and edward, on the phone, and all of the kids of the world, her dad used his bath seat w/ backing chair for the first time, changed his left contact, threw out his old contacts., inc., was Vietnam pentagon, all of them, she was too, with them, inc., and of the Asia continent pentagon, not from there, asia pentagon, inc., was hawaii pentagon.
9:19 am edt 

had protection in half of keny and then throughout nigeria, all of it, inc., inherited the Prada house, all of it, including the glasses, but they've paid for all of theirs, in addition to, was Chinese pentagon, irish pentagon, ireland pentagon, great britain pentagon, tai pentagon, thai pentagon, thailand pentagon, cambodia pentagon, phillipine pentagon, phillipians pentagon, phillippians pentagon, philliphine pentagon, phillippine pentagon e, pentagon e too all of them, inc., and irish pentagon again, ireland pentagon, german pentagon, germany pentagon, france pentagon, french pentagon, English pentagon e, too, english pentagon, too, english pentagon, prada pentagon, chinese pentagon, cambodia pentagon, was n. korea pentagon w/ her dad, w/ her father, was s. korea pentagon w/ her mom, s. korea for protection from the chinese, at war, inc., b/c of the wars, of all the wars, john brennan, b/c all of the pentagon wars
Anchored by: Vanessa Johnson
9:15 am edt 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

the creator prevented her from being, becoming mentally retarded per her dad, and from being retarded, god, inc., and from being unhappy, st. jude -- shawn, inc.
11:05 pm edt 

she would get you on malicious intent, was an FBI Assasin, so was henry, harry, shawn and t/ kids, already, her parents, too, inc., harry was federal house, also referred to as the black house, she too also worked in the federal house, the black house, the FBI Federal House, the federal black house, the FBI Black House, inc.
11:03 pm edt, got an email from the Office of Inspector General, HHS, the u.s. dept. of health and human services, inc.
10:54 pm edt 

hoegie was her mafia judge also in the fbi for pertinent matters her mom, important matters, he, him, himself, she died and came back also in the 00 agency, 00 Agency, from baby to adult-size female in action, always, and then sedentary to and through, true adulthood, inc., and so did her mom, she died and came back in the 00 agency, inc.
10:51 pm edt 

when Slash died and came back, he was in Christ, she was in Christ's name, and he was made, by christ, and slash paid for had asked to be Renewed, he used the word renewed in Christ, and her dad did too, in other words, he also died and came back, but slash in both the fbi, and in the cia, her dad in the 00 agency.
10:48 pm edt 

her mom was the Eldest, was an Elder, Eldor, her dad, elder, too her dad, inc., Inc., to the Holy Land, her, bec. she was the eldest, and the Creator did too, they went together, to bomb in Afghanistan for slash, and the slashes her, too, they all died, and are not coming back, they don't need doubles in this world of impersonators of the holy bible, and in Life., inc., they don't like fakes, inc, or impersonators, inc.
10:45 pm edt 

was in the Science Journal, God created evil, t/ creator created Live, inc., she was Livid, was an angel, she was between Creator and God, creator and god, and her mom and her dad in-between, inc., t/ Creator also creator, created Slash/, slash / \., inc., to the Holy Jerusalem.
10:43 pm edt, got an email from the goods, was in The Goods magazine, was in Christ's magazine, inc., god caught gangs, inc., and not jesus christ, he did too, inc.
10:38 pm edt, got an email from Tumblr,, national servie, nat'l and community service.
10:34 pm edt, got an email from Victoria Schneps, from the Star Network., inc.
10:30 pm edt 

her mom was a witch, a big witch, Witch, and she, her mom, created Jerusalem, they were Jerusali, and were from Jerusalem, inc., of Jerua, and of Jerus, the males, the male part of the family, god taught her, and the false god not, the Creator of god/God, said, who created all of them, in and of Jerua, of an idea of what each and all of us were and is to look like in life, in of real life, Life, she was in Real Life of Jerusalem, the show, and the creator, said that is the real show for him, and in Life, inc. -- joe created the jihad Bible with his dad, Dad, and the creator, Creator created god, in and of himself, and God, inc.
9:35 pm edt 

her mom was from 650 b.c., not british columbia, they were from British Columbian, they were British Columbian, she was 00 White, 00 white, according to the 00 Agency, 00 agency, inc., her, her mom and her dad were the Holy Family, they wrote the Holy Bible for john brennan so he could bomb them all, inc., all t/ religions, and fates, she was from the goth min, the gothic era, the goth jail with her mom, and her mom made her goth, in the fbi and out and into the pentagon and out again, and from a gothic jail, the goth min, her mom, t/ gothic min, jail, gothic jail, her dad, and others, and votes in, they had voted in, had all voted in, they had all voted in, and joseph too was part of the Holy Family, and they were the Holy Family bible, Bible, Holy Family Bible, and joe jihad wrote and created and invented the Jihad bible, t/ holy family, and the holy bible for them to follow, Us, us, inc., they were from Transylvania, too, and all of them together, including her son, sebastian, zory's son too, zoraida's son, as well, inc.
9:29 pm edt, had an English tea set when she was a little girl, a kid, playing outside, she was, I was, inc., too, and at that, inc., she, they had jihad curtains in their living rm when she was a little girl, a kid, a child, in brooklyn., inc.
8:54 pm edt 

was in the african ballet, w/ herlinda, and kayla, kaila, keila, kaylla, again, and again and again, and took african ballet dance lessons, a dance lesson, and dance classes, in addition, too, talked african as well, at times, a whole lot of the times, and talked black mafia, black mob as well, and with shunia, shauna, shunia, shuniia
8:45 pm edt, she had a jihad bedrm when she was a little girl, and she took irish dancing lessons when she was a little girl too, and ballet, tap and jazz too in school, at a dance school, a local dance school, inc.
8:31 pm edt 

her mom made her Jail Break, jail break in a cartoon and in real life, and in life, they gave life sentences, was in each a in home depot and kane's furniture commercials and in ads, please, pls, thanx, cool beans, raja, ra ra, rara, haha, ha ha.
8:22 pm edt
8:11 pm edt 

her dad had put the vanessa jail, put up, and was forced to charge American Indians A.I.'s, the ais, the A.I.'s, the A.I. jail, inc., and incumbents, voter registration fraud, and on election fraud, inc.
8:09 pm edt, her mom arrested, picked up illegal aliens, drug traffickers, drug traffikers from africa, her illegal aliens, and got people on tax evasion, mortgage fraud, and taino indians on failure for paying taxes, on mortgage fraud, charges, and so on and so forth, drug-trafficking, money-laundering, and others, other charges, others, and just people on drugs, druggies, illegal pets, illegal animals, illegal jail terms, escapees, hostage fraud, prisoner fraud, hostages, pows, prisoners of war, war prisoners, inc., and mandated by the cia to add charges, passed the fbi, from the fbi on, in the dea, charges, and in the da, and in the police, and policeman, fire fraud, charges, too, and bus fraud, and kid fraud, and mike fraud, and in the mike jail, and in the vanessa jail, inc.
8:08 pm edt 

was called Vanessa Anglican by 007
8:01 pm edt 

owned the Jihad Mountain, mountain with Joe, in Nigeria, and the Jihad mountain, Jihad Mountain, period. in Jerusalem, and her and him, were the Period, Joe was the God of the Disciples, he invented the Apostles, inc., GOd was a disciple, DiSciple., DiSciPle.
7:52 pm edt 

they were from the Irish temple, irish temple, the all three irish disciples, her mom, her, and joe, her uncle, joe again, her brother, and the kids, and shawn, and henry, w/ his kids, and children, too., birch, too, and his wife, and his kids, their kids, too, she was Jerua, w/ joe, and Jerusalem, Jerusalen, with Joe, too, and Inc., too, INC, Inc., and Too clothing, for their kids., and shawn was an Irish disciple, and shawn, pat, patrick, ben, benjamin, chose her creed, kimmie, inc., she's an irish disciple, inc., ben, benjamin, and all of her children, was, she was 0010-Mob, w/ harry, henry, and shawn, and the kids, inc., had 10 kids, in the 00 Agency, had 13 Mob kids, was a 0010 Mob in kids, and of kids, inc., was a Taino Indian Masterpiece, and was shawn hitman, inc., was a jihad hitman, a ninja, and a piece, of work, to Shawn, and the Kids, on the phone, inc., and to henry, harry, and everyone, else, inc.
7:51 pm edt 

was a Taino Indian, in jail, inc., had a jihad curtain, a bathroom curtain, at that, a jihad mountain w/ joe, was from a taino indian, joe, at that, and owned the gestapo mountain w/ joe, inc.
7:46 pm edt 

t/ Gestapo was the God of Thunder, and the God of War was Joe, not joe jihad, but her dad, she was the god of the Indians, inc.
5:58 pm edt, got an email from David McDonald from Florida Gun Rights.
5:34 pm edt 

got an email from Katie P., from National Gun Rights.
5:30 pm edt 

AND Tiger.
5:28 pm edt 

and items, and sat at home and signed petitions, from her computer, and laptop, over the years, all of them, and she's up to date on all of the messages., inc.
5:27 pm edt 

was labeled, labelled, a genius, per harry, harry s. muller iii., inc.
5:21 pm edt, got t/ us customs and border protection media releases update, her and harry were that, t/ us customs and border patrol, protection update, and us customs and border patrol w/ hand hoegie, and w/ hoegie alone, and us customs and border protection her and harry, w/ hoegie too, inc., and shawn and w/ t/ kids, henry, too, she had to take her husband and her kids w/ her, to work, almost always, always, because, bec, be/c, because of the war, and always, thereof, thereof, no war for her, yeah, right, inc., she did, and he too, w/ t/ kids, too., inc.
5:19 pm edt 

got t/ us customs and border protection update.
5:15 pm edt, got the newsroom update, t/ us borders and protection update.
5:14 pm edt 

got t/ Liveable Communities newsletter in her email.
5:12 pm edt, got an email from aarp livable.
5:10 pm edt, she had programmed, programmed, joe jihad, w/ joe.
5:04 pm edt 

her laptop was covered w/ plastic, so it was safe to use outside and or in t/ porn, it was ryan's idea, and the chords, too., was typing, typing, had typed, typed alot., inc.
5:03 pm edt 

she used t/ wifi outside, her mom programmed joe, jihad joe, and her dad programmed god, joseph, john joseph
5:02 pm edt, got an email from the chairwoman from rnc, Ronna McDaniel.
4:59 pm edt 

Anchored by: Vanessa Palmer
4:54 pm edt 

had an ice cream outside.
4:08 pm edt, got an email from D.A.R.E America
4:05 pm edt 

her mom got a call from Rose.
4:01 pm edt 

patient info, comments, verification rx, was verification, her dad, her mom, and hoegie and shawn, along w/ shawn were verification in t/ army, and in t/ us army john brennan and all of them together, and then separate, then together again, inc., r, sphere, -4.50, cyl -1.25, axis 172, rx prism 0 @ 0, was at jihad swinging, in the us army too, read words together, was toogoodtobetrue in the fbi agency, runscrosstogether, inc. runscross together, inc. dist, 61.0B, near, l -5.75, cyl -1.25, axis 180, rx prism, 0 @ 0, dist. 61.0B, bill to account, bill to address achieved, paid in full in person, inc., shipping info ups, UPS, ship to no, billing invoice, she got people on billing and invoices, rxinv, and her mom too, and her dad, and joe jihad who's dead, inc., description, billing code, poly sv clear, crizal, none, wendy, total, and she got people on total unpaid, anywhere, throughout the world per john brennan, inc., V04.47SUP Rev2
3:45 pm edt 

r dims: A: 55.39, B: 40.83, ED: was ed at war, and physical therapy w/ john hoegler, and w/ john brennan, ed 58.96, dbl:15.0, r lens circ; ldims a 55.39, b: 40.83, ed, 58.96, dbl: 15.0 l lens circ:
3:37 pm edt 

Services Crizal w/uv, none, john brennan and her mom and her dad controlled her eye movement in nigeria and at war joe, slash, then shawn, and w/ t/ kids, henry, and then back to slash, to t/ slash min, at war, and wars, all over the world, for the jihad.
3:34 pm edt 

status, dress, sphere, -4.50, cyl, -1.25, r, axis 172, dist. 61.0B, total 4.4
3:27 pm edt 

was t/ only one, in t/ world, to have had her contact lenses and glassed, w/ prescriptions, both of them at t/ same time, before she went to war, inc.
3:25 pm edt 

r, l, single vision, poly, clear, singlevision, poly clear, vendor, essilo, add, add 2, seg height, special o.c. location, was on t/ oc, o.c., , base 1.50 each, special oc loc, at 0.0, status supply, mfg: success name, wendy, temple name, eye 55, bridge - 15, temple, color navy
3:23 pm edt 

got her glasses from Superior Optical Lab, w/ bill acct., invoice, job id:, tray, #, as patient, w/ ship to account, if necessary, rx only, order by account, ordered by account, from the villages va retail, room, us, w/ prescription/lens information, inc., R, L, status, sphere, cl, cyl, cn, sp, sph, axis, rx prism, w/ dist., near, total, lens/style material
3:19 pm edt 

her and her mom wore Cato Fashions,, t/ neighbors cut t grass, their grass, inc., she wore J/M Sportswear, wore a t-shirt, wore a top, a blouse in warm sand color.
3:13 pm edt 

she put a prayer in her desk, in her compartment, in and at her desk organizer, inc.
3:08 pm edt 

got a Salesion Missions and St. Frances de Sales bookmark, prayer card, kid rock was St. Francis de Sales, inc., de sales, de Sales was him, was her, inc.
3:06 pm edt 

slash paid millions to kid rock for picking up her prisoners to take them to kenya, and others to nigeria, nigera, and she took a kenya class, classes, and a nigeria class, and a nigerian class, bush paid for, inc.
3:05 pm edt 

she got, was given per her optical shop she went too, the crizal, essilor, blanket, wipe for her glasses, and her mom had gotten her glasses from there, inc.
3:01 pm edt 

slash paid kid rock for picking up her prisoners from t/ pentagon, and in t/ fbi too, and she was pentagon daughter per her mom, and her uncle on her mom's side, and her grandfathers on her both sides, grandfather on her mom's side, and grandfather on her father's side, and her great-uncle on her dad's side, al., inc., her prisoners go through the al min, the al prison in both the fbi, pentagon, cia, dea, da, police, policeman prison, inc.
3:00 pm edt 

worked on kid rock's photography pictorial, per slash, inc., and kid rock picked up her pentagon prisoners and took them to kenya, inc., and then to nigeria, and slash had wanted that too for her, slash had asked for kid rock to pick up her prisoners, and kid rock wanted to pick up his prisoners too, and ryan picked up, and took, t/ ones already there in the pentagon prison, pentagon risen from the fbi-pentagon prison, jail, cell to nigeria, inc.
2:55 pm edt 

she had put stephan at aarp, and he stayed there, inc., and Amy, amey, called her dad, inc.
2:35 pm edt 

wore clothes from China, and from Dior, and Sabado Gigante, and all of t/ shows, tv shows in and of the world, and from the radio shows, television shows, inc., and in the film, films and in and of the movies, again.
2:04 pm edt 

her dad went to get his laser treatment, she cleaned t/ bottom of her shoes, and t/ top of her shoes, too.
2:03 pm edt 

they had donated the large standing fan, an old fan, to the Canal Recycling Center, and handed it to the man standing there, inc., her dad got his Threshold, given to him by Terry, and helped by, they went for, her dad went to the Rehab Clinic, at the VA, the villages va, her dad got his bathrm seat, they made fetuccini alfredo with white alfredo sauce, w/ chicken, chicken fettuccini alfredo.
1:44 pm edt 

her great great great grandfather, her mom, her dad, her, he, had, the first, started la nueva vida church in marion oaks, and so, joe jihad could get his start there as a pastor, inc.
1:39 pm edt 

joe jihad invented glasses, slash t/ lenses, and t/ no glare her dad, and, it was slash hitman, and t/ rims slash, hitman again, slash hitman too, and god had started a church, a small church in marion oaks, and slash hitman's grandfather had worked, started La Nueva Vida church in marion oaks, and hoegie t/ no rim, none-rim glasses, and jail terms for her to sue over in and out of jail, that's why she had a daughter named sue, they were lawsuits, inc., and hoegie worked on lenses and no rim glasses too, they all paid for their glasses, she wore VA glasses she paid for, inc., too., in addition to.
1:37 pm edt 

her dad got his shower bench chair at the villages va, from there, given to him from the Veterans Medical Supply, inc., they picked it up.
1:13 pm edt 

they ordered the mass in all of their names., inc.
1:04 pm edt 

they ordered a mass for Joe McDermott, who was deceased, from the St. Theresa's parish office.
1:04 pm edt 

got the Virgin Mary medal, and the Miraculous Medal Key Ring keychain
12:56 pm edt 

got Crizal, no-glare lenses, by Essilor, Essil.or
12:40 pm edt 

she got and wore Pentagon glasses.
12:38 pm edt 

she picked up her new glasses, in t/ optical lab at t/ villages va, they were sized there, tightened, they're in blue and black, by Success, in Wendy, 55-14, 55 Navy, Success, XPL, Wendy frame, CE, ce, and a new eyeglasses, eyeglass cover, in beige, brown, gold, slip, case
12:35 pm edt 

wore t/ grey, Jesus Christ, pin, hair pin, and wore sand dollar earrings, sanddollar, sandollar.
8:11 am edt
7:09 am edt 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017, got an email from Daily Inspiration
11:10 pm edt, 007 was lloyd
10:46 pm edt 

her andra day song was used on World of Dance.
10:35 pm edt, got an email from Farhana Khera.
9:58 pm edt, got an email from shop home picks and deals, from better homes and gardens.
9:23 pm edt, got an email from Martin Fox, from Pro Life Alliance, and they watched Good Life TV, television, inc.
8:49 pm edt 

got an e from t/ corporation of national & community service.
8:03 pm edt, got an email from the corporation of the national and community service
8:02 pm edt 

got an email from Money Matters, from AARP for all of them., inc.
7:55 pm edt 

she played March of Empires: War of Lords, March of Empire., inc.
7:31 pm edt 

put her bible on her mantle; her and Eric Johnson, the Cop, became Queens Bombers, NY Bombers, for the Queens, NYPD Unit, inc.
7:12 pm edt 

used a new black pen.
5:10 pm edt
5:05 pm edt 

her mom worked on a, her puzzle in t/ porch.
5:04 pm edt 

she was friend with Tiger Woods, and he was a friend to her, and also a best friend to her, he was., inc.
4:15 pm edt
4:13 pm edt, t/ cleaning lady cleaned t/ whole house.
4:11 pm edt
4:10 pm edt
4:08 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady did a good floor wash to their floors.
4:05 pm edt, got an email from Reader's Digest, read the Secret Garden, the movies, saw the movies, the films of each one, read The Great Gatsby, read Emily Dickinson, and Fredrick Douglas, read emme slaughter's book, was friends w/ the Nixon daughters, nixon's daughter, the Nixon daughters, inc., the Nixon daughter, was best friends to them too, in addition too, her son Sebastian, too, who is also her brother.
3:58 pm edt, got an email from Time Politics
3:52 pm edt, got an email from Daily Recipe, better homes and gardens.
3:29 pm edt 

her mom was dr. panchal's patient, she spoke w/ Vicky, vickie, inc., her mom took her dad to dr. noroozi, janice called her mom, alicia called her mom, elysia called her mom, alicia called her mom, inc.
3:28 pm edt, got an email from the florida department of environmental protection, fl-dep
3:17 pm edt 

her mom got her report, she picked it up, the report.
3:14 pm edt, got an email from Water You Can Use, from Water News, the Southwest water management district., inc.
3:02 pm edt 

Knight Rider lived next door to them, on, and to the left of them, inc.
2:56 pm edt
2:50 pm edt 

was friends w/ and was a friend to Barbara Bush, George W. Bush's wife, and mother, inc.
2:41 pm edt 

was friends w/ Bush's daughters.
2:35 pm edt 

the Six-Million Dollar Man was upstairs, and lived upstairs, and Kit downstairs, next to henry., inc.
2:33 pm edt 

Travis was MacGyver, they knew MacGyver, McGyver., inc., they all visited them, and her too, inc., they had had company, they had company., inc.
2:30 pm edt 

changed her contacts, too.
2:26 pm edt, was friends with Lee Iacocca's son, Mikey, and helped write his father's memoir, My Life.
2:19 pm edt 

wore peach underwear, bulb earrings, lightbulb earrings, a grey pin, a silver pin, silver hair pin, pin, inc.
1:59 pm edt
1:04 pm edt 

her dad went to get his nails, toenails cut, at Dr. Naroozi's., Noroozi's, inc.
1:04 pm edt 

they got and used Bertolli sauce, she was made Chris Trump's friend, and Donald Trump's son's friend, his sons friend, his son's friend, his son's friends, and his daughter's friend, inc.
12:53 pm edt 

her mom got her disc of her records, xrays, her dad used Perrigo, a new psoriasis cream, triamcinolon, oin. clay-park, called in by christina mitchell, inc.
12:48 pm edt
10:54 am edt, got an email from John Tate, at america's liberty pac., inc.
10:09 am edt 

they had birds chirping in front of the house, t/ lawn was cut in the median of t/ street.
10:03 am edt 

used t/ basic, accessible email, mail, and standard email on aol
10:00 am edt 

sharon called her mom
9:56 am edt 

they watched Super Human, SuperHuman, Superhuman., inc.
Hosted by: Vanessa Baez
9:52 am edt
9:46 am edt 

she mended her chair, her desk chair.
9:39 am edt 

Monday, July 17, 2017
8:02 pm edt
7:55 pm edt, got an email from mega vote,
7:55 pm edt 

got an email from the NPLA Team.
7:51 pm edt
7:50 pm edt
7:47 pm edt
7:45 pm edt, got an email from best buy.
7:41 pm edt
7:39 pm edt
7:38 pm edt
7:37 pm edt
7:36 pm edt
7:35 pm edt, lit a summer candle, a spring candle, a fall candle, a winter candle, another wicca candle, a wiccan candle, a franciscan candle.
7:33 pm edt
7:32 pm edt
7:31 pm edt 

got an email from
7:29 pm edt, got an email from glamour beauty
7:28 pm edt 

got an email, got her e-subscriptions, email subscriptions, e subscription, email subscription, got an email from glamour magazine.
7:25 pm edt
7:22 pm edt
7:18 pm edt
6:14 pm edt
6:01 pm edt 

wore a grey headband, inc., her mom, they, fixed t/ leg on t/ kitchen table, tightened it, inc.
5:55 pm edt 

she made a check out to Century link and had sent it out, before.
5:19 pm edt 

she got books, cds, in dvds, in cds, in and for booksets, book sets, in book sets, for her Summer Reading, they cleaned out the closets, inc., and the drawers, and the garbage can (s), garbage cans, inc.
5:00 pm edt, their directv was connected to at&t, att
4:48 pm edt, janice texted her mom, called her mom, inc., her mom spoke w/ lisa at century link, she spoke w/ anne too, her mom.
4:45 pm edt 

was Ariel Black, the font, and al was the ariel font, and w/ her grandpa on her dad's side she was ariel black font, again, and all together Ariel, inc., al got people on using font but they didn't have a computer and didn't know how to spell correctly, in other words, illegals, to him, if you didn't have a computer u were an illegal, inc.
4:41 pm edt
4:37 pm edt
4:35 pm edt, got her experian score, it changed, her score changed.
4:33 pm edt, got an email from sanjay gupta
4:32 pm edt 

wore ruby red earrings, and yellow, peach, and white panties, inc., and orange ones too.
3:34 pm edt 

she drank the gestapo drink, got t/ gestapo sprite bottle
3:29 pm edt
3:15 pm edt
Hosted by: Vanessa
2:59 pm edt 

she got her hair done, her mom did too, she got her hair cut, w/ picture to her hair stylist, the same, her hair stylist was Samuel Jackson's daughter, she got her hair dyed in an a ash blonde, with pic. to her, and met everyone else, inc. cut, styled, razored in the back, tapered in the back, and her mom got her hair cut, washed and styled, she too, got her hair washed, and styled, both dried, and her hair stylist put a deep conditioner put in her hair, it was time, inc., her dad got his laser treatment, they each had a Boar's head chicken sandwich, they made sauteed, sauted onions, inc., and her mom went to timberidge, they went w/ her, inc., and her mom got an xray of her lft hand, of her tendon.
2:55 pm edt 

she wore ruby earrings
9:26 am edt
8:09 am edt
8:08 am edt
7:58 am edt 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

won a Floozie, w/ shawn and nick, lachy, nick lachey, lachy, lachey, nick lachey, was St. Nicklaus, inc., Nicolaus, inc., they watched the Pyramid, inc., had some or and alot of Skiwi colors in her bathrm, she did, used too, inc., had a snack, they had a snack, they had Quaker cracker, in almond and cranberry, inc., had her tea.
11:10 pm edt 

they had farina w/ cinnamon and sugar, inc.
7:37 pm edt 

they had strawberry malt, malted milk balls, the new whoppers, woppers, inc., her mom vaccumed t/ car, her dad walked on t/ driveway, inc.
5:58 pm edt, she was Mike Meder's mother's nurse, RN, and she was Mike Meder's RN nurse, nurse, R.N. -- shawn made her be an RN in the cia, and mike meder, mike made her be an RN in the Pentagon for him, inc.
5:34 pm edt 

they all had, her, her mom, and her dad, had Rockefeller teeth, inc.
4:31 pm edt 

they catered to their visitors and took them out, inc.
4:30 pm edt 

they had food from the Holy Land, and from Jerusalem, and the Jihad, in jihad, and in the Jihad religion, and in and of the Jerusalem religion, inc., and she sat at the Christ table, at stephan's message too, at stephan's table, and at christ the king's table, at the Christ the King table.
4:14 pm edt 

they got a box of quacker, quaker, breakfast flats, in cranberry almond, and she got t/ blueberry box of red bull., inc.
4:12 pm edt 

happy hugging day!!!
4:03 pm edt 

her son, patrick, came out in a picture in the st. theresa bulletin, for the Vacation Bible School.
3:19 pm edt, had a Baja Blast, a lime, melon, dew color, a gestapo drink, inc., patrick came out in t/ bulletin at st. theresa's, her son, inc.
3:09 pm edt 

wore yellow undies
10:24 am edt 

had arabia teeth, afghanistan teeth, sicily teeth, sicilian teeth, italy teeth, italian teeth, palermo teeth, they all did, inc. back to bulgaria teeth, latvia teeth, uruguay teeth, paraguay teeth, peru teeth, peruvian teeth, inc., back to america teeth again, american teeth, belurusian teeth, case closed, case dismissed for all of them, inc., in t/ pentagon, cia, fbi, dea, da, police, fire, fireman's teeth, police teeth, the departed teeth, nypd teeth, nypd brooklyn teeth, nypd queens teeth, nypd manhattan teeth, inc., cia teeth, her dad created the phillippines, and the philippino island, and her the filipino island.
10:19 am edt 

wore a gold hair clip, a gold clip, green, hunter green stone earrings
10:05 am edt
9:10 am edt
9:08 am edt
9:07 am edt
9:07 am edt
9:06 am edt 

had her puerto rico teeth, spain teeth, irish teeth, ireland teeth w/ shawn, and w/ t/ kids, inc., and her great britain teeth, england teeth, u.k. teeth, united kingdom teeth, america teeth, american teeth, saudie arabia teeth, saud teeth, saudi teeth, saudi arabia teeth, saudi arabian teeth.
9:03 am edt 

had her spanish teeth, they all did, had her english teeth, they did, and her american teeth, they all did, inc., had her german teeth, they did, and she had french teeth, and then british teeth, they all did, and had her bulgarian teeth, they all did, inc., and t/ british isle teeth, her, both, all three, and the kids, and husband, husband, her husband, and children.
8:44 am edt, had her jordan teeth, puerto rico teeth, got a kuwait tissue box, and got a persian gulf box of tissues, had her norway teeth, they all did, inc., and had her saudie arabian teeth, saudi arabian teeth, they all did, those two, inc.
8:40 am edt 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

harry was the departed, she went to the Syria war, Syrian war, was in it, and was in the Portugal war w/ her boyfriend, and now husband -- he's not portuguese, he wasn't, they went to cambodia together, and the phillippines, her dad invented t/ phillippines, and went to japan w/ t/ whole entire family, and went to ireland w/ shawn, t/ shawn, and w/ t/ kids, and Colby, and the entire colby min to kenya, and then the entire jose min to nigeria, and then back to kenya some of them, and deported t/ rest according to based on t/ president's decision, the former one at that -- bush is dead now on the phone, b/c he went to war now in syria, inc., and then before that to and in british columbia, they all have been to british columbia, inc., she had too
11:21 pm edt, bailey was in Family Life, the Life commercial, her and joe, his wife, and the kids, inc., her brother joe put her in a rock commercial, The Rock commercial too, and got her Christ plates, christ plates, and he was in t/ movie too, A Christmas Cure, the Christmas Cure, was, they all were in t/ war of the planet of the apes, planet of the apes, inc., and he read her hand, her brother joe, too, inc.
11:13 pm edt, got t/ country living newsletter email, again, and love it, she loved Neopolitan ice cream.
9:56 pm edt 

was, and played, written in as Vanessa in the Christmas Cure.
9:39 pm edt 

was in a Christmas Cure, t/ movie, was in an avmed commercial, a jer commercial, a commercial for jergens, a jergens ad, add, inc.
9:36 pm edt, got t/ better homes and gardens weekly update email
9:21 pm edt 

her mom used the home wifi, w/ password, installed, inc. for her cell phone.
9:04 pm edt 

they watched and were all on Forever Young
8:58 pm edt 

they had Ballpark buns, she had a Dr. Pepper.
8:45 pm edt 

her mom's aunts were maria, and Leonor.
8:34 pm edt 

they both, they each received letters from the College of central florida, from the Office of the President, James D. Henningsen, inc.
8:34 pm edt
8:31 pm edt 

they went out for Pizza Night, had a Pizza Night, had pizza w/ garlic, they had a Movie Night out.
8:28 pm edt 

they went to t/ movies, t/ movie theater, they saw Planet of the Apes, and went to the 7 theater, t/ 7th theater, inc., she got and drank a Dr. Pepper, got tokens, two and played Pac-Man at the film theater, at the movies, after they caught the movie, and had checked ahead of time, checked the movie times in the paper, newspaper, and called ahead of time, and verified the time of the movie, the movie times, and made their selection, they went to the ticket counter, and got their tickets, and she got four tokens in addition to, and played Terminator, Player 1, and her the other, Player 2., inc.
8:26 pm edt|158407|20170715, got t/ weekly recipe, email from better homes and gardens email too., tool
1:24 pm edt 

drank Christ tea, took, drank cia laxatives, and us air force saline laxative, laxatives w/ samuel, and shawn, and t/ cia saline laxative in christ's name, in christ name, w/ shawn and t/ kids, and now ryan too, one at a time, inc., and hoegie, t/ jihad laxative, jihad laxatives, inc.
1:17 pm edt 

did silent claps, got t/ Don't blink pink lipstick, wore t/ Christ bracelet.
1:00 pm edt 

was a Christ bomber, her mom was an Angel bomber, and her, and her dad, bruno, shawn w/ t/ kids, and henry, inc.
12:54 pm edt 

had t/ strawber margarita, got the pack, the large pack, t/ even larger pack, t/ strawberry rita, strawberry margarita.
12:41 pm edt 

wore blackstone earrings, t/ Christ pin, christ hair pin, and a silver, w/ light blue, beige, and gold, stone, in beige again w/ turquoise, with anything and w/ everything, w/ a silver christ cross., inc.
12:38 pm edt, got an email from Prom Girl, Promgirl
12:22 pm edt 

and rob, sam, samuel, henry, and t/ kids again and polo
12:20 pm edt 

they watched t/ Yankee channel, Boston Red Sox.
12:19 pm edt 

they saw, watched t/ Cardinals, inc., Masters of Illusion, was on it, was on Masters of Illusion, all of them, they watched games, the games, and more games, War, The Wall, American Idol, the tape, Mark Wills' tape.
12:18 pm edt 

they got two curtains for t/ living rm, in light beige, beige, medium beige, dark beige, a darker beige, down to t/ floor, and w/ a balance, two balances in dark beige, and t/ curtains, both panels in light beige, in satin, cloth, inc.
11:35 am edt 

wore peach, orange underwear w/ design, they used 84 curtains, t/ cleaning lady cleaned their bathrm doors, w/ bubbles, scrubbles, scrubs, inc., her mom, her dad, her, caught illiterates, t/ illiterates, illiteracy, those who x on forms, papers, paperwork, those who didn't speak English, inc., t/ slow, mentally-retarded, isis, illegals, illegal aliens, spies, spy, t/ spy, her mom used to catch cia spy, cia spy, and t/ fbi cia, fbi, cia, and bruno, slash, slash hitman, shawn, and w/ t/ kids, and shawn, and underwear w/ tiras she wore, she wore hot peach underwear, she bombed hot spots, spots, any hot areas on the thermal map in afghanistan and in india, and in pakistan, and in t/ middle east.
11:20 am edt 

Friday, July 14, 2017
11:55 pm edt, got an email from atf-atlanta.
11:36 pm edt
11:29 pm edt, got an email, e, from atf-nashville, nashville, t/ alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives division, inc.
10:35 pm edt 

they got t/ mini bar bottles of water
10:27 pm edt, got an email from t/ usda office of communications, and the daily radio newsline update
9:43 pm edt, had, they had neopolitan ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream.
8:46 pm edt, got an email from t/ prolife alliance
8:27 pm edt 

got an email from newsweek.
8:13 pm edt
8:12 pm edt, got an email from t/ us fire administration
8:07 pm edt
8:01 pm edt 

got an email from time for parents
7:35 pm edt
7:34 pm edt 

got and used the nexxus, nexus, green bottle.
7:07 pm edt 

got a white and mint green back-scrubber.
7:02 pm edt 

their grass was cut, t/ lawn was cut, t/ shrubs were cut, t/ handyman fixed t/ wall til in t/ kitchen, w/ spackle, he put spackle on it., inc.
6:16 pm edt

got an email from atf san francisco

5:29 pm edt 

got, and lit a black candle, in the Darkest sandlewood, and got a blue box, and an orange box.
5:26 pm edt 

t/ living rm curtains were 84, 85, she had had t/ brazilian blowout.
4:46 pm edt, got an email from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency
4:03 pm edt 

wore a silver pin, hairpin, purple earrings, and a silver, turquoise, and light blue, stone, bone, bone-white, fleur-de-lis bracelet., inc.
11:14 am edt 

her mom dyed her hair.
9:58 am edt, got an email and got her, daily horoscope overview
9:25 am edt, got an email from the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission
9:21 am edt, got an email from QNS
9:03 am edt, got an email from NBC news better.
8:57 am edt
8:42 am edt, got an email from us citizenship and immigration services
8:37 am edt 

Anchored by: Vanessa Palmer
8:26 am edt 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

got an e, email from good housekeeping
11:06 pm edt
11:05 pm edt, got an email from martin fox, t/ pro life alliance
10:32 pm edt, got an email from House Beautiful
10:13 pm edt, got an email from steve, from american patriot daily
10:01 pm edt, got an email from us citizenship and immigration services.
9:59 pm edt, got email subscriptions, e subs, e subscriptions, an email from the queens courier.
9:57 pm edt, got an email from the national right to work committee
9:47 pm edt 

got an email from ice, immigration and customs enforcement
9:46 pm edt
9:39 pm edt
9:28 pm edt 

was us customs and border protection w/ shawn, and hoegie and his dad, and his other dad, his live-in dad, and jamie connelly, conelly, jamie conelly, jamie connelly, his, her dad, everybody on t/ phone, and all, inc., and rob, and chad, w/ t/ kids, and all of t/ kids., inc.
9:28 pm edt 

was Star Jones, was Farrah Fawcett, Wendy McCormack, on t/ battle of network stars, saw it, saw them, saw t/ battle of t/ network stars, her dad invented it, to see her on it, his daughter on it, shawn too, and eric, eric 2, t/ whole entire family did too, hoegie, cars, cars 2,3, 4, and 5 too, hoegie's dad was us law enforcement too, so was she, and us. border and customs law enforcement, inc, us borders and customs enforcement, was chad reiner, chad carter came later, and he was out of t/ office, inc.
9:18 pm edt
8:03 pm edt 

they had glazed donuts, she had a glazed doughnut.
5:21 pm edt 

she got a plenti card for her wallet, and one for her keychain.
3:59 pm edt 

her dad got his laser treatment, her mom got her eyes checked, had an eye doctor's apt., she had her eyes dilated, got her black and white glasses for protection, and she got her eyeglasses, eyeglass prescription, she had the Asiago chicken w/ Ranch Dressing, she had the Coke raspberry, and the coke cherry, vanilla.
3:43 pm edt
3:39 pm edt 

picked up tea, got tea
3:31 pm edt 

she got doughnuts, glazed ones.
3:30 pm edt 

her license was scanned at t/ supermarket
3:29 pm edt 

used her winn dixie card
3:29 pm edt 

won at logic in t/ cia, per john brennan, was American-Prada, was Pentagon-2 w/ john hoegler.
10:51 am edt 

wore a flower hair pin, lilac stone earrings, got and wore, black, Teva, sandals, in Mush, Mobo, Mandalyn Wedge 2, UK 3.0 size, EU, 36.0, and in Japan 22.0, womens, USA, 5., wore clothes from El Salvador, inc., Chile, was Spy Prada, her dad made her that, it, spyprada, spy prada, out, and in and of the pentagon, inc., was American - Prada, American Prada; her and 007 were Teva, Prada was one, she was 2, then she took over one, took over India, India America, India-America, going back starting from the messaging of spending time w/ t/ grandmother, inc., the messaging dating back to the grandmother on the father's side, inc.
10:33 am edt 

her mom put almonds in everything, and in anything, her, and her too in anything.
9:20 am edt
9:04 am edt 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

was cena, Cena, John Cena, he and her were the V Foundation, and Nike, inc., and all of us together, inc.
9:41 pm edt 

they watched The Espys, was t/ espys w/ samuel, hoegie, shawn and t/ kids, juan, and so on, and so forth, rob, inc., they watched Forever Young, they were all on it, forever young, inc.
8:53 pm edt 

won an Espy as Michael Phelps; was Diana Taurasi, and Russell Westbrook, inc., and Peyton Manning.
8:35 pm edt
8:05 pm edt 

changed colors, changed color, toenail polish, fingernail polish, inc., a bright, vibrant color, colour, inc.
6:36 pm edt 

did her toenails in Twinkle, orange shimmer, Fawn, on both toes, both feet, all ten toes, all ten toenails, on all ten nails, inc., on all toes, they watched Lo Se Todo, Telemundo, Univision, Galactica, Galaktica, Galavision, Televisa, Univisa, inc., Vision, Television., inc.
6:35 pm edt
4:12 pm edt 

cleaned t/ window sill strings and chords.
4:10 pm edt 

they saw Ruthie, inc., Uni Baez, everything was thrown, inc.
4:09 pm edt
1:40 pm edt
1:38 pm edt
1:37 pm edt
1:36 pm edt
1:32 pm edt
1:31 pm edt 

wore royal blue earrings, a jihad hairpin, and was netzero w/ hoegie, mikey, mikey's dad, and shawn and t/ kids.
1:12 pm edt
12:21 pm edt
12:21 pm edt
12:20 pm edt
12:19 pm edt
12:19 pm edt
12:18 pm edt
12:17 pm edt 

her mom had her toenails done., inc.
12:05 pm edt
12:04 pm edt 

they got t/ 63-inch, taupe, damask, curtains w/ tassels, in beige, w/ beige tassels, inc.
12:02 pm edt 

got t/ hot pockets w/ croissant crust, inc.
11:32 am edt 

mike's mom, mike meder's mom was pentagon, travis's mom was pentagon, and mikey, mikey robinson's mother was pentagon also.
11:21 am edt 

had ironed her jacket, and coat, inc.
10:00 am edt 

they took all of t/ window measurements, inc.
9:52 am edt 

her window was 38, or to 40, and t/ other window 50, and in t/ other rm, 50, too, inc.
9:24 am edt 

was 83 in t/ living rm
9:18 am edt
8:48 am edt 

wrote Al Capote.
8:42 am edt 

was t/ head of the American mafia, and, the American Mob, inc., took over for John Hoffman, per the books, on money-laundering, and grounds of racketeering, against t/ u.s. and out, shooting out of the u.s., and the head of the Mob., inc., and was a 0 all-around., yes networks, too.
8:39 am edt 

was a John, john g. roberts, jr. was an fbi agent, a federal agent, and a special agent, and a 0, and he was 0031, inc.
8:34 am edt, samuel alito, jr., samuel anthony alito, jr., was a special agent, inc.
8:29 am edt 

Harry S. Muller III, was a 0, her mother and father were also 0s, and bruno, and slash, and slash hitman, and tiger, and shawn, and henry, w/ t/ kids, shawn, pat, patrick, ben, kimmie, benjamin, eric, eric 2, inc.
8:26 am edt 

Jared Loughner, Sr., was an FBI Agent, also, and Stephen Hoegler was a Federal Agent., inc.
8:18 am edt 

Anchored by: Vanessa Palmer
8:18 am edt 

was Aaron Judge, paid for by shawn, was aaron zimmerman, inc., tiger woods was also a design a baby, by her and shawn --, yeah, right, by her mom and dad, inc.
8:17 am edt 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

shawn had t/ spade card tonight, she had t/ queen card all of the time, so t/ spade card was his t/ whole time, no, she owned t/ cards, she held all of t/ cards, inc., and shawn saw them, inc., she was a SAS, s.a.s., a self-adressed envelope, inc., addressed.
11:14 pm edt 

her mom paid for eric's channel, his youtube channel, utube channel, her, too, inc., she was a living angel, Living Angel, inc.
11:08 pm edt 

Tiger Woods was an FBI Agent, for her, for her dad, and her mom, inc., her parents.
10:00 pm edt 

liked fudge a lot, inc., dressed up ben like me, and like shawn, and like lenny, like a lenny, and a benny, ben, a ben, a ben johnson, and sabi helped, sabrina helped, he had a saab, Saab, she had Saab w/ ivan r.
9:56 pm edt 

was a joe girardi, her dad was a girardi, was a girardi w/ her dad, when she was a baby, inc., played w/ joe girardi's mins and mim, ran around w/ his pentagon image, he asked her to catch his stalkers, inc.
9:54 pm edt 

liked fudge, her mom liked nader, loved ralph nader, he, was, slash hitman's pom-pom, inc., was hitman, was fudge rodriguez, they had stayed at felo ramirez's family's condo, inc., her dad put on his new cream on his arm, his ankles, leg, inc.
9:24 pm edt 

was Zimmerman, John Zimmerman, zimmerman through shawn, john, shawn, was sean john, shawn john, inc., t/ clothing line, t/ entire clothing line, inc., he dressed up eric, her son in it, t/ clothing line., inc.
8:56 pm edt 

they had stayed at Ramiro Ramirez's house, inc.
8:54 pm edt 

her dad was Angel, so was she too when she was a little girl, when they used to send their mins together, and her mom through Ivan, too, inc., and axl through her, and her through axl, axl rose.
8:52 pm edt 

her mom was Buster Posey, she was Ted Perez, and Ted Martinez, and Ted Martinez, Ted Ramirez, her and her dad, both of them, together, she was Ivan, inc.
8:51 pm edt 

sang t/ nat'l anthem as bebe rexha at t/ all-star game, they watched the allstar game, she was ivan rodriguez, her grandpa on her dad's side was pedro martinez, in t/ pentagon, clean under again, they stayed at felo martinez's house, and they had gotten her a playpen when she was a kid, a baby.
8:25 pm edt 

her rm smelled like persimmon also
7:51 pm edt 

t/ candle smelled like persimmon also.
7:51 pm edt 

they put and used, hot milk and butter in their mash, mashed potatoes, inc., Laura Rivera was Javier's niece.
7:50 pm edt 

they've been to Rio Ochos, Ocho Rios, Ochos Rios, inc.; they've been to Poland, and to Israel., inc.
6:54 pm edt
5:15 pm edt
5:12 pm edt
4:56 pm edt 

she got a call from the VA Optical Shop, in the Villages, that her glasses were ready.
4:54 pm edt 

her and harry were Uppers, she got and used Midol, Midol Complete, for cramping, bloating, caffeine, as a diuretic -- it gets rid of water bloat, inc., t/ blue and turquoise bottle in a package, got another box of sanitary napkins., inc., Daniella was her dad's Pharmacist.
4:20 pm edt 

they've all been bungy jumping
2:12 pm edt 

got her period last night, overnight, late in t/ night.
2:08 pm edt 

wore a black, shiny hairpin, and a beige, light beige, white stone, silver, w/ black, light blue, white, w/ stones, gypsy bracelet.
1:51 pm edt 

her dad got his bloodwork, and went through a lot of testing.
1:35 pm edt 

her dad used his creams at home, and his creams were prescribed.
1:28 pm edt
1:24 pm edt 

her dad was anemic, he took his b-12 shots, and Laura did his laser, gave him his laser, and he used his medicare, inc.
1:21 pm edt, wore pink stone earrings.
12:59 pm edt 

changed her contacts.
12:24 pm edt 

rudy had walked by t/ house, and eddie, t/ us marshal walked on by the house too, and joseph did as well, inc.
12:19 pm edt
11:14 am edt 

they got a large, dark brown table for the magazines, a magazine table, a magazine rack, and a light fixture and light in front of the house, and one of t/ members of el gran combo walked in front of the house
10:47 am edt 

got a white, black, and navy blue mag mutual pen.
10:38 am edt 

they got new clear large tongs for their salad, to toss, a new tosser, inc., her dad went to get his laser treatment, he went to Jazmine, inc., then he went to his Skin Doctor to check his skin, to Dr. Mitchell.
10:21 am edt
10:03 am edt
10:02 am edt
10:02 am edt 

Anchored by: Vanessa Baez
9:16 am edt 

read Mystery, Mystery books, too.
9:00 am edt 

read Speaking from the Bones, by Alan Bradley.
8:59 am edt 

Monday, July 10, 2017

read Maya Angelou on her own.
11:22 pm edt 

wrote Langston Hughes' biopic.
11:15 pm edt 

read Langston Hughes, used and a worked on a paper in high school, using his work, in English class, inc.
11:15 pm edt 

read Emily Dickinson, and did her thesis in t/ cia on emily dickinson poems, emily dickinson's poems, inc.
11:08 pm edt 

slash invented, break-dancing, created it by slash hitman, inc.
10:56 pm edt 

shawn was a Rumpet, is a Rumpet, he wrote Rumpelstiltzken w/ his grandfather, her and his son, and his grand-son already, not grandson yet, yeah, right, and Eric was the T, inc., and Anthony was St. Anthony, died that, inc., she died St. Victoria, inc.
10:34 pm edt 

juan was St. Juan, and was related to Duane, he died there, inc.
10:30 pm edt 

was Kim Basinger, they saw Alec Baldwin's Roast, was a Trumpet, a Toast, inc., the Rockefeller's invented The Toast of champagne, and she invented the roast w/ hoegie of comedians, -- it was william miller too and shawn w/ t/ kids, inc.
10:26 pm edt 

was Super Human, of the Mind, Anthony's girlfriend was Teresa, Theresa, inc., they watched So You Think You Can Dance, and One Night Only
10:14 pm edt 

she beat Anna at Black-Sheep in t/ Pentagon, inc., in and at the pentagon, inc., and Luis was Olga's boyfriend, inc.
9:47 pm edt 

andre was lucre's grandson, and Edwin was Lucre's boyfriend.
9:22 pm edt 

Andre was Eggie's son, and Lucrecia was Quique's sister, Quique was her brother, Lucrecia's brother
9:17 pm edt 

Andre was Lucrecia's grandson.
9:10 pm edt 

played music alot, listened to alot of music
8:53 pm edt 

Tuta was Loly's sister
8:53 pm edt 

they got scratch paper, inc., Ashley was related to Linda and Lindy too.
8:46 pm edt, they put a lantern on the kitchen counter, and t/ lights, candles on the front windows, b/c it was lightning, and raining hard, storming, rainstorming, a rainstorm, a thunderstorm, inc.
8:38 pm edt
8:07 pm edt
8:06 pm edt
7:51 pm edt
7:49 pm edt
7:40 pm edt
7:38 pm edt 

she spoke and practiced t/ Latvia, Latvian language, inc.
7:34 pm edt 

they put boards against t/ fence, white ones, and beige, brown ones, as well, to prevent, preventing animals from getting into and under from underneath the fence and into t/ yard, inc.
7:29 pm edt 

saw the General Francis Marion Stamp Club exhibit at t/ library
3:36 pm edt 

wore turquoise stone earrings, a gold hair pin, a beige, turquoise, and silver bracelet, an indian bracelet.
2:48 pm edt
1:07 pm edt 

was 007's John, was John Brennan's FBI-John, inc.
9:29 am edt
9:23 am edt 

joe, joey, junior, joseph, and jose got a shirt, vanessa got a shirt
8:55 am edt 

Anchored by: Vanessa
8:45 am edt
8:38 am edt 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

had become the Head of the P.I., Private Investigation, Private Investigational Program, Private Investigation Program, was Private, was a Private, a Private, inc., and so was shawn, and then 007 on t/ 007 Program in the 00 Agency, 007 agency, too, inc.
11:29 pm edt 

was Love, took over Love, the Love min, took over the Love min, and Love, and won Best Communication Skills w/ 007 in and on the Pyramid, pyramids, he was using t/ mind-messaging program, inc. she and 007 won Survivor and and for having had t/ Best Survival Skills, inc.
11:11 pm edt 

her and 007 won on the Funderdome and on Celebrity Family Feud, for Best Sales Ability, Best Sales Pitch her and shawn kriskey, and her for Best Communication, and w/ 007 Communication Skills, and w/ shawn, Best Communication Skills in Marriage, inc.
10:28 pm edt 

used Ease, puchin was t/ BellaOnline, they watched the Pyramid, The Pyramid.
10:07 pm edt 

her and her mom created an electrocution camp together, and another electrocution camp w/ her and her dad, and then another electrocution camp all together, t/ entire family together, w/ shawn, eric, eric 2, pat, patrick, ben, benjamin, inc., kimmie, and now ryan too, as well, and then some, inc.
10:03 pm edt 

was CIA U.S. Federal Agency, her and 007 won GRITS Clothing together in competition on Funderdome, 007 created The Funderdome, her said the Funderdome, inc., and 007 gave her PoundPoms, Pound Poms, inc.
9:59 pm edt 

her, peyton manning, and hoegie, jareds, jared, and tom brokaw were an avalance, and a volcanoe, a canoe, volcano, a date, and a drill, inc., and a kill, together and now separate, and word heparate, heparete, hepareta, inc., and tom brady was an al, a capone, and an al capone, inc.
9:35 pm edt 

peyton manning was a capone, an al, an al capone
9:23 pm edt 

her dad got his saline solution boxes in t/ mail from the va
9:19 pm edt 

white-lettering was t/ end of t/ world, inc.
8:47 pm edt 

clean under her nims -- gay prisoners, mins --prison houses, prison house, prison houses, houses, inc., houses for god, mims -- mugshots of prisoners, inc., and gims -- german mugshots, inc., french mugshots -- fims, great britain mugshots --gbims, gbmims, and america mugshots -- aims, amims, amima, gamima, amimas, gamimas, giamimas, giammimas, inc.
8:45 pm edt 

they watched The Wall, and Funniest Home Videos, the Funniest Home Videos, FHV, FV, inc., Padre Alfonso was a Capone, and an Al, inc., Padre Alphonso, too, inc., he gave her Too!. inc.
8:06 pm edt 

samuel was her rt. leg in t/ pentagon min, and in t/ in min samuel again, and in t/ inn min the father, and t/ father-in-law, edward, inc.
7:34 pm edt 

colin farrell was edward thoreau, and robert thoreau, inc.
7:18 pm edt 

was in Venus swimwear, the Venus Swimwear catalog, and in the Playboy catalog, inc., and in the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog and both magazines, magazines, mags., inc., and in the Playboy mims, inc. -- saul put her in, saul was sent to her, b/c it was t/ first name in t/ bible, of a saint, but they made eric a saint, and now he was first, he's first, inc.
7:15 pm edt 

they had an American priest, and then a Stuttgart priest, and a Stuttgarte priest visit t/ church.
7:08 pm edt 

had whoppers, they saw another movie, had a day night, a date night, another movie nite, another movie night, inc., her mother had ordered her mofongo last time, inc.
6:46 pm edt 

had, got a Rockefeller pad, was FBI mafia
6:25 pm edt 

they had a visiting priest at st. theresa's, and he was a Hispanic priest, and he was Father David Riveros, inc.
6:03 pm edt
5:51 pm edt
5:49 pm edt 

got t/ Corporal Works of Mercy, and the Spiritual Works of Mercy card, t/ Corporal Works of Mercy and t/ Spiritual Works of Mercy was, were dad, and his great-grandparents, and her, and the thirds, her dad's great-great-great grandparents, inc., both of them, inc.
4:53 pm edt 

got t/ Divine Praises card., inc.
4:43 pm edt 

got The Bond Family card.
4:41 pm edt 

got t/ St. Joseph card.
4:36 pm edt 

they had tostones, chicharron, chicharrones, y mariscos, inc.
4:31 pm edt 

they rented, and saw Solace, she was in Solace, Colin Farrell, Farell, Colin Farell, Colin, was made by her dad, inc., was in it, inc.
4:14 pm edt 

got t/ Mother Theresa card, prayer card.
2:20 pm edt 

had t/ Postobon soda, Posobon., inc.
2:10 pm edt 

wore Cato, Cato's, their waitress was Rachel, her mom wore Cato, Cato's, inc., she ordered a mofongo this time, and had a pozobon drink, in apple
2:09 pm edt 

wore lime green stone earrings, and a cross bracelet, beaded, bracelet, in chain, w/ chains, inc., and a black top.
9:40 am edt 

was in a Dog's Purpose, all of them, wrote the Pelican Brief w/ her mom and her dad, inc., the Pelican Grief, phil, was phil, it was Phil, inc.
8:11 am edt 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

she played Candy Crush Soda Saga, the game, played a game w/ Christ, inc., and john b. put her in a Coppertone ad, inc., and hoegie knew it, and in a Huggies ad, print game, and in a Suavitel ad print game, as well, and so did her mom, and Cosa Nostra was her assignment in the fbi, to t/ specialy agency, and back into the fbi, the cosa nostra game, the Cosa Nostra Mafia, Mob, an Italian mafia, mob side job, inc., and in t/ cia too
11:04 pm edt[MustShow%20Service="BingQA"%20Scenario="Encyclopedia"%20Position="TOP"%20Slot="0"]&filters=IsConversation%3a%22True%22+BTEPKey:%22Encyclo_283%22&FORM=EMSDS0
10:24 pm edt
10:22 pm edt 

her mom updated her profile picture, w/ red roses w/ green vines, which also said Love, and white, silver stars, inc.
10:14 pm edt 

her mom used the Messenger, Messaging
9:54 pm edt 

her dad walked outside, went walking outside, on t/ walkway, at t/ entrance, front entrance, garage, driveway, and on t/ walking path, walk path
9:35 pm edt 

her dad used t/ cane, walker, and wheelchair to check t/ mailbox, to t/ mailbox, inc.
9:34 pm edt 

her bathrm was insulated for protection from lightning and thunder, and heavy rainstorms, storms, inc., heavily insulated too, as well, inc.
9:31 pm edt 

La Cosa Nostra mob was CIA, she made it that.
9:21 pm edt 

was a 007 Bomber, a 7 Bomber, 007 Bomber, and a James Bond bomber, a Bond Bomer, a James Bomber, a St. James bomber, her dad had t/ Columbo assignment out of the fbi, and in, both, and then in t/ cia, inc., and so did her mom in Genovese to catch in t/ fbi and out and then in t/ cia, inc., t/ mafia, t/ incorporated, and t/ mob, too, inc.
9:20 pm edt 

they had a Movie Night, they got a couple of movies out, they rented two movies, a couple of movies, inc.
9:01 pm edt 

her mom worked on, and really was to work on by assignment the Genovese Operation, the Genovese Mafia, Mob on her own, and then w/ her daughter on her own, together.
8:54 pm edt 

Thomas, Tommy worked the Crip Gang Operation in and out of the fbi office, with william muller and then out with harry, and then on his own, out on his own, inc., and he took over it, inc., on his own w/ fbi operatives; she worked on per assignment in the FBI, the La Cosa Nostra Mafia and Mob Operation, a named Sicilian mafia, mob of her own, inc.
8:53 pm edt 

Conrad was CIA, Slash was CIA-Afghanistan, and Saul was CIA-Saudie Arabia, and shawn was Mr. America, and won the title of it, for it too, inc., he was also a special agent in 2004, and he was cia too, CIA-Ireland, she was also CIA-Turkey, CIA-Poland, CIA-Germany, CIA-Puerto Rico, CIA-France, CIA-Iraq, and CIA-Kuwait, CIA-Syria, CIA-Mike Meder, inc.
8:50 pm edt 

they saw, rented A Dog's Purpose, w/ dog's name, Bailey in it, it was a two-hour movie, inc., Conrad was Conrad Johnson, he was related on her dad's side, he was also Baez, Conrad Baez, who was an FBI agent, who worked the Blood Gang Operation out of the fbi house, and lock-ups to the fbi jail, and then out to formerly Kenya, and then following to nigeria, from the United States, and never back, since the U.S. jail was on a clean-out basis, cleaning basis, cleaning out basis, inc., slash won, was Mr. Afghanistan, and saul won and was Mr. Saudi Arabia, Mr. Saudie Arabia was her, inc.
8:47 pm edt
4:17 pm edt
4:03 pm edt
3:34 pm edt
3:33 pm edt
3:32 pm edt
3:32 pm edt 

happy international kissing day, they've been to Planet Earth.
3:30 pm edt 

Happy International Kissing Day!!
3:30 pm edt 

wore iridescent, rainbow stone earrings, stones, crystals, crystal earrings, her dad gave sam a shirt, hoegie a shirt, jared a shirt, t/ other jared a shirt, and john h.
2:59 pm edt 

her dad gave rob a shirt, and juan one, another, too, inc.
2:48 pm edt 

her dad had given shirts, dress shirts, t-shirts to bruno, his dad, his grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather, and his great-great-great grandfather, slash, slash hitman, shawn, eric, samuel, bruno 2, tiger, thomas, tommy.
2:07 pm edt 

had buttermilk Eggo's waffles.
1:53 pm edt 

her mom lived w/ gladys and ismael's daughter on mezoral, inc.
1:28 pm edt 

her mom lived on Mezoral Street w/ her dad and her family, inc.
1:05 pm edt 

reggie johnson was thomas' little brother.
10:25 am edt 

got a box of the atkins, caramel cluster bar, and they got boxes of whoppers, and got t/ certified protein complex in both hair shampoos, and in bars, protein bars.
9:51 am edt 

Friday, July 7, 2017
10:45 pm edt
10:41 pm edt 

jamie foxx cleaned t/ fox jail in t/ fbi jail, inc.
10:03 pm edt 

her and hoegie, she, invented Jamie Fox's name, and then added another X, x, inc., and she and mark wills along w/ her dad wrote papa was a rolling stone, when she was 2 yrs. old, a mere 2, inc., and harry kept winning at 69 pentagon over and over, and her, hoegie and her mom, came up w/ t/ name charlie sheen, so her and her parents created, while invented charlie sheen's name, charlie sheen to clean black mins, back mins, inc., and he became a star, inc.
10:02 pm edt 

they taped Nightshift, she was Natalie Morales on Hollywood Game Night; john brennan invented 69-pentagon, and harry, her and all of them, and her parents played 69 pentagon, and shawn, and harry won, he played all t/ time, many times, inc., and he won again and again again.
9:41 pm edt 

was on Battle of the Network Stars as Vanessa Minnillo, and Nick Lachey was on too, Nick, inc.
8:29 pm edt 

and redirected ricky martin in a new video in a new direction, with another life, in another life., inc., in Vuelve again, the whole album, two whole albums, 12 albums, and t/ 13th w/ hoegie, and jared, jareds, and hoegie, john hoegler's son was her 13 bomber, and jared, jared loughner was her other 13 bomber, also, jared johnson was a 0014 bomber, and was her dad's bomber in t/ fbi, and in t/ fbi house, inc.
7:44 pm edt 

directed a network video of, and for ricky martin called "Vuelve."
7:41 pm edt 

got t/ nexxus shampoo w/ Marine Collagen, marine, inc., and got t/ blush in the Princess Daiquiries, in, w/ Coloricon.
5:47 pm edt 

got t/ nexxus w/ t/ reconstructive system; and, silicone-free, inc.
5:42 pm edt 

got t/ Calgon, in Morning Glory -- her flower, samuel was t/ white diamon, he caught diamond w/ her in t/ fbi, and used to do bank break-ins when there a problem as a 00 and as an fbi agent, a break-a-diamond like her dad, inc., her, her dad, and her dad, were all 00 bombers, and 0 bombers, and special agent bombers and fbi agent bombers and federal agent bombers
5:38 pm edt 

got argan oil from morroco, healing oil, healing oils, inc., they had rice w/ cut up pieces of ham, and large potatoes.
5:23 pm edt 

got a grey satchel w/ magnets.
4:40 pm edt 

got a Jihad tissue box, in dark peach, bright peach, w/ t/ jihad symblo, w/ a tear, and an eye, and in soft beige, and in yellow beige, white beige.
4:30 pm edt 

she was the Head, t/ Head in Charge of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA
4:23 pm edt
4:12 pm edt 

was, became, had become t/ Head of the D.E.A., had taken over for Joaquin Phoenix, and before that william muller
4:07 pm edt 

got a pink, cinnamon, A Warm, and happy home, candle, inc., and a Nexxus Emergencee' shampoo, champu, inc., Champu.
4:00 pm edt
3:44 pm edt
3:41 pm edt 

she got a Middle East tissue box, in beige, lavender, mint green, dark green, w/ circles, and t/ middle east flower, inc.
3:35 pm edt 

jason bourne gave her all of the aliases in the world, she was a 3 bomber and so was her dad, inc.
3:20 pm edt 

her, her mom, and her dad were FBI-Bombers.
3:11 pm edt 

she was a 0013 bomber, a bomber in t/ pentagon, in and of the pentagon, caught illegal killers, illegal hitmen, all of them, inc, was a pentagon bomber, they all were, her mom as 003 was a pentagon bomber, and her dad too was a 008 bomber, was the 008 bomber, was a 008 pentagon bomber, they got their bombing licenses in and out of the pentagon, and e, E, inc., her was the 003 pentagon bomber, was a 003 bomber, her mom caught bomber, inc., her dad was a 008 bomber, they all had their badges, fbi badges locked up, and their certificates locked up, inc.
3:09 pm edt 

tried a new sprite, her dad got his bloodwork taken out, they went to Quest Diagnostics, inc.
3:01 pm edt 

worked on fbi medication, cia medication w/ john brennan and fbi medication again w/ hoegie in 0013, and medication in 0013 w/ hoegie again, inc., to 13 as well, inc.
3:00 pm edt 

stephan played big bird, was big bird, he and his dad, him and his father; they went to Panera's, and she had The Italian, w/ broccoli cheddar soup, and a piece of bread, dipped and soaked her bread in t/ soup for taste, more taste, inc.
2:55 pm edt 

wore a brown and gold hair pin, and her mom was t/ pink diamond, and was t/ rose gold, rose gold w/ slash hitman, slash hitmen, her dad was t/ black diamond
9:02 am edt 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

her grandfather the third on her dad's side, and her dad, and juan and al all of them had put her as shakira, and as coldplay as well, both w/ shawn and t/ kids, inc., along w/gwyneth paltrow and jenifer aniston., inc., her grandpa cleaned, killed t/ anniston min and others, inc., and juan too on t/ phone as well as others.
10:56 pm edt 

performed as maluma in maluma and was maluma, and won a premio juventud as, for maluma, and introduced as well as iggy azalea on t/ same show, inc.
10:22 pm edt 

god put her as bjork, and she bomber her brother, John Joseph, since t/ beginning on time, tin, her and joseph, and tine, --thats from t/ god min, mine, she was from the Gold Mine, her dad said., her mom was from t/ Silver min, chino was from bronze min, bruno was from t/ black onyx min, inc., god was from the red gold min, and tiger was from t/ mica min and his kis were his players so was she, shawn was from t/ white rock min, it had a glaze, has it, it's called white mica she made it, for her and her kids, their kids, inc.
9:53 pm edt 

performed as iggy azalea on premio juventud, inc., and their housekeeper wrote devil's advocate too ii
9:48 pm edt
9:38 pm edt
9:37 pm edt, warren was Komander and her and all of them, inc.
9:37 pm edt
9:36 pm edt 

El Calibre 50 was her and her mom, and Calibre 50 was her and samuel, w/ shawn and t /kids.
9:36 pm edt 

her grandma and her grandpa, her, and her mom, on her dad's side had put her dad in as j. balvin, but her grandmother on her dad's side had put him in as j. balvin as a little boy, as a kid, a little kid, and his mom and his dad, and his daughter, and his wife, inc.
8:57 pm edt 

her bomba estereo song was used in a samsung commercial, jingle, inc., and her dad won a premio juventud for j. balvin.
8:53 pm edt
8:30 pm edt
8:29 pm edt
8:29 pm edt 

t/ flask of her hands, t/ top had plastic, in her skin all over her body and her entire family and friends as flame retardent, retardant, inc. and t/ pentagon checked t/ bottoms, palms of her hands, inc.
8:24 pm edt, she was nominated for a Premio Juventud as Bomba Estereo, she performed in Jesse y Joy at Premio Juventud., inc.
8:22 pm edt 

clay and her were Snails in t/ cia, they all were snails in t/ fbi, including sebastian, her son, her little brother, inc.
6:07 pm edt
6:06 pm edt
6:05 pm edt
6:04 pm edt
6:02 pm edt
6:01 pm edt 

her cleaning lady cleaned under her desk, her bedrm and her bathrm, and her dad's cleaning lady cleaned his rm, bedrm, where he fixed himself, fixes himself, and his bathrm, and her mom's cleaning lady cleaned her rm, bedrm, vanity, vanity area, and her bathroom, inc.
5:53 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady stayed all day at their home, inc.
5:49 pm edt 

Vanessa, and t/ cleaning lady cleaned her bathrm closet, and organized everything, inc.
5:44 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned her bathrm sink, her toilet, bathtub, shower, and floors, and she mopped all of t/ floors, and t/ tile, tiles, and dusted off all of t/ knick-knacks, inc.
5:43 pm edt 

stephan was unevens, god was evens, and ryan, inc., ryan said he was evens, inc., 7/6, july/june were t/ months back, going from present to back, behind, in t/ past for god to kill,inc.
5:19 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned her closet, and cleaned t/ fans, all t/ closets, t/ hall closet, hallway closet, t/ other clost in t/ other rm, t/ cupboards, t/ shelves, and knick-knacks all over t/ place, inc., t/ computer, dressers, furniture, all pieces of rm, bedrm, and living rm, pens and pencils, supplies, all supplies, cans, soda cans, storage, inc.
5:15 pm edt
4:48 pm edt 

john brennan had cleaned her rm, bedrm, and toilet, and entire bathroom, b/c she was cia, a cia agent, inc., he cleaned her mins, and nims w/ stephan, stephen cleaned her nims, and mims, hoegie, and john hoegler cleaned her mims, and those of her parents, and all of her family and friends, inc. his mom and dad., and t/ cleaning lady they paid her 58.00 dollars, inc. in cash in an envelope, inc., and she cleaned everything, her bath, and the items w/ their duster, her stuff, and all, inc., and took t/ stuff off and put it all, all of it, all of them back, and used the feather duster, and all of her stuff.
4:46 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady vaccumed her rm
4:19 pm edt 

and it was his dad, they went half and half on the book, inc., and was cafe con leche at one point, -- and they're dead, again, and he met al capote, Al Capote, and he cleaned the Capote min, inc.
4:04 pm edt 

hoegie wrote Moby Dick, and he died on the phone, and they're dead, inc.
4:03 pm edt 

christopher cuomo was Thunder, he hid thunder, and owned Thunder too, and shacks, and all of them, and all of it, them, inc., he and ryan to take away, inc., and her parents too, and t/ kids, and the World as Rockefellers, her mom said, and t/ whore mins, and they killed t/ world, her mom dyed her hair black, and dyed it blonde too, at one time, and she, her daughter at one time or another, at another time, either way, inc., she did, and she died on t/ phone, no she did not, and none of them, they're not dead, and they killed everything, inc.
4:00 pm edt 

hoegie took and put, placed all of t/ programs she needed in 0013, and he needed in 13, and in 0013, t/ 13
3:57 pm edt 

hoegie took and put, placed all of t/ programs she needed in 0013, and he needed in 13, and in 0013, t/ 13 min, and t/ 0013 min.
3:56 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady mopped their kitchen.
3:53 pm edt 

mark baez was lightning, and chris cuomo was thunder, inc., t/ cleaning lady mopped all of t/ rms, their rms, each rm, and every rm., and they let her use their fan, and left t/ fans on, and t/ air on, to dry t/ floors, inc.
3:51 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady brought her own rags, towels, and cleaning kit, as well to use in their home, house.
3:40 pm edt 

she checked out outside, they put t/ porch fan on a table, a side-table, with a table mat, a mat table, inc.
3:36 pm edt 

and t/ cleaning lady cleaned their windows inside and out, t/ kitchen window
3:32 pm edt 

they went outside, greeted t/ cleaning lady, and t/ cleaning lady cleaned her mom and dad's closet, and t/ cleaning lady swept all t/ floors, cleaned t/ entrance, inside and outside, and out, inc., in t/ hall, hallway, living room, vaccumed it, t/ kitchen, her parents' bedrm, t/ master bedrm, vanity area, t/ other bathrm, her mom and dad's closet, t/ other rm., her bathrm, bathroom, and her bedroom, and she used their mop, inc.
3:31 pm edt 

henry was a hurricane, and mark was lightning, inc.

their floor was vacuumed

listened to a play-list of music


left t/ music on for t/ cleaning lady from her room, bedroom. 

2:57 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady brought her own vaccum cleaner, and used it in their home, and her own cleaning supplies, inc.
2:46 pm edt 

stephan created t/ suburban area for her, and hoegie created the attic for her, and her husband and kids, w/ t/ children, always, inc., and stephan blessed their home upstairs, in the attic as well, and the loft, in t/ loft, --he visited shawn with the kids, and her -- all of them, inc.
2:45 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned her mom and dad's bathrm, shower, toilet, bathtub, inc.
2:41 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady vaccumed t/ living room
2:38 pm edt 

had grape soda, a margarita, inc.
2:32 pm edt 

they gave t/ cleaning lady a cookie, inc.
2:30 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned her parents' furniture, and her dad's bottles, inc.
2:27 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned, dusted her hall, hallway, her bathrm, her bedroom, inc., all of her belongings, things, and knick-knacks, nacks, naks, inc., she used her cleaning supplies, and they let her use theirs., inc., she cleaned t/ inside of all of their glass, inc.
2:19 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady dusted, they had t/ glass, t/ cleaning lady dusted and cleaned t/ living room; and t/ cleaning lady cleaned and dusted t/ other room, and t/ ceiling fans, inc.
1:14 pm edt 

wore a silver pin, they had t/ see-through windows, and t/ tiles on t/ floor, and t/ dive, t/ tiles on, in t/ floor were put in, inc.
12:48 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady took a break; they gave t/ cleaning lady lunch, some crackers, a sandwich, and something to drink, inc.
12:39 pm edt 

they had t/ fans on, and t/ air on, while their visit, and while t/ cleaning lady, housekeeper was over, t/ cleaning lady cleaned her mom and dad's bathroom.
12:15 pm edt 

Edited by: Vanessa Johnson
12:08 pm edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned t/ counter tops, counter top, t/ chairs, t/ kitchen chairs, under t/ cushions, t/ tabletops, t/ windows, inc.
12:05 pm edt 

she gave t/ cleaning lady a grocery bag.
11:36 am edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned her parents' vanity, and their bedroom, and dusted it, and their things, their belongings, their knick-knacks, and such, like that, inc.
11:15 am edt 

offered a bottle of water, water, to t/ cleaning lady, housekeeper, she brought water w/ her, in t/ freezer, inc.
11:00 am edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned t/ door
10:50 am edt 

t/ cleaning lady cleaned t/ hallway, hall
10:49 am edt 

wore dot patterned, a dotted patterned underwear, panties in grey, blue, pink, light, very light, strong, bright colors, in white, w/ dark and navy blue.
10:33 am edt 

they cut coupons from t/ Ulta Beauty magazine catalog, inc.
10:26 am edt 

their cleaning lady, housekeeper was a white, female.
10:12 am edt 

her mom was t/ Housekeeper, Janice was t/ Housekeeper, she was the House Cleaner of the Min, inc., t/ Housekeeper brought her own cleaning products, and t/ vacuum cleaner, inc.
9:56 am edt 

their Cleaning Lady was Janice, and she cleaned their kitchen, and she parked her car, mini-van, in their driveway, inc.
9:40 am edt 

her and 007's trains, and subway trains went out this morning, again, and each and their individual spryrockets launched off, went out each way, in every direction, inc., and fires and flames, and spy rockets her and her mom, and her and her dad's spy rockets went out, went off in every direction, as well.
7:52 am edt 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

was in a Marlboro Light commercial, a Virginia Slims commercial, a Salem Light commercial, she listened to Boys to Men when she was a little gir, inc., they watched Middle, The Goldbergs, Mark Wills, and Jason Aldean, To Tell the Truth, Lip Sync Battle, Steve Harvey, Name that Tune, inc., Jeopardy, Toby Keith was an Al Capone, a Capone, inc., was w/ Digital Underground, inc.
10:48 pm edt 

changed her desktop wallpaper to a green, black, and yellow butterfly, inc.
10:41 pm edt 

they had raspberry sherbert, and something from the country, inc., she had an ice cream float, inc.
9:05 pm edt 

on t/ youtube it goes to t/ next cell to be cleaned, jail, prison, system, prison system, when played of choice of channel., inc.
8:46 pm edt 

wore clean, crisp, white underwear, and a gold barrette, clean, fresh nails, inc., with lots of white, pink tone, pink tones, nude tone, nude tones, w/ lots of pink, bright pink, in bright pink, had happy, healthy nails, and healthy hair., inc., and bright skin.
8:23 pm edt 

Truman was her mom's Psychic, and so was her dad, and for her too, and shawn, w/ t/ kids, and w/ t/ kids, inc., and shawn was her psychic, and hoegie's grand uncle was her psychic, too. and a jail in t/ pentagon and all of them for toto, and sky
8:19 pm edt 

truman wanted her to admit, she used to pass as Capote in unison in program in t/ phi delt program, which was a unison program in of mime, of the self, of the self-explosions he was working on, he worked in t/ Murder prison, and she did alike, worked as a Lawyer in the Murder Prison of the F.B.I., for Al Capote, inc., she passed as him on the phone to catch all of you, everyone., inc., on the phone, and in the country, and in kansas, and in kennessaw, in kennesaw county, and in irreverance jail, the jail, system, the jail system, inc.
7:49 pm edt 

hoegie and jared were t/ group called "Disclosure."
7:10 pm edt
6:49 pm edt
6:47 pm edt 

shawn and phyllis wrote growing pains, and her mom wrote t/ rhythmic pattern of eve at home and into the pentagon eve, and of the eve and of the morning, jail, inc.
6:37 pm edt
6:33 pm edt
6:27 pm edt
6:26 pm edt
6:25 pm edt
6:24 pm edt
6:24 pm edt
6:22 pm edt 

Michael J. Fox was a capone, and so was Mike Seaver, Christian Seaver -- shawn kriskey, was Mike Seaver, also christian seaver, inc.
6:19 pm edt 

anderson cooper fixed her pants from a medium and into a small, yrs ago, and did it over and over again, restylizing t/ shorts, and pants, and her dad put her on 24 spanish artists under her, and ralph's dad 24, and then 48 more, clean under it, all artists, that's what happened, inc.
6:16 pm edt 

on t/ same show, performed as haley williams, haley reinhart
5:22 pm edt 

was ferragamo for shawn, was haley westenra, performed as her, inc.
5:22 pm edt 

and her mom put a jail in t/ pentagon for sherlock, and his wife, vanessa, joe, zoraida, zory, zori, jose, angel, baez, palmer, johnson -- she had signed off on that, butch, and buster, and buster brown shoes on t/ other side, joey, junior, and joseph, and t/ same, t/ jails carried over to t/ fbi jail and t/ regular jail, jails, t/ jail system, all over the world, and t/ cia jail, t/ da jail, t/ dea jail, t/ gestapo jail, t/ al capone jail, t/ capone jail, t/ la cosa nostra jail, t/ italian mob jail, t/ italian mafia jail, she finished in t/ italian mafia jail per her grandfather on her dad's side, and t/ cosa nostra jail, inc., t/ sicilian min, t/ sicilian mafia jail, and t/ sicilian mob jail, inc.
5:17 pm edt, her mom put up put a jail in t/ pentagon jail, jails for her, her, her dad, bruno, bruno 2, sebastian, shawn and his dad on t/ other side, and t/ kids, and polo, pico, bailey, misu, joe, the cat, beta, tommy, prada, phyllis, slash and slash hitman, eric, chris, christopher, inc., INC, I.N.C., kimmie, kimberly, debbie, deb, debra, deborah, eric 2, eric2, ben, benjamin, pat, patrick, rick, oncology, her mom specialized in Oncology, inc. and her in Specializing.
5:13 pm edt 

they tipped t/ waiter, 5 bucks, five dollars.
4:17 pm edt 

their waitress was Amy, performed in a concert w/ Gente de Zona, inc.
3:50 pm edt 

was Vanessa Gibson, inc.
3:42 pm edt 

they saw all the artwork and artifacts, inc., and structures, inc.
3:22 pm edt 

Edited by: Vanessa Palmer
3:21 pm edt 

Vanessa, she was the third Apostle, the Virgin Mary, the Third, apostle, and the Integra, inc., rob zombie was the 4th apostle he had put her as the virgin mary, inc., and her dad was the fifth apostle, and her mother was 6, she was too, genovese, mafia, inc., they were all mafia, inc.
3:19 pm edt 

her dad went to see Dr. Jose A. Gaudier, his Neurologist, they went there to Neurology, the office, and Lacey was his Nurse Practitioner, which she invented created the term, N.P., nurse practitioner, and her dad R.N., that was his rn too at one time, inc., and they went to Mojo's Grille for lunch, Mojo Grill, Mojo's Grill, and she had the Chicken Florentine Quesadilla, the Florentine her grandpa on her dad's side, inc., she was fertilizer, and Gardening, in the pharmacy john brennan w/ her, inc., they sat in the doctor's office waiting room, sat in a booth, they sat in chairs, inc.
3:15 pm edt 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

and al would pick up t/ prisoners and take them to his jail, but no longer, not anymore her father and her grandpa on her dad's side anymore, inc.
11:32 pm edt 

was electrocution camp in gestapo, gestapo, a gestapo, in the gestapo prison, jail, system, prison system, cell, cell, in both, t/ singular and plural tense, inc., in the cia and out, and al capone gave death sentences in the jail and out and even in the gestapo prison
11:30 pm edt 

everything went up in flames, and burned, to a crisp, with willowy leaves out very, very, far away to another land, inc, her brother, joe - jihad, created the storm, she was fema w/ john brennan, slash hitman made her FEMA, and so her mom and her dad went for it, the coast was clear, and everything gone, like an inception, an FBI-Inception, inc., and the FBI-House, and F.B.I.-Marion Oaks was cleaned and cleared to Kenya, and then to Nigeria, inc.
11:13 pm edt 

everything went through, and bombed and incinerated, and they stopped cremations in fbi-marion oaks, and sent them going through and with the presidency during obama, sending them to kenya, and then with trump to nigeria., inc.
11:10 pm edt 

invented t/ Anti-Christ jail in t/ fbi jail, and t/ special agent jail, special agency jail, b/c t/ christ father wanted it, christ father wanted it, he was a double of himself, too, hoegie's dad was a double too, a double-turned too, and a double of himself, too, as well, and thensome, thensome again, and once again in turn, and turned, in turned, she said all of the messages, they all did, and hoegie's dad was the head of the German Secret Police in germany and out of germany from germany, inc., he reported everything from his police office, inc.
11:08 pm edt 

t/ firecrackers, flares, and fireworms, bombs, and fireworks went on and off all day and night, too, inc., and white soprano ones, too, and goodfella ones, goodfellas ones, inc.
11:05 pm edt 

t/ federal bureau of investigation flares, fireworks, and firecrackers, inc., and was Eve from the Garden of Eden, wrote the Garden of Eden Book w/ harry and eve's dad, her dad, my dad, inc., My Dad, inc., her dad created D.A.D.D., and her mom created, invented both Dadd for her dadd, and Eve's Mom, mom created, invented Mom t/ show w/ her dad, and M.O.M. -- Madd -- john brennan, her, inc.
11:04 pm edt 

her dad created G.I. Joe, w/ her and her mom, and it was modeled after Saul, inc., and henry created Ken, for barbie, dad, her dad, inc., and harry counteracted messages w/ t/ phone and on t/ phone, and harriet and stephan, stephen, inc.
11:00 pm edt 

t/ u.s. federal agency ones too, t/ flares, firecrackers, and fireworks went off too, as well, inc.
10:31 pm edt 

their fbi, 0, special agency, special agent, federal fireworks, firecrackers, and flares all went off in t/ area, their area, t/ show went on, inc.
10:28 pm edt 

talked to jesus christ the most, was made by her parents, and god and jesus christ, she said by jesus christ, jesus christ made her, inc., j. lo, j.lo's producer put her in t/ craft channel on utube, youtube, so was he, inc., and t/ witchcraft channel, hoegie, and her parents, too, inc. he doesn't have to clean any of those channels, inc., and joe jihad had created t/ music for t/ macy's fireworks parade, the classical music, and her, w/ him, and all of them together, as a family, family, both immediate and full, fully extended family, inc., and shawn's kuwait fireworks went off, and his flares in red white and blue, and firecracker, spryrockets, as well, hers, and their red, white and blue rockefeller fireworks went off too for the parade, and the fbi ones did too
10:27 pm edt 

at t/ parade, rockefeller fireworks were thrown, 3, 003, 7, 007, 8, 008, 13, 13s, 0013, 0s, 0, 00, 00s, cia, pentagon, da, dea, she was head of t/ dea, for joaquin, inc., t/ d.e.a., inc.
10:21 pm edt 

was stars and stripes, Miss. Stars and Stripes, performed as J-Lo, J.Lo., J-Lo's, J Lo's, J Los, the J Las, the J La's, J-Las's
10:02 pm edt 

ate outside, had thrown red flares w/ axl rose, and before that slash, and before that axl, her grandpa on her dad's side, firecrackers, fireworks, flares w/ t/ kids, shawn, henry, her mom and dad, her dad, her parents, family and friends; they saw t/ fireworks outside, through t/ windows too, out front, out back, in t/ backyard, from t/ porch, in front of t/ house, in front of their home, in t/ street, out in t/ street, out in t/ streets, through t/ windows, t/ glass, vinyls, vinyl, glasses, w/ eye contacts, inc., to t/ rt, and to t/ left, in t/ front and in t/ back, inc.
10:01 pm edt 

performed as sheryl crowe, sheryl crow on t/ show, same show, inc., they helped the birds that fell in their backyard, to t/ side of their house, to t/ left, inc., jesus christ, and jihad joe, t/ jihad created the storm, storms, the storms,inc.
9:15 pm edt 

Vanessa, performed w/ lady antebellum, tonight, on television, axl produced it, inc., t/ fireworks, firecrackers, flares, went off all day, on both streets, in t/ front, back, on t/ back road, roads, backroads, backstreet, t/ street behind them, in front of, and on their street, four blocks, to t/ lft side street, and rt side street, all around, all t/ way around, inc.
8:27 pm edt 

was on it, was on t/ Macy's, Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, inc., they watched the fireworks, and the spectacular, and Puchin was the head and creator, created, invented, the Jehovah's Witnesses Program, w/ Joe Jihad, Joe - Jihad, inc.
8:14 pm edt 

Stephen Hoegler was Baez, was her brother, and also her brother-in-law, if needed, Stephen Baez, Stephan Baez, on her dad's side, inc.
8:01 pm edt 

they checked on t/ birds outside, inc., was outside all day, made her lists, inc., they had rice w/ carrots, and salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette, inc.
7:21 pm edt 

shawn and henry paid for t/ psychic channel for her and put her in it her on it, and stephan, henry, and t/ kids, w/ t/ kids, inc, she owned the American Forth of July, t/ Forth, fourth, she, they were christopher columbus, inc.
6:27 pm edt 

she owned Sony, and had, owned t/ stock, w/ her dad, and her dad owned Sony Records, in cover, undercover -- not, inc., and he owned brushfires in t/ fbi for payment in nigeria, and her fires in and of kenya from t/ fbi her dad, and from the fbi house, her and her dad, and her mom in spy, spyfires, w/ her grandpa on her dad's side, and t/ kids, and henry, and all of them, and shawn, and w/ t/ kids, inc.
6:26 pm edt 

they Googled, googled, she had TNA stock, w/ tony, and alone, by herself, and she had WWE w/ John Cena, Cena, and w/ shawn, shamus, shameus, henry, and w/ t/ kids, and t/ kids., inc.
6:24 pm edt
6:12 pm edt, went outside, spent t/ day outside, inc., and had all t/ fans on, and t/ air out into t/ porch, w/ t/ porch door open, and there birds outside, they played w/ t/ birds, there was a red cardinal, and a green bird, a green and black bird, and a baby, grey bird out on the fence, and in t/ yard, around t/ fence, around their fence, inc., they watched, and listened to the news.
6:10 pm edt 

henry was captain, of t/ anaheim angels in '62, '63, inc., and made head captain, wrote devil's advocate w/ lin, linda, inc., etc.
3:56 pm edt 

got an email from Steve
3:06 pm edt 

her dad owned t/ Anaheim Angels, the Angels, the Georgia Angels, the L.A. Angels, inc., w/ her and mom, and sebastian, and t/ kids and shawn and w/ henry, and henry was Captain of the Team, and her dad was Manager, inc., and Thomas was an FBI agent, special agent, and 0, his brother was an assasin, inc., he was a cia agent, cia, inc., and pentagon, a pentagon agent., inc.
2:47 pm edt 

they've used Messenger, all of them, inc., she used messenger when she was a kid.
2:44 pm edt 

had burgers, hamburgers, inc., owned t/ Boston Red Sox w/ Mark and shawn and w/ t/ kids, and henry, inc., her and dad owned The Jets -- The N.Y. Jets, NY Jets and her mom, and Thomas played for the Jets, was a Jet player, and was a Jet football player, inc.
2:30 pm edt 

and t/ kids, and marlboro light, and she owned the Washington Nationals, inherited by william muller and from t/ u.s. federal agency, a u.s. federal agent, a u.s. federal agency, they were watching the games, inc.
2:14 pm edt 

she changed her contacts, they caught the Mets game, and the Washington Nationals, inc., the game together, together and separate, together and then separate, inc., and shawn owned the NY Mets, inc.
2:01 pm edt 

had a beer cooler; Elba was bobby's wife.
1:49 pm edt 

she created the Veranda w/ her dad, and t/ Veranda Gallery w/ hoegie and shawn w/ t/ kids, and stephan was St. Stephan, inc., and t/ Christ Almighty to her mom and her dad, and dad, inc., and Thomas Johnson was her grandfather on her dad's side's God-Son, and he was, became, St. Thomas, and his dad was St. Thomas Aquinas, inc., and was programmed by Thomas, inc., voted in for and in t/ fbi and t/ special agency and 0 to do it.
12:59 pm edt 

and Saul took care of me, since she was a little girl, and her dad, ever since she was a little girl, inc., and she created Egypt w/ Saul and Richie, inc, t/ symbol of egypt, inc.
12:52 pm edt 

she wore Gestapo underwear, inc., she hid w/ t/ First Apostle - Slash Hitman, inc., when she was a little girl, and then was hidden by her parents w/ t/ Second Apostle - her great-uncle, who was Juan Carlos Alonso, who wrote Alonzo's Morning, and her Alonzo's Mourning, together, but separate, separate from two lands some, and four lands others, around the world, inc., and lin manuel miranda wrote devil's advocate, and she did too -- she wrote t/ eye, the devil's eye in triangle, triangular form w/ t/ eye within real deep
12:50 pm edt 

Thomas Johnson was her brother on her dad's side, inc.
11:32 am edt 

she hid in t/ middle of the Book of Samuel prison for protection from all.
10:53 am edt 

her grandfather on her dad's side was Time, he invented the time, and john brennan invented America, and discovered america by her, she did, she discovered America, america, inc., stephan was Christ, her grandpa on her dad's side, was a Volcano, so was she a volcano, a volcanoe, inc. and al was an earthquake, and she was a tornado, and slash hitman was a hurricane, inc., stephen was a Goodfella, his dad was t/ head of t/ Goodfellas, and for his son to be head of t/ Goodfellas one day, inc., and hoegie's dad was Father Time, and he learned to tell Time; and her grandpa on her dad's side was Great-Father Time., inc., and John middle name Joseph, John Joseph was God, and Joe wrote the Jihad bible, the son., inc.
10:52 am edt 

was AIG, before on her own, and then w/ her mom, and so 007 would pick her up, and he did, inc.
10:30 am edt 

was and got, had all t/ ads from her website, web site, ads, and those in her aol email account, e-mail, and her and 007 were bmw, she was porsche, and cadillac, she was an old cadillac, porsche for her presentations, and 007 got her, bought her her white, bmw, bike, motorcycle, inc., and 007 worked on her website ads, and shawn bought her a Ducatti, duccati, duccatti, and so did mike, shawn, mike, inc.
10:29 am edt 

her, phyllis, shawn, and t/ kids designed a razor, and shawn was gillette, and she was gelato, gelatto, al was gelatti, gellati, gellatti w/ her and slash hitman, slash hitmen, inc., and shawn w/ t/ kids, inc.
10:26 am edt 

her mom was Allegiant w/ her, since she was a kid, and her dad, and tiger, and then shawn and t/ kids, and henry, inc., and she owned t/ Tiger Woods Foundation w/ Tiger Woods, inc.
10:14 am edt 

shawn filmed, and edited, editted robocop w/ her dad, and w/ henry, and then w/ t/ kids, inc, was on t/ Atkins diet, inc.
10:06 am edt 

her dad and her grandfather on her dad's side paid for her Women of Joy Party as puchy colon, and her dad paid for her puchy colon party at t/ women of faith location, party, area, and then some, inc.
9:59 am edt 

Edited by: Vanessa Baez
9:56 am edt 

Monday, July 3, 2017

used t/ slash symbol, /\/ in and from t/ pentagon and in t/ jail; mike worked on hot mugshot guy and shawn did too, her and all of them, inc.
11:54 pm edt 

relaxed and watched movies, went browsing, and shopping for the 4th of july weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:40 pm edt 

her, hoegie, and harry, harriet were manska and shawn and w/ t/ kids.
11:39 pm edt 

her and hoegie discovered Somalia, and t/ somali indians john hoegler.
11:36 pm edt 

was Vanessa Lee
10:49 pm edt 

was Morton salt, and in t/ nypd jail in ny.
10:24 pm edt 

her mom was spartan, t/ spartan jail, t/ spartan program, inc., and she ran it, and her too, inc. and slash hitman's father invented, created t/ wall clock, and her dad invented t/ watch for t/ wrists, wrist, inc., and 007 invented t/ grandfather clocks and her dad patented it, in t/ fbi and in t/ 00 agency him, him and her too along w/ harry and t/ kids, and her grandfather on her mother's side invented t/ Swatch, watch, she inherited t/ money and her dad gave it to her, inc.
10:06 pm edt 

shawn shot her hands w/ cortisone shots, injections and each finger 007 and him, and john brennan, inc., and she had genovese calves, and wwe knees, and knee caps by tony and cortisone shots, injections by and from tony, her hands and arms w/ shot up w/ glycerine by 007, had accrylic shots in her thighs and all over her back for surgery, surgical surgery, surgical procedure, inc., and ankles and anklets, inc., of cortisone shots, was her mom's psychic, and slash hitman's father invented t/ clock, and 007's father invented t/ clock, t/ 007 clock, and her dad was sebastian and her's psychic, inc., and her mom was her psychic, and both of her grandmother and grandfather, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, and great great grandparents, inc., and great great great grandparents on both sides.