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Vanessa Palmer Blas
FBI Agent Under the Cover Name of Donnie Brasco
Vanessa Palmer Blas Ave: A Ring above New Vanessa Palmer Blas' Prominent Presentations ... Top Model, Actress, Ambassador, Spokes-Model, Host, Fitness Model, Bikini Model, Hair Model, Skincare Model, Face Model, Eyebrows Model, Eyes Model, Eyelashes Model, Nose Model, Cheekbones Model, Smile Model, Lips Model, Teeth Model, Chin Model, Make-Up Model, Ears Model, Earlobes Model, Neck Model, Neckline Model, Back Model, Shoulders Model, Lats Model, Traps Model, Pecks Model, Arms Model, Biceps Model, Triceps Model, Chest Model, Abs Model, Waist Model, Wrists Model, Hands Model, Fingers Model, Nails Model, Hips Model, Gluts Model, Legs Model, Thighs Model, Quads Model, Hamstrings Model, Knees Model, Calves Model, Ankles Model, Feet Model, Toes Model.
Vanessa Palmer Blas achieved respect stating to the Supreme Court of the US, I'm pressing charges against frauds forever.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is White light.  Only this Vanessa's real, number 1.  Vanessa Palmer Blas is White European American, straight, Roman Catholic, was in a relationship, Republican, from Manhattan of New York City.
Only this woman.
Vanessa Palmer Blas embraces her British French American name, while beautiful, unquestionable, faithful, and inimitable.  Palmer's English.  She's the strong palm tree.  She went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and brought back palm branches as proof she'd made the journey.  In early history, Palmer represented a missionary.  Palmer's early origin is Anglo-Norman, following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Palmer was found in Yorkshire with a seat from early times, and first records appearing on the census rolls by the kings of Britain determining the rate of taxation on their subjects.
Palmer was of the first to cross the Atlantic to North America.  Palmer, according to genealogy, her origin is German.
Her ancestry is Dutch.  Her motto was a war cry.  The palm is for virtue.
Blas is from Brittany France.  William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England in 1066.  He claimed Brittany and Normandy as possession of the English crown.  Blas settled in the US in the eighteenth century.  Blas is proud and love.
Only this individual.
Vanessa Palmer Blas was acknowledged for being the youngest, undefeated, 00 sized, blond, five-foot tall, brown-eyed, petite, bombshell, slender, solid with no body fat, 90 pounds with her body mass index at 14, unpredictable.  Only this girl.  Who's getting pulled out of a lineup?  Not her!  Only this lady.  Vanessa Palmer Blas has her 34-inch chest, full D Cup, 21-inch waist, 32-inch hips, body in proportion, perfect hip alignment.  Vanessa Palmer Blas has had 0 injuries, 0 surgeries, 0 restrictions, 0 limitations.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is the International Champion, irreplaceable.  Vanessa Palmer Blas is the Figure Champion, Body Condition Champion, Fitness Champion, Champion Dresser, Presence Champion, Personality Champion, and Audience Popularity Champion.  Only this mature woman.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is God's British butterfly, Camberwell Beauty, invincible.  Vanessa"Butterfly"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. -- Joshua 1:9.  Vanessa Palmer Blas said I won’t ever drop charges.
Only this Vanessa’s the 10, the perfect package.Cool
Special Agent Palmer

 They had pets: a German Shepherd dog, named Polo, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Bailey, Joe the cat, and Misu, a kitten.
Janice Joplin
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Bruno Mars

Vanessa as an NYPD Cop

Vanessa at St. Jude RC Church

Blog Copy

Vanessa checking out the Gottie jail

FBI Agent # 00331 -- Mom
FBI Agent # 66994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 6994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 66557 -- Vanessa Palmer
008 -- Dad
0028 -- Dad
0032 -- Mom
Special Agent # 0013
This is 0013.
The Komodo Dragon
U.S. Navy Seal
U.S. Navy Captain
U.S. Army Sargent
U.S. Marine Corps Captain
U.S. Air Force Captain
National Guard
Air National Guard
Coast Guard
Army Reserves
Assistant Director to the FBI
 Federal Agent
Special Agent
00 - Ocala
00 - Brooklyn
00 - Atlanta
00 across the U.S.
D.C. Sniper
FBI Agent
FBI Chief
FBI Chief of Ocala
FBI Chief of Tampa
FBI Chief of Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Queens
FBI Chief of New York
FBI - Puerto Rico
FBI - San Juan
FBI Captain - Sabana Grande
FBI Captain - Aguadilla
FBI Captain
FBI Spokesperson
U.S. Marshals Director
Assistant to the Pentagon Director
CIA - Germany
Boston Police Chief
Brooklyn Police Chief
Brooklyn Federal Attorney
Queens County Federal Attorney
Manhattan Federal Attorney
Chi Omega Sorority
NY Federal Attorney
U.S. Attorney
Supreme Court Judge
NY State Federal Attorney
CIA France
Secret Service
German Secret Police
Narcotics Cop
Undercover Cop
CIA Spain
CIA Bulgaria
CIA Puerto Rico
CIA Nigeria
CIA Africa
CIA Italy
Delta Delta Delta
CIA London
CIA Poland
CIA Ireland
President of Chi Omega
Head of the IIA
Head of the Special Agency
President of the Special Agency
Chief of the Fire Department of NY
Assistant to the CIA Director
CIA New Zealand
FBI Director
CIA New York
Senator of Arkansas
FBI Indiana
CIA India
CIA Ukraine
Chief of the Police Department of NY
Chief of the 104th Precinct in Queens
CIA Wales
Delta Gamma
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
CIA Afghanistan
CIA Saudi Arabia
Pentagon Director
Governor of New York
Mayor of NY
Head of Virginia State Prison
Owned Brooklyn House
Owned Queens County Jail
Owned Marion Oaks Jail
Owned Orange County Correctional Facility
CIA Kenya
Marion County Court Lawyer
U.S. Federal Court System
FL State Federal Prosecutor
CIA Argentina
CIA Hungary
CIA Peru
Alpha Omicron Pi
CIA Jordan
CIA Yugoslavia
CIA Belarus
Kappa Delta
FBI Florida
FBI Mayaguez
Alpha Delta Pi
CIA Seattle
Sigma Nu Fraternity
New York Times
CBS Sports
The O'Reilly Factor
Commander at Nasa
Sigma Lambda Gamma
CIA Middle East
Chief of the 105th Precinct
Miss. Michigan
CIA Venezuela
Ambassador of Kenya
Governor of Puerto Rico
Miss. America
CIA Dominican Republic
Miss. Universe
Miss. Puerto Rico
Miss. New York
CIA Mexico
CIA Arabia
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Delta Tau
Miss. Florida
FBI Chief of Chicago
FBI Chief of Texas
FBI Chief of Pennsylvania
Miss. Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Illinois
Miss. Queens
FBI Chief of Dallas
Miss. Marion Oaks
CIA Kansas
Miss. Ocala
Miss. Tampa
FBI Marion County 
Miss. Marion County
FBI Marion Oaks
Miss. Sabana Grande
CIA Israel
Miss. Aguadilla
Racial Profile Director of the NYPD
FBI Summerfield
FBI Captain of Summerfield
FBI Chief of Summerfield
Pentagon Director
Pentagon Chief 

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Community Center

Vanessa at St. Theresa's

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Annex Gym

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Public Library.

Vanessa Palmer - Host

Vanessa visiting Al Capone's House

Vanessa at the Al Capone jail

Clip 3

Vanessa at the Columbo Jail

Clip 9

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Library

Clip 18

Vanessa at the Columbo - Red Door.

Clip 21

Vanessa - Crest

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Vanessa Palmer Blas' Photo Gallery
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Vanessa Palmer Blas' Beautiful Performances
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

they were all t/ mandalay bay as a family, ryan did, wrote the astroslam horoscope.
10:06 pm edt 

they packed underwear, sporty stuff, dressed sporty, and jeans.
10:02 pm edt 

hoegie was the mission bell, her, shawn, and w/ t/ kids, and the salvation army for al
9:34 pm edt 

she wore american underwear, they all did
9:31 pm edt 

they packed their wetting drops, rewetting drops.
9:21 pm edt 

they'll be attending a u.s. air force graduation.
7:57 pm edt 

had a text from a cousin, she wore mormon underwear, mormon pajamas, mormon p.j.'s, and amish underwear, and amish pajamas, inc., and red underwear, and blue underwear, and white underwear, and pink underwear, and black underwear, and white underwear, inc.
7:53 pm edt 

they'll be gone for seven days, from june 1st, through the seventh of june, and all of this they've done before
7:51 pm edt 

they took the Village Airport Van service, the shuttle for going and coming, for an early flight, in the wee hours of the morning, we departed from Orlando to San antonio, tx, on southwest airlines.
7:47 pm edt 

she got a text from Jonathan Heffelfinger.
6:03 pm edt 

used german paper, american paper, european paper, british paper, puerto rican paper, french paper, inc.
4:37 pm edt 

they left notes on the fridge, refrigerator, and her on the vanity, and they on the kitchen table, and kitchen counter, inc., they got everything ready for travel, their travel, inc.
4:24 pm edt 

they packed toiletries, and hair spray.
3:17 pm edt 

put things in her safe.
12:16 pm edt 

left her keys
12:06 pm edt 

they spoke to the post lady, postal lady before they travel, and a neighbor, someone will water their plants while they're away, and their grass will be cut while they're away, they left the key to the fence.
12:05 pm edt 

they all had FBI numbers, and Special agent numbers, and 00 numbers, inc., and CIA numbers., and pentagon numbers, and detective numbers, and police, dea numbers, inc., and sheriff numbers, us gov't numbers.
12:03 pm edt 

they threw out their garbage at the dump before their trip., inc.
11:16 am edt 

put holy water on before leaving, and before their flight, and they printed their boarding passes, and flight tickets, ticket information for the airline, inc.
11:14 am edt 

they labeled everything packed.
10:55 am edt 

they packed a toothpaste, and tea bags, inc., and divided things, in zip-loc bags, inc.
10:40 am edt 

they carried, packed, Band-aids, band-aides
10:12 am edt 

lit a candle for their Safe Travel
10:09 am edt 

they packed Sleepy Time tea, per day, and each a pill box, and divided things, their belongings in bags, and had bottled the labels, inc.
10:08 am edt 

their Flight Number was #1921.
10:06 am edt 

they packed small towels w/ them., inc.
9:31 am edt 

her dad packed his insulin in a bag., inc.
9:20 am edt 

they packed, took their phone chargers, a night light, inc.
9:17 am edt 

she was in the A-31, Group, early check-in, on SW, was checked in already, with the early bird., inc.
9:13 am edt 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

had checked in on her plane ticket, tickets, 36 hrs before, on any airplane, airline, and early, all of them, together, inc.
11:11 pm edt 

slash invented milly vanilli w/ slash hitman, inc., and stephan t/ mirror twins w/ her, too, and her parents, too., inc.
11:09 pm edt 

slash was milly vanilly, milly vanilli, was celestial seasonings w/ her dad, her, all of them, inc., he produced records for her dad, he was slash mob
11:04 pm edt 

was on the World of Dance, they all were, she had tea, w/ lemon, and cayenne pepper, w/ a steeped tea bag, tea-bag, inc.
10:26 pm edt 

packed, brought a magazine w/ her, her mom takes a mag. w/ her to read on t/ plane, she read on the plane., inc.
10:02 pm edt 

won best female head clown in t/ fbi, had butter w/ cheese on an english muffin, inc., had a muslim sandwich with no meat, had a muslim roast beef sandwich, a muslim turkey sandwich, a muslim meat sandwich, w/ hydrogenated oil, inc., in and out of the home, and bought muslim sandwiches from the corner stores in ridgewood, queens, inc.
9:43 pm edt 

they had blue cookies, w/ stars, in red white and blue, more, and they put the plants outside, inc.
9:29 pm edt 

ryan produced paula cole, and shawn, and w/ t/ kids, and shawn and henry, again, and t/ pentagon jail, was left under johnson, ryan johnson at that, inc.
9:06 pm edt 

her parents put their meds boxes on t/ kitchen counter, she put her things, her belongings on bedrm chair, and on her vanity., inc.
7:29 pm edt 

sent john g. roberts, jr., a cia email
6:22 pm edt 

went and saw the african art exhibit at usf, and went to t/ peter pan play w/ shawn, henry, and her whole entire family and kids, and friends, and then some, inc., at school, at t/ college, at t/ university, inc.
6:08 pm edt 

worked on t/ international mafia file w/ john hoegler in t/ fbi, cia, inc.
6:05 pm edt 

invented, created, t/ green zipper, and t/ greek zipper w/ mark, inc., he, mark worked on t/ greek file w/ her, and then some, inc., cesar pulgarin had done her nails, fingernails, toenails, inc., jose hernandez had done her hair, and so did papo, and chango, sebastian's her chango, and her and, w/ sebastian were her dad's Chango, inc., it meant good spirit, inc., nicky jam did her hair, had done her nails and hair, hair and nails, and bought her things, inc., bracelets and stuff., inc.
6:04 pm edt 

she wore elephant earrings, more of them, inc., and her dad packed his medicine in two bags, and her mom helped him, they helped each other out, inc.
4:20 pm edt 

had a us post office username, user name
2:53 pm edt 

wore black shorts, green shorts, inc.
2:03 pm edt 

worked FBI NY, was FBI Mob, since she was a little girl, per harry, and william muller, t/ original one, inc., the first one, inc., they packed their medicine, medicines, med., meds, luggage.
1:52 pm edt 

al taught her italian.
10:23 am edt 

took french in italy w/ tiger and shawn, inc.
10:13 am edt 

was marlon brando, shawn and joe, her dad, owned t/ marlon brando min for her, inc., was in a dmv commercial w/ tiger, inc., and tiger, took a whole bunch of butterfly pictures, all of it, and shawn did too, and henry took a lot of butterfly pics for her, and tony, and gloria, inc.
9:39 am edt 

Monday, May 29, 2017

had an fbi computer at home, then a special agent computer at home, changed them, turned them in to be destroyed over the yrs, in nigeria, before that in kenya, a 0 computer/laptop, a 0013 computer, and laptop, computer, and then laptop, inc., a cia computer, a 00 computer / and laptop, a 00 computer, and a 00 laptop, a 0013 laptop, inc.
10:49 pm edt 

they were all part of the american red cross, including her father's grandfather, brunettes, bruno, bruno 2, and tiger, tige., inc., and cesars, cesar., inc., and domingo, and andy, and t/ kids, inc.
9:56 pm edt 

cesar was a gerber too, cesar pulgarin, inc.
9:35 pm edt 

slash was a gerber too, slash hitman, and shawn, too, inc.
9:35 pm edt 

cesar pulgarin did her nails, fingernails, too, inc., her dad was a gerber baby, they were all gerber babies, inc., palmer was palmer, Palmer, Palmer, Palmer Palmer, Palmer Cortland was a Palmer, Palmer, Cortland, Palmer Cortland, Sr. and Jr., Cortland, Palmer, inc., matt leblanc had paid for her hair, and had done her hair too, inc., and shawn's too, inc., and the kids, and they were all on the show, man with a plan, they were all on Superior Donuts, Superior Doughnuts, inc., her dad was a gerber too, inc.
9:34 pm edt 

produced WV, Women's Voice w/ cesar., inc.
8:31 pm edt 

they had red, white and blue star cookies, white cookies.
8:24 pm edt 

cesar pulgarin, and john brennan had cleaned her teeth, and jose hernandez had washed her hair, her, his, she washed his, he did her hair, inc., for memorial day affairs, inc., mark wills had bought her a cd, and so did cesar, cesar pulgarin, she gave him one, many, of them, inc., and shawn many, inc.
7:15 pm edt 

sent Emojis to people
7:07 pm edt 

they got, and gave a card to patrick
7:04 pm edt
6:53 pm edt
6:52 pm edt 

she, they, packed their toiletries.
5:41 pm edt 

they used a large zip loc bag for their bottles, packed, and toiletries.
5:39 pm edt 

and her mom didn't pack too much clothing, she was on P, Pi, Dr. Juan, inc.
5:34 pm edt 

she didn't pack too much clothing.
5:33 pm edt 

got an email from Landis from Walmart Contacts
4:45 pm edt 

her, and her parents put travel notices with their bank on their credit and debit cards.
4:39 pm edt 

she and her mom got their nails done, and she got her toenails done, her mom in peach, and her Son of Rockefeller, Kayla did her mom's nails, and Jayden did her nails and toenails.
4:16 pm edt 

wore a 28/6, nine west jeans, shorts.
10:06 am edt 

both sr. and jr., inc.
9:40 am edt 

John F. Kennedy was a Palmer, was Palmer, John F. Palmer, John F. Kennedy, Palmer.
9:24 am edt 

both sr. and jr., the same, one, at the same time.
9:22 am edt 

Nick Lachey was a Palmer, Nick Palmer
9:22 am edt 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

her and ryan were in Fir, and her and ryan, and shawn and the kids, and hoegie, dear, dr., as a doctor, inc.
11:33 pm edt 

they each packed, bottles, and conditioner.
10:46 pm edt 

they each packed shampoo bottles, each time.
10:28 pm edt 

carried, packed, a container w/ face lotion.
10:18 pm edt 

carried her contacts in her purse.
10:14 pm edt 

she carried wet ones, wipes in her purse.
10:04 pm edt 

they separated everything, packed, in bags, clear bags, carried white w/ red string bags, used zip-loc bags, inc.
9:48 pm edt 

hoegie was Masha, and she was in Masha and the Bear, and they together were Masha and the Bear, she was Masha, inc., they packed a blower, a hair blower, and their toiletries, individually, and together, but separately, with a bag, each, inc.
9:43 pm edt 

her mom, and she packed a bra each, her bras, inc.
9:35 pm edt 

they packed each a dress outfit, her a couple, her a couple of pants, and long tops, too, inc.
9:08 pm edt 

they packed, took their slippers, flats, comfortable shoes, and some lift, inc., comfortable pants, inc., and to go with, inc.
8:52 pm edt 

per william her assignment was ny ocala., her ny marion county her mom, and ny marion oaks her dad.
8:22 pm edt 

her assignment in t/ fbi per harry was fbi mafia, and the departed, and per william muller, her assignment was fbi mafia as well, and fbi ny.
8:21 pm edt 

they, she, packed shorts, and tops, and her, and her dad, pants, inc., and they pajamas, in full, pjs, inc.
7:56 pm edt 

her dad, harry, hoegie, her, all of them, created the country of chad, she lit a candle to it., inc., and Clay Manley was a Capone, and an air force captain and chief, a u.s. air force captain and chief, inc.
6:46 pm edt 

they started packing two weeks before the trip.
6:42 pm edt 

was still bourney agency. inc
6:35 pm edt 

her parents packed their individual suitcases in t/ other bedrm, inc.
6:27 pm edt 

packed her purse
6:19 pm edt 

she had French Toast, the french combo, eggs, turkey sausage links, cold brew coffee w/ whip cream, and a french vanilla cafe, inc.
5:24 pm edt 

they each packed their shoes, separately, in individual bags, night, slippers, in one, day shoes, in the other, inc.
5:18 pm edt 

they packed midday, their clothes.
4:56 pm edt 

her and her father were on the FBI's Most Wanted List in the 80's, 1980, in 1981 for her mom, w/ her mom, as genovese, in 1980 as columbo, and back in 1982, as american mafia, mob, american mob, and john hoffman was a u.s. air force captain, and chief, pilot as well, and he sent her prisoners to nigeria, inc., father and son, father & son, both, sr. and jr., like john hoegler and his son, inc., john hoegler & his son, john hoegler owned johnson & johnson, inc., she worked for them, they all did, inc.
4:44 pm edt 

her mom served in church, engus johnson, sr., enguss johnson, sr, engus johnson, jr., engus johnson, was, were, air force captains, and chiefs, inc.
4:41 pm edt
4:17 pm edt, her, her mom, and her dad, got a pin each of an american flay w/ cross in v, crossed flags, of the american flag, and the u.s. flag, and a white star patch on white woven in plastic sealed bags, each as well, she got five stars, inc.
4:14 pm edt 

wore owl w/ turquoise earrings, a black hair clip, clips, inc.
10:16 am edt 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

rob zombie was a u.s. air force captain and chief, both sr. and jr., and they were both capones, inc.
11:18 pm edt 

was Betty White, w/ hoegie., inc.
11:09 pm edt 

saul was in The Tudors, she was Blanche, Blanch, she was in Sealed, Sealed with a Kiss, and was Blanche Devoroe, inc., married to henry nakhla's min, inc.
11:08 pm edt 

they covered their cups w/ aluminum foil, the cans, too, a tear, jared johnson, sr. and jr., jared johnson, sr., and jr. were u.s. air force captains and chiefs, u.s. chiefs, inc.
10:07 pm edt 

was in All for Love.
9:21 pm edt 

they each packed their underwear in a separate bag, for and in their suitcase, inc., they each had a suitcase, her parents suitcases were separate, inc.
8:43 pm edt 

jared loughner was a u.s. air force captain and chief, and john hoegler the same, and hoegie, they were all u.s. air force captains and chiefs, inc.
7:51 pm edt 

was in Moonlight, Moonlighting, inc, Moonlit, inc.
7:25 pm edt 

she was still a CIA agent, a cia operative operating, working in the middle east, and from the u.s.
7:10 pm edt 

con gris, they started packing, got an offer to live in the middle east, she worked in the middle east, caught illegal certificates of people trying to teach as a professor at universities, and changing their names trying to work there in teaching.
7:06 pm edt 

was FBI National Guard w/ shawn, inc., was FBI Air Force., inc., was Pentagon Air Force w/ Ryan, Air Ryan, was Air Vanessa, inc., they were sent to bomb the Taliban, they bombed Afghanistan, Al Quaeda, and Taliban, the Taliban, inc., and shipped harry back to sea, she was 1500 hours, hrs., at sea Vanessa, per the fbi, and william muller, inc, at and in blue Sea, Vanessa, inc.
5:43 pm edt 

they used t/ Nice!, Fresh Linen, air freshener, was FBI Marine, FBI Marine Corps, FBI Navy, her parents were both, FBI Navy, she was FBI Air Guard, and CIA Air Guard w/ hoegie, and w/ shawn FBI Army, and was CIA Army with Raymond Davis, inc., was FBI Police w/ Scott Peterson, inc., and was Pentagon Police w/ Ryan.
5:40 pm edt 

was FBI Army, was FBI - U.S. Air Force.
4:50 pm edt 

they each took and a packed a laundry bag, and they boxed their shoes, and wrapped their purses, her and her mom in bags, to prevent dust, or getting dirty, inc.
4:16 pm edt
4:06 pm edt, her sister, nicole, cooked, cleaned, for her, washed her clothes, helped around the house, they all did, she did too, and ironed for her, and she cooked, cleaned, helped her, washed and ironed her clothes, too, as well, inc.
4:05 pm edt 

bruno washed her clothes, and she washed his clothes, her brother's, inc.
2:14 pm edt 

drake was their neighbor on Jefferson, bruno had ironed her clothes, she had ironed bruno's clothes, bruno had ironed his sister's clothes, she had ironed her brother's clothes, inc., eminem was their neighbor on jefferson avenue, drake was jose baez, jose baez, jr., also, inc., william muller iii, was their neighbor on jefferson avenue, on the east, on the tail-end, john legend and his parents were their neighbors on jefferson avenue, and john legend their neighbor on jefferson avenue, as well, and so was beyonce, inc., and she was beyonce baez, inc., they killed black brothels per the cia, inc.
1:42 pm edt 

her grandmother on her mother's side had and signed her living will, her own, inc.
11:28 am edt 

she had ironed her underwear w/ chad., inc., and her father's underwear, and her boyfriend's, inc.
11:23 am edt 

after Trump's election, she worked, once again, for Bush, in the Secret Service.
11:11 am edt 

her mom used a green folder.
10:38 am edt, went to muslim school w/ samuel, and john brennan, replies to all of her emails, send her smileys, messages, and things, and of the sort, inc.
9:52 am edt 

Friday, May 26, 2017

was, they all were, 12, 26, 28, 24, 23, 25, EHM, MHU, MEH, UHs, inc., uah's, inc., ask harry, inc., aum, aum's, huc's, aumms, m's., inc.
10:34 pm edt 

filled and packed her purse, her parents started packing, clothes and toiletries, inc.
10:29 pm edt 

was on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, they all were, inc., and in various commercials, inc.
10:11 pm edt 

packed a large white w/ red string bag for dirty, soiled clothes, her grocery cart filled it up to mid-full, at full, and her parents grocery shopped w/ their cart full of yellow and green colors, her an assorted type of colors, a conglomeration, inc.
9:42 pm edt 

was, they were all on t/ Love Connection, and on First Dates, and kapri makenzi was an air force captain, kapri mackenzi, and heather weintrobe was an air force captain and chief of her own units, like kyle, and reagan catozzi was a us air force captain and chief, and so was kapri, kapri mackenzie.
8:59 pm edt 

Eric Fishkin, shawn's friend, like, mark, and kyle, his friends, he was an Air Force Captain and Air Force Chief of his own unit, units, of the u.s., in and of, t/ u.s., inc.
8:22 pm edt 

wore white shorts, pants, white pants
8:07 pm edt 

got tissues w/ gophers, seaweed, trees and a safari, inc.
7:32 pm edt 

got tissues w/ fish, seaweed and water
7:29 pm edt 

got a Wifi Name, set that, spoke w/ Peach at, from centurylink, CenturyLink, inc., got a Best Buy password, they had, got a century link account number, #, HP E-Print password, account, product number, serial number, coupon code, a Wifi Name, password, Model Number, and one, a set by century link, one named, and preset, used both, all, and default ones, too, got a Wireless Key/Passphrase, Wireless Network Name, and SSID.
7:26 pm edt 

wore green, ball earrings, in mint green, in mint, had a mint, used diamond cups, square cups, triangle cups., inc.
5:05 pm edt, got an email from t/ president of the muslim public affairs council, Salam Marayati.
4:04 pm edt
4:01 pm edt 

her, and her mom got their hair done at Fantastic Sams, her mom a haircut, blowdry, wet, cut, and style, she got her hair dyed, a golden blonde, a retouch, cut, haircut, blowdry, and style, and they both got their hair done by Shunia, their stylist, hair stylist, a hair wash, a hair style, inc.
3:36 pm edt 

carried purse lotion, and a purse spray in her purse.
10:35 am edt 

got tissues w/ fish, fishes, an octopus, and a whale.
9:40 am edt 

her mom dyed her hair.
9:39 am edt 

had a quest bar, in white chocolate, raspberry sorbet.
9:27 am edt 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

her and her dad were pentatonix, and shawn and hoegie, w/ t/ kids, inc.
11:42 pm edt 

got an email from Rand Paul, and Charlie Crist.
11:30 pm edt 

used a black, silver, and white pen, and her and her parents got blue travel jars, each, in packs, and her parents got toothbrush covers, and they washed and hung their cosmetic bags, inc.
11:17 pm edt 

they used Finding Dory tissues, purse tissues, Visine, and the Pilot, V5, precise pens.
10:46 pm edt 

was on Running Wild, and bought everything yup yup, yuppie, and wore yuppie clothing, inc.
10:30 pm edt 

used t/ strawberry sorbet eos lip balm, w/ jojoba oil, and shea butter, dressed in yuppie, was a yuppie, as well, during, and throughout college.
10:29 pm edt 

used a grab 'n' go travel pack, w/ labeled, labeled t/ bottles, in red, pink, green, and blue, and her mom did too, in bags, and her dad, in bags, inc., too, for shampoo, conditioner, water, lotion, body wash, spf, w/ names, filled out, in part and in full.
9:48 pm edt 

used t/ kleenex, go anywhere packet.
8:54 pm edt 

used a green soap dish holder
8:43 pm edt 

got a red and black, white suitcase lock, and a black eyebrown pencil sharpener, t/ dual, small and medium
8:04 pm edt 

used a rose gold, beige lip gloss.
7:48 pm edt 

used a brown, cashmere lipstick
7:44 pm edt 

used a blue w/ stars, snowflakes, tissue box, inc., in white, too.
7:37 pm edt 

lit a mint green, yankee candle, in paradise found, ricky martin was a capone, and so was eddie murphy sr., and jr., inc.
7:35 pm edt 

used t/ red, wet ones, t/ sun comfort spf, travel-size stuff.
7:25 pm edt 

used t/ nexxus conditioner, in white orchid, vibrancy retention.
7:21 pm edt 

wore black and white slippers, flip flops.
7:08 pm edt
6:37 pm edt, got an email from t/ Office of Justice Programs., inc., from John G. Roberts, Jr.
2:47 pm edt 

Eddie Murphy was a Capone, not so fast, inc., etc., and so was Axl, etc., got an email from Plenti, inc.
2:42 pm edt 

Sinbas was a Capone, and Calle 13 were all Capones., and Axl Rose was a Capone.
2:28 pm edt
2:22 pm edt
2:18 pm edt
2:16 pm edt 

got an email from Larry P. Arrn, from Hillsdale College.
2:15 pm edt, her, axl and slash were orishas, orishnas were her mom and dad for axl, inc., etc.
2:14 pm edt
2:13 pm edt$6XNTNU-xQvGZpo4XrORrjbLTdaugImJxpZ-X0pkyHYzz$TVmd4QeUNOqABNSda4U47ZOJ8Bzfx0E0jiUyGfAa-oFahsbU8CWw1$VPa8rMD6l8U95qI4v7g9RKwOO7d$u-2Zj$jrdjRwOfzxUrjgRegxg-HU4SVPsTfJ7l63pE3uV5dL4hNuXezO$FdIizaJx2TIEVc
2:12 pm edt
2:11 pm edt
2:10 pm edt, did her toenails in t/ same color, etc., etcetera, etcetera.
2:09 pm edt, axl, axl rose had bought her t/ whole orishas album, inc., she used to buy, get orishnas from other places, distant lands, and places, and things, etc., and so on and so forth, orishas, inc.
2:07 pm edt 

they were orishnas, Orishnas, they were in jail, inc., had a jail in t/ ny jail, in marion oaks, ocala, marion county, and in the jail birds, jailbirds site, sites, they were all on site, inc., had an fbi phone, cell phone, cellular phone, inc., special agent phone, a 0 phone, a 00 phone, a 0013 phone, a cia phone, a cop phone, a donnie brasco phone, a detective phone, an ice phone, a cellular cop phone, an axl phone, a slash phone, a his and her slash phone, slash had a phone, a walkie talkie, a mindstream phone, she did as well, inc., and they're in dead -- help out, inc., an axl rose phone, with him, inc.
2:01 pm edt
1:48 pm edt 

they got an email from turner pest control, she got an email from Axl., inc.
1:46 pm edt 

harry and aron hernandez got her t/ sling, and t/ slingshot w/ shawn, and shawn in t/ jail, it was in t/ cia jail, t/ u.s. federal jail, us federal prison jail, inc.
12:54 pm edt 

wore black stone earrings, of stone, inc., and a brown and black hair clip, w/ thongs, forks, inc.
12:52 pm edt 

and had a body at war--type, war-type, at war body, bod-e.
11:28 am edt 

and was mormon in t/ pentagon, as well, inc., by 35, cia, by 35 cia, muslim 30, 31 male, 32 female, 33 male children, children, at that, got, and had a double 07 body, a body at war, a war body, a 007 body at war body, inc., and at home, 007 paid for and she did too, got a star body, paid for by shawn, and her, her, too, all the way, paid for all of her own things, owned herself, inc., and her husband, and her children, body at war
11:27 am edt 

aaron hernandez got her sling in t/ cia, in t/ cia jail, in t/ u.s. federal prison, she was a federal, she wore mormon clothes, clothing, inc., and used, and bought mormon things, w/ her children, and husband., inc., and boyfriend.
11:25 am edt 

put, placed, her suitcase on their futon.
11:23 am edt 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

henry nakhla was a capone, so was jim carrey a capone, and his dad, jim carr, jim carrey, both sr. and jr., were capones, inc., and she created word excel, excel, and math, on word documents, w/ shawn and hoegie, phyllise and edward, inc., phyllis
11:41 pm edt 

has been mormon for over 15 yrs by assignment, and then, before and after willingly, inc., henry invented microsoft word, and hoegie, word starter, microsoft word starter, started it, and had a genovese plate both of them, and he invented microsoft word without him then w/ him, again, and then before that and then some w/ shawn t/ microsoft kit, and she created microsoft works w/ hoegie, him, he, and them, all of them together in separate mins and then put together, inc.
11:30 pm edt 

she was Mormon by assignment in both at a time in t/ fbi and in t/ cia, inc., and upstairs, in t/ loft, in t/ attic, lived in t/ attic, w/ her friends, and in t/ loft w/ her husband, then boyfriend, and the children, their children.
11:25 pm edt 

was in dirty dancing w/ her boyfriend, in an avmed commercial
10:06 pm edt 

andy cohen was a capone, and he and she were bravado, she was bravado w/ him., both andy cohen, sr., and andy cohen, jr., were both capones., inc.
8:14 pm edt 

michael keaton was a 13, she sent books and cds to all of her friends, and fbi, 0s, 00s, special agents, cia, pentagon, police, sheriffs, fire, firemen, and michael keaton, sr, and before michael keaton who was michael keaton, jr., was also a thirteen, both
7:37 pm edt 

passed t/ presidential exam at t/ age of 1, and she gave all of the books and cds to them, and to her 13s., inc., and to her mins.
7:12 pm edt 

stephan hoegler was a 13, was on lo se todo, sent them all smileys, text, texts, v/ms, v/m, mail, on hardcover, hard cover, digitally, on digital, sent them and made them all calls, phone calls, left messages, talked to them on the phone, and on, in-person, inc., they've all testified in court, in the courts system, court system, inc.
6:01 pm edt 

henry was, she sent hoegie, john hoegler, and shawn a card each, cards, and henry, and pat, patrick, shawn 2, eric, eric 2, ben, benjamin, kimmie, phyllise, edward, alex, and debbie, deb, debra, deborah, inc., and 007, and harry, t/ kids, henry, again, inc., and e-mails, and e-cards, and texts, sent them all voice-mails, well-wishes, and messages, throughout her life, and theirs, inc.
5:36 pm edt 

her and shawn invented fila, filas., inc.
4:48 pm edt 

and had a prison in t/ ny jail, on t/ state troopers side too, and in t/ ice jail, per harry and hoegie, and in t/ fl prison, federal prison, per harry, hoegie, john hoegler, and henry, shawn, edward and phyllise, phyllis, phyllyse
4:48 pm edt 

had a prison in bklyn jail, in queens jail, in queens cty jail w/ shawn, at riker's island, in p.r., in san juan w/ her dad, in puerto rico, in tampa, jail, tampa jail, in coleman federal prison, jail, and in t/ florida prison per john hoegler and then harry, and in puerto rico again, and in france, germany, and then in great britain, t/ u.k. and in london as well.
4:44 pm edt 

wore white and black Zebra, zebra earrings, worked on t/ zebra operation in t/ pentagon, inc.
4:20 pm edt 

her dad got his laser treatment, she wore navy, blue, white, peach, green, and army green flowered panties, she invented mymail, and gmail w/ samuel alito, jr, and shawn invented t/ android, inc., w/ hary
2:56 pm edt 

her dad got his medicare shoes sized, her dad got a haircut, inc.
1:42 pm edt 

her mom cleaned her suitcase w/ spray n wash, she let it out to dry all day in t/ garage on top of t/ washing machine.
10:15 am edt 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

had a vanessa jail in kenya per john brennan, and a vanessa palmer one there too, and a vanessa johnson one in nigeria, in t/ special agency, and in t/ pentagon, and in t/ secret service agency., and for each, one in america, and t/ one as, for vanessa baez in america, t/ u.s., and at in desert storm, per shawn, t/ head of u.s. desert storm, desert storm, and another in t/ 007 agency, 007 jail, half, of 007's jail, one side, t/ rt side, and he t/ lft side, inc., and her severine jail is 007s to man, not harry, and another in t/ 00 agency.
11:29 pm edt 

she owned Malcom X, Malcolm X, per john hoegler, in t/ pentagon, and john hoegler in t/ fbi., inc., and shawn had a blue and white contact lens case, shawn wore a lens, a hooter lens, he was a u.s. soldier, and had worn, wore two lenses, too, inc., and he had, shawn a green and white contact lens case, and henry, a blue and white one him, too, and both of them, each, a yellow and white contact lens case, and so did she, and green and yellow, and yellow and red, inc., and henry worked egyptian mafia, in t/ fbi, and had, worked on t/ egyptian file in t/ cia, and she did both as well, inc., and her mom did too, her dad, so did malcolm x, malcom x, inc., and john hoegler, hoegie, and jared, jareds, inc.
11:20 pm edt 

shawn invented brainworks, Brainworks, andy garcia got, bought it for her during times of war, in war, time of war, and robert deniro as well, the same, bought it for her, more brainworks, and ops, more ops, matt damon, and jason bourne, everything, he needed for her too to communicate and so on.
10:05 pm edt 

her dad used a blue and white contact lens case from his eye doctor, and shawn got a blue and white case too, a blue and white contact lens case, too.
9:02 pm edt 

used a mint green journal, wore silver and red guitar earrings.
7:59 pm edt
7:57 pm edt 

did her toenails in taupe it off, in taupe, mute, muted colors
4:18 pm edt 

used a red and white, go red for women day event, inc.
1:57 pm edt 

jack the ripper visited them in brooklyn, on jefferson, visited their home., inc.
1:49 pm edt 

her dad slept w/ his contact, t/ lft one, lft eye, she was #661 in chi o, and #662 in and as U.S. Air Force Captain and Chief, in t/ 661 jail, and her dad, w/ her in t/ 663 in t/ air force, u.s., as well, and in t/ jail, inc., in and as of, thereof, per se, per sey, say.
12:56 pm edt 

her dad went for his retina check-up.
12:54 pm edt 

was Agent Baez on Blue Bloods, and Police Officer Baez on blue bloods, and Detective Baez on blue bloods, too
10:18 am edt 

Monday, May 22, 2017

her dad had gotten a yellow pill cutter w/ from chase, and her mom got a white pill cutter from and by dr. panchal's office, she had gotten a green pill cutter from t/ va., inc., and a purple pill cutter for hoegie, and a white one a pill cutter for shawn, b/c he was in pharmaceuticals, pharma sales, pharmaceutical sales, inc., from t/ va, both, and from dr. panchal's office, as well, and henry got a red one, a red pill cutter from henry, from dr. panchal's office, and a green one from t/ va, and a white one from shawn, and for shawn, back.
11:28 pm edt 

Vanessa Baez
11:20 pm edt 

her dad was given a pill cutter from dr. panchal's office., inc.
11:00 pm edt 

her got a purple pill cutter
10:59 pm edt 

she, they, got brand new suitcase, luggage tags, she cleaned her suitcase, her mother, too, she laid her suitcase in t/ other bedrm, on t/ bed there.
4:56 pm edt 

wore khaki, a khaki blouse, w/ rinestones, on cufflinks, inc., and also a , a pale blue, light blue, w/ dark blue, navy, in hue, blue, paisley blouse, inc.
4:42 pm edt 

wore blue, jean, jeans, shorts, to, and up to t/ knee, and under and over, inc., w/ pockets, black jean, blue jean, khaki, army shorts, inc., navy, navy blue shorts, w/ buttons, front pockets, one, two, back, on backside, two-pocket, two pockets, front button, buttons, front buttons, right-side buttons, to t/ left and on t/ rt. side, sides.
4:39 pm edt 

shawn had a smartphone, and a samsung, a galaxy, too., inc., and she wore soda, and candies', candies shoes, white, grey, orange and green, w/ beige sandals, w/ forks, handas, handbags, and handals, handels, handles, handls, inc., w/ dark brown, under, w/ beige, inc.
4:35 pm edt 

wore gold, brown, w/ rhinestone, rinestone, rhinestones, italian shoemaker, shoemaker shoes, mules, inc., shoes made in italy, silver, strap, indian shoes, israeli israel shoes, coash, coach, coaster shoes
4:33 pm edt 

wore horse and horsey, horsie earrings, worked on t/ horse operation, and t/ turquoise operation, and t/ crip operation, t/ latin king operation, and t/ gang operation, operations, white mob operations, black gang operations, black gang operation, t/ sicilian mafia, gestapo operation, t/ sicilian mob operation, inc., t/ spanish mafia operation, t/ spanish mob operation, inc.
3:42 pm edt 

changed her contacts again.
2:37 pm edt 

had changed her contacts
2:32 pm edt 

and wore w/ turquoise pajamas, and wore pink, green, and blue, w/ baby pink flowered underwear, panties, inc.
2:20 pm edt 

her mom was baptized at 7 by her godmother, her dad went and got his health check-up, thyroid check-up, inc., she was Information Technology in t/ fbi and in t/ pentagon, eric 2 was programmed as a cop of and in and out of the pentagon, her son, and inc., and therefore, Eric, her son, was programmed as a cop, cia cop of the cia and in and of the pentagon, and out, as well, clean under it, clean under me, them, us, inc., clean under the u.s., america, puerto rico, germany, france, great britain, she was Britania, britainia, inc.
2:09 pm edt 

wore turquoise underwear
1:51 pm edt 

wore peds, white socks, blue and white flower, flowered pjs, pajamas, again, inc.
12:17 pm edt 

her mom served in church more than a couple of times, her dad went to t/ va for his apt., and she wore white, peach, navy, navy blue underwear, briefs, brief, inc.
10:57 am edt 

they used a Levoro, she and shawn, shawn had a dell, inc.
10:37 am edt 

got and used a new HP Notebook PC, laptop, black, sleek, in thin, thin, w/o a mouse, intel, core i5, 7th gen, smartphone, scan, w/ reviews, videos, features, specs, support
10:34 am edt 

her mom wore a new outfit for mother's day
10:11 am edt 

her dad went to get his laser three times, a check-up, twice, her mom got her check-ups, inc., she wore flowered, blue and white pajamas, satin, lace, corduroy, her mom for her flare-ups, inc.
10:04 am edt 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

they had their grass cut, they got new blinds, had them installed in t/ living rm, t/ other bedrm, twice, living rm twice, master bedrm, thrice, again, just like in t/ garage, and they had their grass mowed, lawn done, and their home around it sprayed by t/ pest control guy, jeffrey thomas, and ray, inc., bought t/ laptop by david johnson, wore polka dot earrings, spike earrings, dot earrings, little earrings, dots, and keys, and so on in t/ min and out, inc., smooth, smoothe ones, dart ones, kyle ones, kari ones, inc., her mom got a new outfit for mother's day, and her mom got a card, from herlinda, linda, joanne, megan, meghan, and frank, inc.
11:54 pm edt 

got a new HP Notebook, turned in t/ old laptop to best buy, got a credit receipt, bought one from there, again, got t/ warranty, and t/ geek squad protection, again for a yr, over a yr., spoke w/ david johnson
11:48 pm edt 

cher got a billboard
10:47 pm edt
was lorde on the billboard music award, and vanessa hudgens
10:27 pm edt 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

wore german shoes, and irish shoes., inc., henry was wack, inc.
8:59 am edt 

her dad had his check-up at t/ doc's.
8:56 am edt 

they droffed off a bag full of magazines to t/ marion oaks assisted living center.
8:55 am edt 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

mark, shawn, her, her mom and dad, her parents, had, and owned Chipotle, w/ sebastian, and bruno, and al, it was al's idea, and her grandpa on her dad's side, and bruno 2, and tiger, was an investor, inc., tig.
9:38 pm edt 

fany had given her a box of cards, and nancy had given her a stack of note-cards, inc.
9:21 pm edt 

shawn was a cia assasin, assasin, ralph's mom, tina, had given her a pair of shoes, inc.
9:00 pm edt 

t/ aaron hernandez case was her dad's case, formerly her mom's, and her parents, and her's too, and shawn's, and bruno's, and bruno 2's, and saul's, and shawn's again., inc.
7:52 pm edt 

wore a black, reaction, kenneth cole, bag, purse
7:48 pm edt, they went to Earth Fare, inc.
7:05 pm edt 

wore purple, 360, perry ellis perfume.
5:48 pm edt 

got an email from, Retail Customer Service, saul hudson was pentagon, paul hammond was pentagon, prada was a special agent, thomas johnson was a special agent, and pentagon, and thomas johnson's brother, was an assassin, and was pentagon, and was pentagon brother, inc., and was a brother assasin, inc., and so was thomas, per her dad, inc., he was her contact, though, inc., and thomas johnson's father, both, sr., and jr., were special agents, and pentagon, inc.
5:24 pm edt 

wore silver Soda brand sandals, w/ clasp, cook, and all, etc., etcetera, etcetera, inc.
1:21 pm edt 

changed her contacts
1:15 pm edt 

saul hudson was a special agent and a u.s. marshal, inc.
1:13 pm edt 

slash hitman was a special agent, and joe baez, and joseph baez were special agents, as well, and harry, and henry, inc.
12:47 pm edt 

paul hammond was a special agent, slash was a special agent, inc.
12:07 pm edt 

linda, herlinda sent her mom a card, in t/ mail.
12:06 pm edt 

t/ pest control guy sprayed around their home, and on her windows, and around her windows, their windows, inc.
10:26 am edt 

henry had red balls.
9:38 am edt 

Monday, May 15, 2017

paul hammond was in t/ german secret police, and so was his dad, and his dad was also in t/ german state police, secret police again, and so was she in t/ secret police, and danced t/ tootsie roll, inc., they all did, inc.
9:30 pm edt 

paul hammond was in t/ german army, german secret police, german state police, gestapo german secret police, inc.
8:50 pm edt
7:19 pm edt
7:18 pm edt 

did t/ dances: t/ jelly-roll, dido, cockroach, cokroach, t/ diddo, inc., t/ twister, t/ jellies, inc.
5:01 pm edt 

her and engus were No Fear, t/ no fear operation was his dad, enguss, inc., enguss johnson, the jr., inc., and so was henry in no fear, t/ op, operation, in and of the pentagon, inc., and al, and her parents, shawn and w/ t/ kids, and the area., inc., her and william bought t/ program in and for the area, fbi area, inc.
3:40 pm edt 

Shawn Kriskey was a 13, and Engus Johnson, same as Engus Johnson, Jr., and Engus Johnson, Sr., were 13s, as well, hers, inc., and Henry Nakhla was a 13, inc.
3:36 pm edt 

shawn and her were roller skating and roller-blading champions, and henry made them, roller blades and skates, too, and he was Skate, skates, the investigation, the Ice investigation, the Iceman tapes investigation, and so were they, inc.
3:24 pm edt 

wore black and red skate earrings, skates earrings.
Vanessa Baez
3:15 pm edt 

spoke w/ gina and page at
10:21 am edt 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

both of her parents were Intel, and derek.
11:16 pm edt 

her, her mom, her dad, bruno, and sebastian, shawn and the kids, inc. all were doppler, intel op, intel doppler, inc., intel ops, intel opses, inc., intel opsis, intel opses.
10:24 pm edt 

they had white macadamia nut cookies, pilot cookies, she did too, her father, her dad was a pilot, an air force pilot, and so was matty, and kyle, matte, matt, and carl, and mark, mark, inc., and her, inc., and her mom, and her mom was air force captain of her own force and captain, chief of her own unit, and all of them, individually, and then together., inc., t/ whole family, inc.
9:17 pm edt 

derek jeter was a 13, was her 13.
7:35 pm edt 

her mom served in church, they went to carraba's restaurant, had paprika, papricka oil, w/ sesame seed oil w/ bread, Ecco Domani wine, served in a glass, t/ Fettuccini Carraba, t/ House Salad, t/ Main Entree, and they had, split t/ Brulee Risotto Cheesecake, inc.
4:16 pm edt 

wore silver earrings, got and put in her desk, at her desk, an orange pick, pic., facial cleansing wipes, nail polishes, color., inc.
10:25 am edt 

got and wore a paisley shirt, and daffodil earrings, inc.
10:14 am edt 

was in Wyatt Urp, t/ movie, played a cowgirl, a cowboy, a saloon chick, was in as Vanessa on all programs, as herself, inc., they watched a family movie, was in a directv commercial, ad, ads, print, prints, commercials, inc., and century link,, att, at&t, a consumer cellular service ad, and in ads w/ shawn and w/ t/ kids, inc.
9:01 am edt 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

was in an Advil PM commercial.
9:49 pm edt 

her mom dyed her hair.
9:05 pm edt 

harry had his birthday in their house, and eric johnson, reggie johnson, thomas johnson, inc., and erics, slash, and slash hitman, and shawn and with the kids, harry 2, and henry, her mom, her dad, and her, and her and tommy, her on her birthday w/ tommy and her parents, and reggie, inc., in their home, too, in t/ blue house, in t/ blue and grey house.
8:33 pm edt 

giovanni had celebrated his birthday in their home many times, white everything, inc.
8:19 pm edt 

was t/ white frosting, white pearl cake, white pearl frosting, they had a german cake w/ hoegie, a small one, and a big one, inc.
8:17 pm edt 

she did her fingernails in t/ color Peony, her toenails in beige, w/ shimmer, inc., and her mom got cards from olga, ralph, maria, and nancy, inc.
7:23 pm edt 

spoke w/ linda, axl, scott, and cindy, from at&t, both att
2:35 pm edt 

Friday, May 12, 2017

they had veggie tots
7:17 pm edt 

wore the perfume Flower.
4:49 pm edt
4:42 pm edt 

wore purple skull earrings.
3:57 pm edt 

was Vanessa, as Vanessa on Days of Our Lives, Encino Man, To the Earth and to the Moon, inc., Earth to the Moon, and on Still Standing.
1:02 pm edt 

was on Kevin Can Wait as Vanessa, henry was a Cat., inc., changed two lightbulbs in her bathrm, they did.
10:41 am edt 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Carolyn Swanson was her 2nd cousin on her dad's cousin, and her parents picked up their bloodwork results from t/ va.
10:13 pm edt 

john g. roberts, jr., was a 13.
9:37 pm edt 

spoke w/ Vel from century link, henry was sergio valente., inc.
9:02 pm edt 

samuel alito, jr., was a 13.
9:19 am edt 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

thomas johnson was a 13, henry was a duck, inc.
8:47 pm edt 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

raymond davis was a 13
9:38 pm edt 

her, henry, and shawn invented Khalua, Kalua, w/ her mom, and henry invented w/ her and shawn, Avmed, and her parents, and Costco w/ raymond davis and john brennan and her parents, and her and shawn, and att, and
7:52 pm edt 

scott peterson was a 13, henry nakhla was her cia agent, inc., henry nahkla.
7:49 pm edt
7:32 pm edt 

samuel johnson was a 13.
2:19 pm edt 

wore pink and black earrings.
2:17 pm edt 

her parents bloodwork was taken out by Marvin, inc.
12:40 pm edt
9:27 am edt 

her dad got his laser, he got his b-12 shot, and her parents got their bloodwork done, inc., she had t/ quest cookies and cream protein bar, inc., she used the giant swallowtail butterfly on her desktop background, inc.
7:19 am edt 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Vanessa Baez
11:17 pm edt 

Looper was a 13.
8:59 pm edt, she was a Double-Agent, Chino, Chino Baez was a 13, inc.
5:07 pm edt, jared johnson, from the pentagon, was a 13, inc.
4:20 pm edt 

wore skull and crossbone earrings, inc.
3:47 pm edt 

put her son's picture in her phone, and her headshot, her and 007, her and her baby, my son, inc.
3:31 pm edt 

put her picture in her phone
3:30 pm edt 

changed her contacts, changed her phone picture, ringtone, alert, text, desktop background, e-mail background, inc.
2:44 pm edt 

her mom got a card from olga, inc., her and her mom, they, had ordered Avon products from Kathy McDonald, hoegie, william, jared., inc.
1:49 pm edt
1:10 pm edt 

read Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, inc.
10:07 am edt 

Jason, from Friday, the 13th, was a 13.
9:54 am edt 

william muller iii was a 13.
9:43 am edt 

jared loughner, jared johnson, was his own double of 13.
9:36 am edt 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

wore a purple, fuschia sleep bra, was in a dyson commercial, trident, commercials, inc., and in Evita, the play, inc.
8:43 pm edt 

wrote the claire danes story w/ hoegie, and shawn, w/ t/ kids, inc.
7:22 pm edt 

wrote The Rosary with Judy Keffernan, and wrote the story with her mom, inc., momma., inc.
7:21 pm edt 

they helped out, threw out the garbage, and turned off the light decorations, inc.
5:59 pm edt 

played monopoly, lent, house, doctor, more cards, dominoes, dominoes, lifehouse, joe's, joe's playhouse, j.r.'s house, yellow ball, the bourne game, blue ball, the eight ball, inc., chinese checkers, pool, a pool game, pool games, monk, etc., the house, cleared the house, home, house, jail, twister, sorry, sorry!
5:38 pm edt
5:28 pm edt 

shawn was confirmation, her and her mom helped out at t/ Confirmation, cutting the cake, putting it on the plates, had white, green and gold, chocolate, and golden cake, inc.
5:22 pm edt 

wore a brown hair lip, black, owl earrings, an army, green blouse, and a black, rose bracelets w/ roses, inc.
1:25 pm edt 

played with Fashion Plates, inc., with Barbie, barbies, G.I. Joe, barbie's car, played and sang along with Mary, had a little lamb, and read storybooks, went to the library, chewed gum, at candy, and had a lot of pizza and icies, inc.
9:24 am edt 

played in Circles, sang Kumbaya, played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, as a kid, as a child, with others, played with others, made cards, collages, and made scrapbooks, played with a yellow ball, with a yo-yo, craps, hand-in-foot, and played jacks, jax, silver, and metal jacks, with a red, bouncing ball, inc.
9:22 am edt 

played Russian Roulette in t/ fbi
9:19 am edt 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

her and 007 were Grup Niche, and El Grupo Niche, since they were little kids, and The Pointer Sisters, inc.
8:36 pm edt 

sara was their waitress, they met t/ manager of t/ olive garden, kim, they went to carraba's, t/ olive garden, inc., she had salad with creamy parmesan dressing, their waiter was adrian, she had t/ shrimp alfredo breezy, t/ breesi, breesy, inc.
8:29 pm edt
4:15 pm edt 

got white, satin underwear, and a black bra
2:51 pm edt 

did her nails in girly girl
1:02 pm edt 

Friday, May 5, 2017

wrote warren g w/ warren in t/ pentagon mins, they wrote a joann song together, inc.
11:10 pm edt, hoegie, and his dad, jared, loughner, and jared, johnson were Angel, Angels, inc.
10:54 pm edt 

they went to peru, her and ryan, all of them, separate and but yet, together, inc., they worked for Intel, inc.
10:40 pm edt 

she and ryan had Pentacles, and shawn w/ t/ kids, like spidermen, she was to be t/ modern one in t/ u.s., from England, inc.
10:10 pm edt 

got and wore turquoise earrings, inc., joe had a jihad tracker on his lft foot, and her on her rt foot, him in his left calf, top, mid, and bottom, her mom on her left foot too, they've all been to Sana, Sana'A, Sana'a, and Yemen, t/ Jihad min, inc., her and ryan went to yemen together, and shawn w/ t/ kids, inc., and to arcadia, and al quaeda, al quadia, la quada, inc.
9:45 pm edt 

her, and her mom, signed in, to t/ meeting, signed t/ register to loretta ciampi, t/ Ladies Guild former Secretary, and President, and checked in for roll-call with and for the ladies guild with Loretta Montalto, the Ladies Guild Secretary, inc.
7:51 pm edt 

007 was in the Dallas jail.
7:45 pm edt
7:34 pm edt
7:31 pm edt 

her mom helped out at church, at confirmation preparation, inc.
5:29 pm edt, wore a dark brown lip pencil, put on, inc., and wore red, black, and silver sneaker earrings, inc., caught pentagon mob, inc., caught killers, mafia, and mob, inc., and t/ mob jail, she wrote four letters for them of recommendation to t/ pentagon, for jared, johnson, loughner, and shawn, inc., shawn to henry, of henry, inc.
4:53 pm edt 

her dad got two, large white, clear shoeboxes, and jared was also wildflowers, and honeysuckle, and also pentagon, like his father, both jared loughner, and jared johnson, both of them., inc., jared johnson, she graduated three pentagon, pentagoners, pentagonners, of the min., inc., and shawn as well, and henry
4:21 pm edt 

ryan was an Angel, shawn and ryan were Wildflowers, caught wildflowers, and she, her, all of them, inc., shawn and henry were honeysuckle, she was Sunflowers, inc.
4:00 pm edt 

wore red, lace brief, briefs, underwear, bone-white bra, inc.
1:45 pm edt 

Thursday, May 4, 2017, was Miss. Hormiguero, Miss. Gainesvillo, Gainesvilo, Miss. Gainesvillo, and Miss. Aibonito, Miss. Ayuya, Miss. Ahuya, inc.
11:19 pm edt 

was Miss. Florida, Miss. Gainesville, Miss. Orlando, and won Miss. Universe Puerto Rico, and her dad performed there, inc. at the show.
11:16 pm edt 

won for San Juan, for Pasarales Bakers, and Estilo Sears, inc.
10:35 pm edt 

they had lemon cookies, and lenny dykstra cookies, and w/ all of them, all of it.
9:38 pm edt 

her dad paid for everything, and she paid for all of his practices, inc., and he paid for everything for her, and for her mom, inc.
8:32 pm edt 

her dad performed as himself, Gilberto Santo Rosa at t/ Miss. Universe pageant, and he performed at t/ Miss. Puerto Rico Pageant, inc., and it was on WAPA., inc., wapa.
8:30 pm edt 

got a white, Buckle Accent Hobo, Claw purse, inc., w/ string and arm.
7:42 pm edt 

got t/ Smooth Luxe.
7:22 pm edt 

got a turquoise, blue, white, and yellow toothbrush
7:06 pm edt 

got t/ lip-liner, in beige, in Exaggerate, and had beige underwear.
6:59 pm edt 

got t/ eos, vanilla mint balm in turquoise.
6:56 pm edt 

was on the cover of Shape Magazine as Rita Ora.
6:45 pm edt 

got t/ Listerine Total Zero
6:30 pm edt 

got and used t/ Nexxus, Color Assure, Step 1, white orchid extracts, color vibrancy system, Color, inc.
6:24 pm edt 

got, and lit, a yellow, Wild Honeysuckle candle, and Jasmine oil, honey oil, inc.
5:14 pm edt 

their car was washed at Pearson Nissan, she wore a pink hair clip, w/ stones, and a t-shirt earrings, inc.
4:58 pm edt 

her dad got his laser
8:57 am edt 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

her mom was a Premie, premy, inc., she wrote Abbey Road, w/ shawn, abby road, she inherited phyllis' dog, t/ Binoche, -- Gabriella and shawn w/ t/ kids, inc.
11:08 pm edt 

they each got t/ Early-Bird Check In, slash hitman invented t/ schotzkie, her., inc.
9:05 pm edt
7:20 pm edt
7:16 pm edt
7:13 pm edt
7:11 pm edt 

wore Dolce & Gabbana perfume, inc.
7:04 pm edt 

got her hair done, retouched, cut, style, dyed, washed, w/ hair color, w/ hair coloring, toner, went to get an iced caramel latte, and had an orange scone, inc.
5:53 pm edt 

gave a donation to t/ Lifelink Foundation, and met Karen Terry-Gadson, t/ Salon Manager, Certified Colorist.
5:46 pm edt 

wore pink and black leopard earrings, inc.
12:11 pm edt, they had Special K, gluten-free, Nourish bars
9:00 am edt 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017, was on OnStar Research w/ shawn and t/ kids, and then hoegie, and then, before that, william and harry, inc., her mom and dad, and then bruno.
11:43 pm edt, they got a weed wacker., inc., was on Weeds., inc.
11:30 pm edt 

wore a black hair clip, butterfly earrings, a pearl bracelet, a bracelet w/ pearls, and a white and blue shirt w/ glitter, all t/ glitterateri, full of butterflies, a full one, one, with lots around it, w/ small, medium, and large butterflies, in navy blue, turquoise, and ghords around it, inc.
4:29 pm edt 

they went to t/ Ladies Guild Luncheon and Scholarship, and there was a presentation with a Service Dog, and they signed in, prayed, said t/ Hail Mary, said t/ Mickey Finn prayer together, had lemonad, more christ cake, velvet cake, red velvet cake, and beige, bread, and green wraps, w/ mustard, and mayo, with Cape Cod chips, and butter pecan ice cream, w/ napkins, w/ designs, clear forks, and white spoons, with plates, inc.
3:42 pm edt 

spoke w/ Cheyenne at ulta
3:38 pm edt, changed her contacts

Vanessa Baez

9:36 am edt 

Monday, May 1, 2017
7:04 pm edt 

wore def leppard earrings
5:07 pm edt
2:31 pm edt 

her dad went for his laser treatment, and her mom got a haircut
2:24 pm edt, hoegie's dad was a u.s. air force captain and chief of his own unit, hoegie controlled t/ weather, inc.
1:28 pm edt
11:15 am edt 

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